Love Natural Love Organic will be co-located with The Allergy & Free From Show and V Delicious and is the greatest ethical, natural and organic shop on earth, with food, cosmetics, skin, body and hair care, clothing and accessories, household products, lifestyle items and more.

Neal′s Yard Remedies will be there offering exclusive consultations with their experts, including skin analysis or mini facial, from the people who know the best.

The LNLO Theatre is three days of free-to-attend talks, from thought leaders and inspiring speakers in natural, sustainable and organic living.

And you can swap tasty natural and organic recipes, and yummy food ideas, on our Recipe Exchange which is situated right at the heart of the show.

Robert Verkerk will be speaking at 3pm on Saturday 4th July, here's a sneak preview:

Eat, be merry and live long - in an industrialised world

We are what we eat and absorb. What we eat depends on what foods we like or are available to us, their overall nutrient and energy profile, and how they’re grown and produced. What we absorb depends on our gut health and especially our gut microorganisms. Our food plants are equally dependent on microorganisms in the soil to fully absorb minerals and other nutrients, many of which are increasingly depleted because of the intensification of agriculture. Rob Verkerk PhD - an expert in both agricultural and health sustainability - will bring together the mega-fields of agriculture and healthcare for your benefit. He’ll factor in the latest genomic and health sciences, as well as considering the best choices we can make in an industrialised world where our healthiest choices are becoming ever more limited. Dr Verkerk will show you how you can combine particular foods and activities according to your particular genetic profile and lifestyle. If you’re interested in living a long, healthy life and finding ways of resisting the ageing process - as well as staying vital for as long as possible - this is one talk you won’t want to miss!

AND he'll be talking on the Sunday at 1.15pm:

The power of healthy soils and quality foods

Ever wondered why some fresh produce tastes great while others can be tasteless. Does this make any difference to you health-wise? What evolutionary connections do we have with our food - and how can a knowledge of this make a difference to the way we feel? Rob Verkerk PhD, agricultural and health sustainability expert, will help you to understand just how important your choice of foods is to your health. He will reveal the amazing similarities between the symbiotic relationships that both humans and plants have with microorganisms, in the gut and soil respectively. He will also show you how you can choose the right foods and fuel in specific ways to increase your metabolic flexibility and resilience, these being the real markers for health. Become empowered and learn to take responsibility for your own health!

He'll also be involved in the Nature’s Workshop presentations, along with members of the Bite the Sun team:

Friday 3rd July

Supersize your life — food and activity combining for busy people

Saturday 4th July

Shaping vital lives through food, movement and rest

Sunday 5th July

Reset your metabolism for a cleaner and leaner life


Tickets are free from this link: (normally £7.50 in advance or £10.00 on the door here)