Weekly news update (week 28, 2021)

15 July 2021

Vanden Bossche vindicated by SAGE; Global vaccine tyranny; Antibiotic resistance crisis; EU should regulate gene editing; Keto diet & cancer; Magic pill for coeliacs; UK theatres open, then close!; Covid vaccine pushbacks; Fermented food for gut health; Covid vaccines, infections & adverse reactions; Censored & suspended

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Weekly news update (week 27, 2021)

07 July 2021

UK Police Bill; UK Govt healthy weight programme; Masks harm children; Lobsters are sentient beings; Protecting children from covid harms; Fibromyalgia & autoimmunity; Canadian province cancels state of emergency; Covid censorship; Speaking out & standing up; Delta variant & natural immunity

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Weekly news update (week 26, 2021)

01 July 2021

Post Brexit regulatory changes for supplements; Junk food advertising to kids; Long covid & EBV; Myocarditis reports increase; Natural immunity following covid-19; Pandemic depression in children; Lisbon court challenges covid death toll; New ivermectin trial; Coronavirus genome sequences deleted; Covid censorship; Other news…

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Weekly news update (week 25, 2021)

23 June 2021

Beating online hate; No asymptomatic transmission; WHO, covid vaccines & children; Ivermectin works against covid; Innova rapid test not fit for use; Dangerously pathogenic masks; Coercion & vaccine passports; Desperate vaccine inducements; Junk food kids; Vitamin D reduces risk of serious covid illness

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