Homeopathy dies in the NHS

Following the recent NHS blacklist and withdrawal of homeopathic funding, the renamed Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine will stop offering NHS funded homeopathic treatment in April. Founded in 1849 as the London Homeopathic Hospital by Dr Frederick Foster Hervey Quinn, the hospital has a long history of successfully using homeopathy and other alternative and complementary therapies to treat patients. It’s a sad day for patient freedom of health choice, promotion of self-care strategies and patient empowerment to see funding revoked for such inexpensive, non-drug treatments that are popular and have been successful for 150 years. Truly preventative and sustainable healthcare systems are those that incorporate self-care strategies, make the best use of resources and puts the patient in control of their own health.

Vaccine film trilogy wins awards

The documentary film trilogy, ‘Sacrificial Virgins’ has won two awards at the Watchdog Film Festival in Australia. The films, which investigate widespread global concerns over the safety of the controversial HPV vaccine, were awarded Best of Festival Award and the Watchdog Spirit Award in recognition of the investigation “in search of truth and justice”.

Monsanto defeats Roundup cancer labelling plan

In a win for Monsanto in the war against glyphosate, a Californian federal judge has ruled that products containing glyphosate should not be labelled as carcinogenic despite having previously been put on the Prop 65 carcinogen list. The ruling came after a case was brought against the California Environmental Protection Agency (CA EPA) by farmers groups in conjunction with Monsanto. In his judgement, the judge said that proposals to require products containing glyphosate to be labelled as carcinogenic, ignored studies that concluded there is insufficient evidence that glyphosate causes cancer. The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) will be allowed to keep glyphosate on the Prop 65 list though. With the impending merger of Bayer and Monsanto how much longer will authorities be able to counter their propaganda and give the public the unbiased information they need to protect their health?

The war on vaccine hesitancy continues

Big Pharma is hitting back as more and more people start to question the safety and efficacy of vaccines. In a recent interview, Australian Health Minister, Greg Hunt, stated he would be meeting with leaders of Australian social media outlets to ask them to remove messages promoting vaccine hesitancy from their services. These are the very authorities the public rely on for accurate and unbiased information on which to base decisions about vaccination. In further attempts to prevent questions around vaccine safety, Italian scientists who found contaminants in samples of vaccines have had their research and computers confiscated by authorities. Preventing people from questioning the authorities continued message that vaccines are “safe” and “effective”, despite mounting evidence to the contrary, is nothing short of censorship and makes a mockery of so-called democratic systems.

HPV vaccine spreads its tentacles ever further

As Australian health authorities proclaim (prematurely) the success of the HPV vaccine in preventing cancer, Merck has registered a clinical trial in the US, to increase the number of women vaccinated with Gardasil. The trial will target women aged 16-26, at a time when they are easily accessible and most vulnerable, following the birth of a baby. Will Big Pharma stop at nothing to ensure we are vaccinated at every point of our lives, whether safe, effective or otherwise?

In other news, a bill designed to mandate the HPV vaccine in California has been “indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from consideration” through the efforts of independent media organisations and leading opponents. The time has now come for healthcare authorities to recognise that it every individual’s inalienable right to be given sufficient information to make informed health choices. If you believe everyone should be properly informed before giving consent to vaccination please sign and share our petition - Stop health authorities claiming that vaccines are “safe”.


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