It's hard to believe that August is already drawing to a close. It's week 4 in our August Acceleration series, the penultimate week, so we're bringing you something a little special and inviting you to share in our summer lunch with some special guests. We invited Rohan Weerasinghe PhD, Kate Cook and Jools Enticknap to join Melissa Smith and Meleni Aldridge for a summer lunch to 'feast with purpose', where we could share good food, lovingly made, along with engaging conversation liberally laced with personal wisdom and experience.

Over the past 3 weeks, our offerings in this series have acknowledged and embraced the fact that crisis and challenge offers us unique opportunities to expand our consciousness, evolve and grow as humans. It's through this growth, and acceptance of what is, that we once again have the opportunity to thrive and move through life with more ease and grace. This week, we bring together three hugely self-motivated, energetic, successful and positive human beings — all good friends of ANH-Intl, all professionals in their own fields and who we knew would make significant contributions in terms of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual nuggets of wisdom. We weren't disappointed.

Each one of us needs to chart a course that works for us individually to help us navigate what lies ahead. In the short to medium term, it's likely to get tougher before we start to see and feel an easing of restriction. So it's imperative we have information, tools and strategies to draw on when the going gets tough. Empowered and sovereign, we are much more likely to better surf the tsunami of change without getting dumped on the beach.

Please join us for lunch...


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And now to food...

If you're a long time ANH supporter, you may have noticed that we love food and we love to cook. Food is all about nurture as much as it is about nourish. It's essential life-giving fuel for our bodies, but because it informs the way our genes express, it has a major impact on our health and wellness. But food also impacts our spiritual consciousness too through it's prana or life force, through the types of food you eat, their effect on your body (and mind), and the quality and provenance of those foods. We started our entire August Acceleration series with an article on fasting, because so much healing takes place on so many levels in the absence of food too. 

The menu for our summer lunch draws inspiration from our Food4Health guidelines. The dishes on the menu are all gluten and dairy-free, naturally keto-adapted, minimally processed, full of wholefoods that include a diverse range of 'rainbow' plant-based ingredients and loaded with healthy fats. There's enough choice to suit a range of tastes and choices, including for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and omnivores and we hope you enjoy making them as much as we did. (Meleni and Melissa made all the food as well as co-hosted our lunch.) We've also included a few of the recipes you'll find in our new book, RESET EATING, due out on 28th January 2022 in hard copy as well as eBook. 

>>> If you like what you see on the menu, you can download a free copy of all our recipes from our shop. This isn't just food, this is ANH food... And we love to share!

>>> The beautiful array of water kefir drinks on the table were from local producers, Nordic Wellness Drinks, based over the hill from us in Cranleigh, Surrey, where you can also tour the Surrey Hills fermentary.

Meet our guests

Rohan Weerasinghe PhD

Dr Ro, as he's known, through his - Bald Truth, Turning Point, Seekardo™, Communicating With Impact™ and Property Wealth Education Trainings, has been educating, inspiring and transforming the lives of thousands of people for over 30 years in the areas of - personal growth, professional development and wealth creation.

Dr Ro is recognised as one of the UK’s leading public speakers, representing an honest, passionate and authentic style which holds no punches and delivers a powerful life-changing message. Dr Ro has spoken for - the BBC, Make-A-Wish, Peace One Day, MENCAP, Global Angels, Martin Roberts, Robbie Fowler, Perform in Property, Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Education and others of similar calibre.

Dr Ro runs several businesses, including online programmes and training events that help create transformational personal, professional and financial change in people's lives. His online programmes and training events continue to help people - overcome health challenges, save relationships, create financial independence, turn businesses fortunes around and more. Ultimately Dr Ro’s mission is to create major turning points for people from all backgrounds and ages across the world.

Dr Ro continues to share his tools and techniques, which have been enhanced over 30 years with audiences through his - Seekardo Show™ Podcast, Communication With Impact™ Online Programmes and Live Training, Property & Real Estate Wealth Online Programmes Live Training and More.

Listen to Dr Ro's Seekardo Podcast

Read Turning Point by Dr Rohan Weerasinghe

Visit Dr Ro's website

Kate Cook BSc Hons Dip ION, Founder of the Nutrition Network

Kate Cook gives talks and workshops to business clients empowering their staff to adopt healthier lifestyles. With over 20 years’ experience, fresh, creative and practical information is delivered in an interactive style that encourages involvement and engagement.

Kate is passionate about making nutritional change easy and effective. She is a highly experienced international speaker and her successful practice methods have secured extensive TV appearances, publishing deals, magazine features and commissions as an international keynote speaker.

As founder and director of the Harley Street clinic The Nutrition Coach, Kate has personally worked with more than 7,500 patients face to face.

TV appearances include UKTV’s ‘The Truth About Beauty’.

Books include ‘Get Healthy for Good’ (Whole Health), ‘Drop a Dress Size’, ‘Shape Up Your Life’, ‘Be Incredibly Healthy’, ‘An Unfit Mother’ (Harper Collins), and the ‘Corporate Wellness Bible’ (52 Brilliant Ideas), Kate Cook’s Wellness Guide (52 Brilliant Ideas), Positive Nutrition – Strategic Eating to Upgrade Your Health and Energy (LID).

Visit The Nutrition Coach website

Visit The Nutrition Network website

Jools Enticknap

Jools’ day job as a software engineer and systems architect running a successful company that develops software to manage staff in safety critical jobs belies a wealth of consciousness-expanding life experience and learning. His career spans a multitude of areas including taking a key role in the development of mobile phone communications. He’s a lover of fast cars and even faster motorbikes, although these days he’s more likely to be found on a bicycle. Jools brings unique depth, insight and humanity to the table and shares his wisdom generously.

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