Rob Verkerk PhD joins an international list of speakers. His talk will be:

Natural nanos – inching towards the anti-ageing Holy Grail 

Telomeres and telomerase, the enzyme that elongates telomeres, have long been key targets of anti-ageing research given it is the shortening of telomeres that ultimately stops cell division. By contrast, it is also well known that arresting telomere shortening may increase genome instability and tumorigenic activity. Despite the billions invested to-date in this area of research, breakthroughs have been very few and far between. In his presentation, facilitated by his direct experience working with the producers of two different groups of small molecule, namely specific organ-derived small peptides and yeast-derived nucleotides, Rob Verkerk PhD will present ground-breaking evidence showing how and why these two groups of ‘natural nanos’ increasingly appear to have all the hallmarks of the anti-ageing Holy Grail. Critical to the profound beneficial effects of these small molecules is their multi-system activity that goes well beyond impacts on telomere biology, including homeostatic, immune modulatory, and cancer protective effects. Dr Verkerk will include protocols for clinical application and potential regulatory implications.

The spring '24 ICIM conference in New Orleans, will focus on "inflammaging," because so much of what we encounter in clinical practice can be viewed through this lens. Attendees can count on learning from internationally respected speakers sharing knowledge to implement into practice on Monday! The booming tech and product world, including a pre-conference "tech deep dive" will be on full display to help upgrade our toolkits. Spring '24 in the Big Easy with ICIM...we'll see you there!


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