Statins need to be urgently scrutinised

Sir Richard Thompson, a former doctor to the Queen, has raised his concerns over statin use, calling for an independent inquiry. He has said, “The statin drug needs to be urgently scrutinised. We are very worried about it and particularly side-effect data which seems to have been swept under the carpet”. Much of the statin data relies on trials carried out before 2005, when new rules were brought in to make scientific studies more credible, and therefore cannot be trusted. ANH recently reported on the widespread use of statins and their associated risks.

Gardasil withdrawal case dismissed?

The Irish Health Products Regulatory Authority has recently sought orders to dismiss the case of Fiona Kirby, a mother who fought for the withdrawal of the Gardasil vaccine after her daughter suffered from horrendous” adverse reactions. To learn more about ANH-Intl’s on going concerns over the safety and efficacy of the HPV Vaccine, visit our Vaccine Choice campaign page.

GM mosquitoes to descend on the US

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced plans to release genetically modified mosquitoes into the United States, say March Against Monsanto. This is part of the apparent strategy to respond to the threat posed by the Zika virus. The FDA have released an announcement claiming that there will be no negative affects on human health or the environment, despite the manufacturers themselves releasing a document warning of the potential hazardous risks surrounding the new genetically modified insects.

Requests for free fluoride testing

New Zealand Dentist group the Fluoride Information Network for Dentists (FIND) have recently raised concerns about the over-dosing of fluoride, suggesting that fluoride testing should be offered for free. They are worried that the total quantity of fluoride consumed daily is far higher than the recommended ‘adequate intake’ and could put people at serious risk of ongoing health problems. ANH-Intl have long been campaigning on the issue of fluoridation because of the serious health risks associated with medicating the water supply. Read more.

Canadian teachers unions call for Wi-Fi ban in schools

Two Canadian teachers unions are calling for a ban on Wi-Fi in schools administered by the Limestone School Board, due to growing concerns over the safety of Electromagnetic Radiation that can cause electrohypersensitivity. In a short video clip they explain that safer alternatives such as the Ethernet could be used to deliver the Internet in replace of Wi-Fi routers.

Has the NHS been abolished?

UK broadsheet The Independent has recently made a bold statement… “The NHS has actually been abolished”. They say that the Health & Social Care Act 2012 has in legislative terms disbanded the NHS. They report that the NHS has been opened up to unlimited privatisation, with £30 billion of NHS contracts being tendered since the Act came into effect. In their words, “Terrifyingly, according to the World Health Organization definition the UK no longer has an NHS”.

NZ rules animals are sentient

New Zealand has legally ruled that, “…animals are sentient and have feelings in the same way that we do”. An animal welfare bill was passed last month that will have the power to influence farming practices, but could this have the power to produce more nutritional meat? A recent 2016 meta-analysis has found that whilst most of the nutritional variations are minor between organic and non-organic meat, the omega 3 polyunsaturated fat content was 47% higher in the organic meat. However there are other important factors such as animal welfare, use of antibiotics, hormones, grain-based diets vs pasture, as well as environmental considerations that drive demand for organically reared animal products.