Natural News Roundup (week 22/2022)

02 June 2022

Alzheimer's - type 3 diabetes?; UK set to bring in gene edited foods; 5G legal action update; Does thyroid disease affect women's pay?; Ultra-processed foods harm health; Longer breastfeeding improves children's IQ; EU dodges glyphosate ban

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Natural News Roundup (week 21/2022)

25 May 2022

The problem with pharmaceuticals; Supplements under attack; Increasing pesticides in food; Let the children play - outside!; Vegetable and fruit consumption improve ADHD symptoms; Global warming

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Natural News Roundup (week 20/2022)

19 May 2022

Fake meat losing public trust; A manufactured crisis?; 5G radiation damages male fertility; Pesticides change gut microbiome; Agrichemical companies try to corrupt science

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