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Natural News

  • Article 4 of the proposed amendments to a French anti-cult law was deleted prior to the Senate vote that took place on Tuesday 19 December. The amendment, that could’ve seen the criminalisation of the practice and promotion of natural health, faced huge opposition in France, with nearly 200,000 people signing a petition against the proposed changes. ANH’s press release drawing attention to the dangers to natural health options, posed by Articles 4 and 5, received widespread coverage (here, here, here, here, here, here and here). The draft law was adopted by the Senate on the 19th December with the punishments set out in Article 4 now being dealt with under the existing Public Health Code and Consumer Code. Article 5 remains in the adopted bill. Despite this victory, we need to remain vigilant as such attempts to reduce our access to natural health options and infringe our rights to choose how we maintain our health are likely to continue in various guises.

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  • Women in the US, Europe and UK, who can’t or don’t want to use HRT to deal with hot flushes, often experienced during menopause, will now be offered what is being hailed a ‘gamechanging’ drug. Veozah works by blocking a brain protein called neurokinin-3 to prevent hot flushes. However, the drug is accompanied by some nasty adverse reactions including liver damage, stomach pain, diarrhoea and hot flushes! Approval is based on a study of 450 women over a 24 week period, the results of which were announced by press release, so long-term effects of the drug are, as yet, unknown.

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  • More and more time-pressed parents in South East Asia are turning to ultra-processed foods (known as commercially produced complementary foods or CPCF) designed for young children, as they’re seduced by marketing claims that such foods are ‘nutritious’, ‘healthy’ or ‘all natural’. A new report from UNICEF’s COMMIT Initiative, raises significant concerns over the low nutritional content of such foods, along with high levels of sugar and salt. Rather than using the opportunity to focus on the promotion of diets based on local ingredients as near to their natural form as possible, using traditional cooking methods, the COMMIT report instead, calls for the improvement of CPCF foods and banning the use of misleading marketing claims.

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  • Following the rejection of a plan to deregulate genetically engineered organisms in the EU, a new Rapporteur Opinion has been published by the EU Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. The red pen of Big Biotech is evident in the document, as it emphasises the view that regulation is not needed, including the banning of labelling showing that products have been developed using gene editing techniques. The proposed amendments also call for other GMO legislation to be reviewed as it’s considered “…no longer fit for purpose”
  • Australian MP, Stephen Andrew, is alerting Australians to the Australian government’s efforts to sneak through the proposed Digital ID Bill and Digital ID (Transitional and Consequential Provision) Bill 2023, after they were referred to the Senate’s Economics Legislation Committee for inquiry and report. Australians now have until the 19 January 2024, to lodge any objections they have to the introduction of the Bills. The consultation, which runs over the holiday season, closes on January 19 2024. Andrew also calls for people to sign a petition opposing the introduction of the Bills, which if passed, could be introduced by mid 2024 leading to the mass monitoring and control of the entire Australian population
  • A coalition led by the Center for Food Safety has served a petition on the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calling for the immediate suspension and banning of glyphosate use in the US. The petition follows the publication of a study in Environmental Health Perspectives showing the negative health effects of glyphosate use on male farmers
  • PFOA and PFOS (forever chemicals) have been assessed as being carcinogenic to human health in a new monograph published in The Lancet by the International Agency for Research and Cancer (IARC).

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  • Across the globe people are fighting for their right to access natural health options. In New Zealand the new government has committed to repeal the Therapeutic Products Act (2023), enacted in July 2023, because it brings food supplements under the same legislation as drugs, which will require food supplements to be registered. The associated costs with such a move could cripple the natural health industry in New Zealand and significantly limit consumer choice. However, there are those, in the natural health industry, who are opposed to the Bill's repeal. In Canada, the Natural Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA) has launched a private member’s bill and not one, but two, petitions (here and here) as part of its campaign to protect Canadians right to access natural health products as it too battles extremely damaging regulations proposed by Health Canada
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Covid News

  • Documents obtained by U.S. Right to Know, via a Freedom of Information request, seemingly reinforce the theory that the SARS-CoV-2 virus came from a Chinese lab. The documents contain a 2018 funding proposal for Project DEFUSE, which proposed the engineering of high-risk coronaviruses containing spike proteins with furin cleavage sites, similar to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Crucially, the project was designated to be undertaken in a lab in Wuhan, China, a fact that was concealed from the potential funder of the project. US Right to Know has the full details
  • Higher than expected, levels of excess deaths, have persisted globally throughout 2023. A new commentary published in The Lancet considers the number of excess deaths reported in the UK since 2020 based on new figures published by the UK Office for National Statistics. The year, 2022, saw 7.2% more deaths than expected, whilst 2023 experienced 8.3% more, in the first six months. Of most concern is the revelation that the continued increase in excess deaths is affecting middle-aged and younger adults. Possible causes of the phenomenon are not touched on in the commentary, although media reports (see Daily Mail coverage) point the finger at problems with the NHS and lifestyle factors such as obesity and alcohol related problems, as governments and health authorities scrabble to normalise and cover over the issue
  • Those who refused covid shots were unfairly ‘scapegoated’ during the C19 pandemic, even when information challenging such perceptions was shared, according to a new paper published in the Journal of Medical Ethics
  • Three recent preprint studies based on data from millions of Koreans, show the range of and increase in, adverse reactions following covid jabs. The first demonstrates the increase in blood related disorders. The second explores the increase in a range of non-fatal immune related events, while the third found an increase in musculoskeletal conditions
  • Young women wishing to start a family and those who are already pregnant, have been ‘encouraged’ to be covid jabbed as health authorities deny there are any health risks to the foetus. A recent study published in An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, seeks to assure women that the covid shots are safe in pregnancy. However, despite their conclusion that covid shots aren’t associated with an increased risk of miscarriage, the data says something different with the rate of pregnancy loss amongst vaccinated women, 3.6 and 3.2 per 10,000 person days, compared to 1.9 per 10,000 person days, for unvaccinated women
  • The FDA’s response to a letter sent by the Florida Surgeon General, Dr Joseph Ladapo, about DNA fragments in covid shots, has completely sidestepped the issue. Accusing Ladapo of mis- and disinformation, the letter effectively dimisses the concerns raised and fails to adequately address any of Ladapo’s questions
  • In sharp contrast to the FDA’s response to Dr Ladapo, a Freedom of Information request filed by Reuters, has revealed a litany of quality control lapses at Moderna’s main, US-based, mRNA factory resulting in contamination of multiple batches of covid shots
  • The EU has started legal proceedings against X, after its owner, Elon Musk, refused to cede to demands to censor information, disguised as countering mis- and disinformation, made under the Digital Services Act.


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