Save the date for the 7th Annual FMC Conference in Ireland.

In keeping with its mission to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and INFORM FMC Ireland is bringing you a two day practitioner training event.

With the main theme of “Unlocking Resilience, A Functional Approach to Fostering Inner Strength”  the event will offer the latest information on this vital topic with expert and inspirational speakers

As with all its previous conferences FMC Ireland's goal is to deliver a highly engaging in-person event allowing you to network with peers, meet the sponsors and interact with the experts during Q&A sessions

ANH founder, Rob Verkerk PhD, will be joining the speakers at the event.

His talk will be as follows:

Building holistic resilience across 5 domains: physical, mental, emotional, social and environmental.

The science and clinical data are clear; we all heal quicker, prevent disease better, and live longer, happier and more fulfilled lives when we are more resilient in the face of the multitude of different stressors we encounter in our modern lives. But how different people are able to achieve multi-system resilience is something over which there's much less consensus. Dr Verkerk evaluates the science and offers a diverse range of strategies and hacks that will widen any clinician's toolbox as they guide their patients or clients on their journey to holistic resilience.

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