Meta4Health Mind-Body-Soul Diagnostic Weekend

A weekend that will truly change the way you think about health, forever!

Three geniuses in one weekend!

Einstein, the genius, said if we do things the same old way, don’t expect anything to change. See and hear proof that it’s time for Integrative Health—nature’s way—to take a huge step forward.

Meet three modern-day geniuses, who will show you how to help heal yourself, others, the world, through three of the most effective techniques known to man….

1) Dr Ryke Gert Hamer / META-MEDICINE A German physician, developed testicular cancer six months after the sudden, unexpected and traumatic death of his son. This traumatic experience drove Dr Hamer to uncover the connection between a shocking event in ones life and the onset to disease. After 20 years research (of over 31 000 cases) Dr Hamer proved that all disease starts with an event (or, conflict shock) for which we are totally unprepared. His work gave us five biological laws of nature, an irrefutable model. Meta-Medicine takes Dr Hamer's work a further step forward. It shows how to recreate health using an integrative model, working alongside all traditional, complementary and alternative healing disciplines. ~ Susanne Billander, Author and International Meta-Medicine Trainer, will be giving a one and half day introductory training on the principles of Meta-Medicine. (Saturday till midday Sunday) Note: On completion of this weekend, you will receive a Meta-Medicine Introductory certification, which is approved by the International Meta-Medicine Association (IMMA). This certification is a pre-requisite to for Meta-Medicine Diploma training, and all Meta-Medicine specialist trainings (eyes, cancer, trainers etc) & METAKinetics.

2) Alan Sales / METAKINETICS Alan has combined leading edge science in Cybernetics with Kinesiology and Meta-Medicine, to create a “miraculous” approach to diagnose and heal patients. Alan recently stunned doctors by literally dissolving an inoperable brain tumour, in a young boy, in just two sessions. Don't believe me, come and see for yourself. Once you see, you will need no further proof. ~ Alan Sales, Founder of Institute of Cyberkinetics, will be inviting a volunteer from the audience to carry out the world's first public demonstration of MetaKinetics. (Sunday Afternoon)

3) Ra Uru Hu / HUMAN DESIGN In 1992, Ra Uru Hu discovered a secret behind a locked door. It contained wisdom about everyman's human design; how to reveal and use it to guide ourselves in the life we want. Through years of research, Ra Uru Hu has dedicated his life since to getting this body of information out into the world. Discover how and what we are designed for in life. How we make big decisions and learn to avoid the pitfalls that different designs bring our way. Your, my, our job is to learn. We have no choice in this. But we can choose the path by which we learn and thus take the quicker route to the life of fulfilment we seek. ~ Richard Beaumont, Director or Human Design UK, will be giving one and half-hour presentation of this knowledge. (Sunday Afternoon)


CALL: 07990 631 864 or EMAIL: [email protected]

Venue: Maria Assumpta Center 23 Kensington Square, London W8 5HN

Time: 10:00 - 18:00h

Nearest Tube: High Street Kensington

Contact: Lucille White T: 07990 631 864 E: [email protected]