The ideal is to live long and live well. But how? 

By shifting the focus of allopathic (conventional) medicine from disease management — the treatment of symptoms — to one of health creation, encompassing preventative and regenerative medicine.

On the last weekend in May 2024, an extraordinary meeting is taking place in the historic and luxurious Stately Manor estate of Luton Hoo, located in south Bedfordshire, England. You’re invited to join a host of internationally acclaimed experts from around the world, including ANH founder, Rob Verkerk PhD, and executive coordinator, Meleni Aldridge — all of whom are working to maximise healthspan and create an unforgettable weekend dedicated to revolutionising the way we approach healthcare.

The Profound Health Summit (PHS) attracts speakers from around the world who present their patient data of practical, real-world experiences. The PHS is not purely a research and development gathering. The speakers who come to share their knowledge at this event, are already conducting various kinds of breakthroughs somewhere in the world today.

Accordingly, these health professionals and scientists come from across the UK, as well as Europe, the USA, Asia and even Oceania and they cover numerous topics from cancer, organ regeneration, cutting-edge biological age tests, gene therapies, to body shaping and much more.

Unlike some other meetings where speakers are on stage and then disappear, the entire weekend at Luton Hoo is all about networking. Thus, everyone has breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. You can therefore meet everyone and talk face-to-face about what is important to you.

Many of the speakers will discuss topics relating to stem cells, peptides, hormones, nutrition, and lifestyle, all keeping in mind the need to prevent disease states and trigger regeneration for healthy longevity.

If you are planning to, or are already practicing advanced, integrative or complementary medicine, you will relish this unique gathering of longevity experts. If you are a health-motivated individual, there is so much to be gained from meeting our experts and learning what is possible today, much of which you will be able to implement immediately in your own life.

There is a reason why this meeting has been called Profound! We encourage you to check out the website and see why for yourself.

Who should attend?

This event is directed towards medical and health professionals, clinic and business owners in the health field, plus individuals who are strongly motivated to take care of their present and future health using regenerative and longevity medicine.

Attendees will go home with new information that will be relevant and practical to incorporate into your own practice, or your own health regime. Given the strong focus on networking, we know you'll go home with new contacts and friends as well!

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