Weekly news update (week 16, 2021)

21 April 2021

Designed to Heal podcast; Health e-Learning platform launch; No new antibiotics; Nature's noise reduces pain & stress; Covid & children’s mental health; Pesticide toxicity increase; UK 5G action takes a step forward

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Weekly news update (week 15, 2021)

15 April 2021

Vaccine passport opposition grows; Covid vaccine updates; UK Medical Freedom Bill; Covid-19 treatment censored; Update on David Noakes & Lyn Thyer; Disinformation Dozen combine forces; German court bans covid restrictions in schools; Are we heading for a ’Silent Spring’?; Autism & gut health

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Weekly news update (week 14, 2021)

08 April 2021

Vitamin D recommendation for covid; Vaccine passport tug-or-war; Musk's spaceport threatens indigenous homelands; Ivermectin update; Natural immunity; Destress with a hot chocolate; Yes2Life cancer Congress;

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Weekly news update (week 13, 2021)

31 March 2021

WHO Director questions origin report; Vaccines & blood clots; cherry picking vaccine effectiveness data; Exercise improves kids health; Tai Chi good for elder health; Masks damaging wildlife; Gen X & Gen Y health issues; Lockdowns harm; GM lobby bully boy tactics; EU botanical ban

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Weekly news update (week 12, 2021)

24 March 2021

Global march for freedom; Costs & harms of lockdowns; NHS opt out; News from Israel; Covid vaccine news; Ultra-processed food heart harms; Combatting covid naturally; Transcendental meditation for PTSD and more...

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