The ANH-Intl archive of newsletters, documents, infographics, other pdfs and press releases

  • ANHIC Bulletin June July 2006

    ANH Innovators Club Bulletin - June/July 2006

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  • ANHIC Bulletin May June 2006

    ANH Innovators Club Bulletin - May/June 2006

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  • ANH Public Affairs Briefing on NHCR - 16 May 2006

    Briefing on EU proposal for a Regulation on Nutrition and Health Claims made on Foods (COD/2003/0165.

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  • ANHIC Bulletin April May 2006

    ANH Innovators Club Bulletin - April/May 2006

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  • WHO WHA Agenda Item 11.1, April 2006

    Strengthening pandemic-influenza preparedness and response, including application of the International Health Regulations (2005)

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  • ANHIC Bulletin Mar April 2006

    ANH Innovators Club Bulletin - March/April 2006

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  • ANH natural products H5N1 report

    The pivotal role for natural products in countering an avian influenza (bird flu) pandemic. This report was prepared at the request of the World Health Organization (WHO).

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  • ANHIC Bulletin Feb Mar 2006

    ANH Innovators Club Bulletin - Feb/March 2006

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  • Nutrition and Health Claims Regulations: Claims/Functions example

    Example Claims/Functions to inform NHCR applications.

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  • Guidance Notes for Compiling List of Health Claims under Article 13

    These explanatory notes have been developed to assist companies and other interested parties to compile a list with health claims, based on accepted scientific data/knowledge. (Can be used in conjunction with Claims Functions PDF)

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