We've all witnessed the breakdown of relationships that have occurred owing to fundamental splits in views on such things as lockdowns or covid-19 injections. Personal medical choices haven't historically been among the main reasons that people break up, but times have changed. Medical interventions have changed - greatly so since the introduction of injections that give your body instructions to make its own 'medicine'.

The divide and polarisation between the in-group that fully buys into the mainstream narrative, and the out-group that rejects it, considering much of it to be a construct designed to control populations, seemed quite clear cut. Divide and conquer, the oldest war game of all, was in full swing, even if most didn't realise it.

Sadly, of late, divide and conquer has arrived on our doorstep, meaning the doorstep of the out-group. We've seen it in the way alt, or more correctly, the new media, has been filled with contrary positions over the existence of viruses, an issue in which we are fully engaged. Using all the tools we have at our disposal, we've approached key players in the 'viruses don't exist' movement and we're going to move to a private and public debate. And it's going to be constructive, not destructive.

Divide and conquer has now targeted one of the most outspoken and influential players in our movement, none other than Dr Robert Malone. He has come under attack by US psychiatrist Peter Breggin, who is also challenging Matthias Desmet (e.g. here and here), the key proposer of the 'mass formation' hypothesis that has been framed as a driver of increasingly totalitarian regimes around the world. We're not just talking a few outspoken leaders having intense differences of opinion. We're talking about how hoards of people are choosing sides as these arguments and personal attacks are aired on the internet and social media.

If we could only remind ourselves how to be friendly critics, to engage in constructive discourse. To share our differences privately and, perhaps later in public, when we know that what we share won't tear apart the only movement that is set to protect today's children from tomorrow's nightmare.

We can't over-emphasise the importance of our unique event, Behavioural and Communication Magic, on 24th September. We think - in fact know - it will be the first of its kind anywhere in the world. The huge number of hours that David and ourselves have put in to make the event possible will come to fruition in less than two weeks.

We would so value it if those who resonate with the theme of the day could join us in-person or online for this experiential and life-changing workshop.

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Special message about the workshop from our founder

Over the last 3 years, the changes that have been foisted on us by a world focused and polarised by existential threats, have increasingly disconnected us from the things that really make us human.

We’ve increasingly been forced into a state of red alert, be it over an invisible microbe or how we should be responding to it, a war in Ukraine, a freefall in ecological biodiversity, an economic or energy crisis, or the tearing away of human rights we long thought were inalienable.

The polarisation of views within our own families and among our friends, the ever increasing surveillance by the state, the loss of trust we have in our political leaders, the sense that we have less control over our own lives – all of this keeps us within our more primitive mid-brain and prevents us from meeting the needs all of us really need to satisfy if we’re to be the remarkable, creative, respectful, dignified, loving human beings we all have the potential to be.

A bunch of systems within our bodies and between our bodies and the natural environment need to be in sync if we’re to strive to be the best versions of ourselves. Most of us don’t get taught which systems or pathways, which patterns of gene expression, or which forms of energetic exposure we need to get everything in balance. You’ll know when it happens because we feel fulfilled, deeply content, we have a very strong connection to the people, animals and plants around us, and we find we have incredible restorative powers as and when we succumb to illness or injury. Sadly, for most of us, it doesn’t happen often enough - and sometimes never at all. 

To get there we really need to understand what we as human beings actually need. In a world that has traded genuine human needs for wants – and turned us into rabid consumers – so many of us have lost sight of what our minds, bodies and spirits really need. We’re going to share some of the latest insights on this in ways that can truly influence how you live every day, each day taking you, step by step, towards being a more complete and high functioning human being.  

We’re so looking forward to you joining David, Meleni and myself, either in person if there’s still availability, or online, for our Behavioural and Communication Magic workshop on the 24th of September. You’ll find all the details below.



In-Person @ the Mandolay Hotel, Guildford, Surrey. There are limited spaces so we preserve a smaller, more intimate space for our experiential workshop or online.

What time?

8:45 am Registration opens for in-person event
9:00 am Registration opens for livestream delegates
9:30 am Start
5:30 pm Finish

All refreshments and lunch provided.

Can't be there in person?

The event will be livestreamed from start to finish. All the workshop elements will be conducted via break out rooms, so whilst you won't be with us, you will still benefit from the experience.


>>> Book your in-person (Guildford, Surrey, UK) or online place at Behaviour & Communication Magic now.

>>> Download event programme



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