The Self Care Revolution – A Refresh for the Soul

Join us on Saturday 17th June!

After the couple of years we have had, we NTs need a PARTY! We haven’t been able to have our traditional summer party for a few years now, due to world events, so we want to plan something special. Something nurturing, connecting – a re-affirming of our community. Time to renew friendships, make new affinities, create magic and support each other.

Because we are people who are empathetic, and are in healing and health, we are so busy looking after everyone else that it is easy to ignore ourselves – looking after ourselves feels indulgent and selfish, but really it is “putting on our own oxygen masks, to help others” – we need to step away and re-boot!

The theme of the get together is “The Self Care Revolution” - We want the focus to be on regeneration, renewal, a refresh for the soul! We will be having the Party at Starborough Manor, Kent on 17th June.