Weekly news update (week 20, 2021)

19 May 2021

NHS opt out; FDA attacks NAC; My Cycle Story study; PFAS found in breast milk; UK govt & online censorship; Book: A State of Fear; Robin Daly’s epic challenge; Eric Clapton & vaccination; What we're reading...

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Weekly news update (week 19, 2021)

13 May 2021

Nuremberg Trials 2021; Could fasting harm future generations?; UK vitamin D news; GM mosquitoes released in Florida; Virus origins; Kids & vaccine indoctrination; News we’re interested in…

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Weekly news update (week 18, 2021)

05 May 2021

Indian pandemic surge; EU study supports gene editing; The Truth about COVID-19; Bill Gates promotes fake meat; Denmark ditches vaccines; News we’re interested in…

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Weekly news update (week 17, 2021)

28 April 2021

Truth Over Fear Summit; Scientists call for covid restrictions end; Vaccine adverse reactions; Covid vaccines & pregnancy; German judge intimidated; New GMO film released; London Freedom March; Mask wearing unsafe; Nutritional therapy improves health & wellbeing; Danish dietary guidelines

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