Natural News Roundup (week 19/2022)

12 May 2022

Regenerating agriculture; EU opens back door to gene editing; Fast food fuels EU obesity crisis; Poor sleep hinders weight maintenance; Antibiotic use damages children's microbiome; Menopause - do women need HRT?; Sharp drop in UK bug numbers; Attack on US supplement market; When moo (juice) becomes taboo!

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Natural News Roundup (week 18/2022)

04 May 2022

Obesity – an unexplained epidemic?; Vitamins not drugs for ADHD; Autism & gut health; Vegetable rich diet improves health as we age; Artificial sweeteners damage liver health; Dimming the sun to combat climate change

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Natural News Roundup (week 17/2022)

27 April 2022

Biodiversity loss impacting insect populations; Do humans possess nutritional wisdom?; Brisk walking improves biological age; Could EMFs contribute to Alzheimer’s development?; FDA to allow NAC supplements; Your gut bugs choose your food; Cancer isn’t just genetic

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