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Natural News

  • Where are the farmers? A shocking report from UK supermarket giant Sainsbury’s (published to celebrate its 150th Anniversary) predicts the ‘Future of Food’, which conveniently leaves out the farmers and their real farms, reading like a dystopian sci-fi movie in its attempt to shift and change consumer preferences. It’s 2050 scenario sets out a scene where vegetables are grown in hydroponic systems in-store, alternative proteins such as jellyfish are on offer and meat is grown in large vats of growth serum that’s then ‘assembled’ by 3D printers and sold in the 'ferming aisle'. Moving on further to 2169, nutrition is administered via IV and plants and vegetables once indigenous, are being reintroduced. The ANH team will be sharing an Open Letter to Sainsburys in the hopes that you will feel moved to do the same. Perhaps a slew of letters and a shopping boycott will send a strong enough message to bring Sainsbury's back to its senses?
  • How can you get people to accept alternative proteins and lab-grown meat? Give it to our pets seems to be one option. Under the guise of sustainability and reducing the impact of pet food on the environment, an upcoming Food Navigator summit will be highlighting a perceived, huge growth potential for ingredients such as insect, microbial or algae-based proteins and potentially cultured meat if it is approved
  • How would the loss of bird and insect pollinators affect global economies? A new report from Wageningen University for the Allianz Group shows the importance of biodiversity not only for the health and wellbeing of the environment but also the extent to which the global economy relies on a healthy ecosystem
  • Big Food manufacturers are turning their attention to a range of new market opportunities to boost their coffers and turn consumers away from vibrant, nutrient diverse wholefood diets, in line with Sainsbury's 'food' visions. One of the latest opportunities to be explored is food for ‘fussy kids’. A Fireside chat at Food Navigator’s upcoming Positive Nutrition digital summit in March, will explore how ingredients, technologies and creative approaches can create ‘healthy’ foods to cater for the increasing number of 'fussy' kids that are being brought up on baby formula and transitioned to sweet, beige, processed foods
  • Food Frontier, an Australian Think Tank promoting alternative proteins, is celebrating news that the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is considering including sustainability guidance as part of its review of the 2013 national dietary guidelines. The news once again aligns with the ongoing nudging of consumers into accepting a food future devoid of natural, vibrant real foods.

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  • The UK government is introducing new legislation to crack down on the online marketing of products. The Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill will be overseen by the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which will have regulatory and enforcement powers, unlike the Advertising & Standards Agency (ASA). The new bill is likely to have a significant impact on the functional food and supplements industry along with natural health therapists who may be judged to be making health claims on their websites and through online marketing
  • Maternal deaths in the UK rose sharply between March 2020 and December 2022 according to new figures released by MBRRACE-UK. The increase is significantly higher than the rate in 2017-2019 even when deaths attributed to covid infection are excluded
  • After a twelve-year battle, Albany, New York has voted to fluoridate its water supplies. The vote comes even though a key lawsuit is ongoing between the Fluoride Action Network and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over the toxicity of fluoride. One council member opposed to the move, acknowledged the right of people to choose what they put in their body. Meanwhile down south, Collier County in Florida has voted to stop fluoridating the water because it infringes individual health freedoms.

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  • Two new lawsuits have been filed against Merck for wrongful death, following the death of two teenage girls, Isabella Zuggi and Sydney Figuero, after being given the HPV vaccine. Both mothers say the shots caused serious autoimmune and neurological damage, resulting in the death of their daughters
  • Overcoming parental resistance to HPV vaccine is discussed in a new paper, published in Vaccines. The researchers found that many of those interviewed don’t trust what they’re told about the supposed safety and efficacy of such products.

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ANH-USA Update

  • The raid on natural compounds by Big Pharma, ably facilitated by health regulators such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues unabated. In the US, the axe is still dangling over CBD supplements, as the FDA moves to ban its use as a natural health supplement so it can be approved as a drug. Read more and take action
  • Testing by US Consumer Reports (CR) has found plasticisers in just about every food, including organic produce, from supermarkets, tested. The testing shows just how widespread these chemicals are, which are known to have big impacts on our health. Find out more

Covid News

  • Covid vaccine mandates for police and ambulance staff in the Australian state of Queensland were made unlawfully as due consideration had not been given to human rights. A judge in Queensland has also found the director-general of the Queensland Department of Health wasn’t able to prove he had the power to mandate the ‘vaccines’, therefore the mandate was found to be of no effect and had no force. The ruling came after dozens of police officers and ambulance personnel brought a legal challenge against the mandates
  • Health Canada was aware of high levels of impurities in covid mRNA ‘vaccines’ produced by a process known as 'frameshifting', that could cause an unwanted immune response but dismissed concerns raised by their own scientists in a briefing note. The Epoch Times has the full story
  • Spike protein, lipid nanoparticles, mRNA and adenoviral DNA from approved covid ‘vaccines’ can be transferred to people who haven’t been covid ‘vaccinated’ through blood transfusion, breastfeeding and organ transplantation. The new preprint authored by Drs Halma, Rose and McCullough, confirms risks many have suspected since the rushed introduction of the genetic vaccines
  • Persistent covid infections can generate an extremely high number of viral mutations, which can lead to the formation of new covid variants, change the target sites for monoclonal antibodies and change the coronavirus spike proteins. Published in Nature, a new study led by the University of Oxford, also found some people with infections that had lasted for at least 60 days with continued viral replication
  • New evidence from Japan raises yet more concerns about the effect of covid shots on heart health. The autopsy report, reported in Medicine, from a previously healthy 40-year-old Japanese man, revealed he died following his 2nd covid shot due to a heart attack related to mild myocarditis, as has observed in many cases following covid shots. Close examination of heart tissue as part of his autopsy revealed low level inflammation affecting the electrical circuit of the heart, which would be missed by standard autopsies. The HART team examine the paper in more detail
  • A leading consultant cardiologist, based in Guernsey, has written an open letter to the UK’s General Medical Council (GMC) in support of Dr Aseem Malhotra who continues to speak out against covid shots, despite calls for him to be struck off. The letter comes after the GMC recently announced it would be reviewing its decision not to investigate Dr Malhotra after The Good Law Project launched a judicial review against the GMC’s decision.


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