David Cordes: Stepping from where you are into who you are



Course Leader:
David Cordes, Well-Being Facilitator, Soul Mechanic, Father, Community Builder, Student

Course Duration: 12 weeks, 90 mins a session 

If you are interested in this course please email [email protected]

Please note the following:

  • The course is limited to a maximum of 12 people to create a safe environment for you to explore your light and shadows and maximise your transformation
  • Commitment to confidentiality is essential. In order to get the most out of the course it's advisable to be in an environment where you can't be overhead by another person 
  • You should be prepared to have your camera on and be visible for the whole course and
  • Be able to attend all 12 live sessions.

Course Outline

The Journey Home is a twelve-week online course designed to provide participants with an intimate knowledge of their unique and individual inner operating systems. Participants are guided on a journey of deep self-discovery, from their earliest memories to the present, and learn how their current reality is connected and directly linked to subterranean belief systems and coping strategies developed in response to traumatic and adverse experiences from the past. With compassionate curiosity, participants begin to recognize their life as a truly heroic journey and discover that they themselves hold the key to breaking free of historic patterns and behaviors to stand powerfully in the truth of who they really are. The course provides guidance, instruction, and practical application on: understanding our shadow and golden aspects, automated response systems, triggers & projection, adapted personas, forgiveness, defining our life mission and so much more!


Learning Outcomes

On completion, this course will enable you to:-

  • Explore yourself as you are right now, and discover the symptoms — addictive behaviours, repeating deficit scenarios, hurtful self-talk, and feelings that have you blocked or paralyzed
  • Learn how these symptoms are actually trauma-induced coping mechanisms
  • Discover your unique ‘woundology’ ecosystem and the links between the current you and versions from your past
  • Become intimately familiar with belief systems about yourself that were birthed to help you cope with traumatic and adverse events in your past
  • Track these systems to the moment of their inception, where they are anchored to the core of your being, and begin to remap your story in real-time
    • Come to understand that what was essential for you in those difficult moments, actually holds you hostage today and prevents you from fully actualizing your authentic self
  • Uncover what you truly needed and how you can provide that for yourself today
  • Shift from living as a victim by honoring your life as a truly heroic journey
  • Begin to master your reactions and learn about the power of forgiveness (especially for self!)
  • Meet your ‘Team of Champions’ from 30 adapted personas and learn how they can operate either in service to the wound or to your highest self
  • Discover your true purpose and develop your ‘Life Mission’
  • Claim and embody your birthright to love and be loved.


About David Cordes

David Cordes is the founder of Boys to Men Canada, a mentoring program for at-risk male youth, and served as Executive Director from its inception in 2006 through 2022. Having trained for six years alongside world-class wellness practitioners and workshop leaders at the turn of the century, David felt compelled to build a safe and nurturing community of authentic men who could hold space for teenage boys, having experienced firsthand the personal and collateral damage created by this societal shortcoming. In the years that followed, David began delivering ground-breaking workshops and programs for parents, educators and community leaders to elevate the ecosystem of the youth he served, guided by the knowledge that “it takes a village.” In 2017, he birthed iMind the GAP and introduced the Journey Home series of workshops and programs for adults, designed to facilitate deeper self-awareness and real-life mastery. Two years later, The Journey Home had evolved into a 12-module online course that David continues to offer to the present, creating life-changing experiences for all those that he works with. His commitment to the well-being of humanity coupled with his unique ability to build trust quickly and powerfully allows him to create authentic, heart-centered connections from where individuals can access their deeper truth. Compassionate and insatiably curious, David is driven by his unwavering commitment to “leaving it better than I found it”.


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