RESILIENCE Tour - amazing musicians, inspiring speakers, teaser screenings. The RESILIENCE tour aims to bring you flow-moments so you will be inspired to help make the changes in the world that you want to see...

Join Freedom Activists from around the world for two inspiring and uplifting in-person events on:

Thursday 30th March in Orlando, FL, The Fun Spot Theme Park. Featuring Hi-Rez, Five Times August, DPAK, Jim Gale, Ryan Cole, Richard Urso and many more...

BOOKING LINK: Click here to book to join the tour in Orlando


Saturday 1st April in Austin, TX, SKYBOX on 6th. Featuring Del Bigtree, Mikki Willis, Hi-Rez, Five Times August, DPAK, Ryan Cole, Richard Urso, Rob Verkerk PhD and many more...

ANH founder, Rob Verkerk PhD, will be speaking at the event in Austin on the 1st April

BOOKING LINK: Click here to book to join the tour in Austin with Rob Verkerk PhD


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#crowdRESILIENCE is a global movement that aims to help people to protect their personal freedom and - most important - their bodily autonomy. In times of #massFORMATION it is important to focus on good relationships, strong regional communities that get their inspiration from throughout the world and impulses to strenghten your own resilience whatever comes next. Nowadays we face inflation, a rise in illnesses, weak mental health throughout the population... Many people -especially after the last three years- need inspiration. This is what our Resilience tour brings. Wonderful musicians, filmmakers, journalists, doctors, coaches, leaders of freedom movement groups and many more help to inspire their fellow human beings to find their own flow-moments to be able to make the change they want to see in the world.

Now is the time for the inspirers of change, the planters of seeds and bringers of truth. Now is the time for the new media that has the courage to breakthrough. Now is the time for the filmmakers that reveal the lies to free our minds. Now is the time for the singer songwriters and poets to write and sing of freedom and liberty. Now is the time for the artists to create a new picture of a world we want to see. Now is the time for the scholars of law who uphold honesty and integrity. Now is the time for the wisdom of the healers, teachers and guides, who remind us that the truth is inside if we only look and see. Now is the time to see that the light is more powerful than the darkness could ever be. Now is the time to nurture our resilience deep within. But above all, now is the time for Love. The love for life, the love for truth and the love for freedom.