We continue our global roundup of news from across a wide range of news sources. Many countries are getting ready to observe Remembrance Day tomorrow, on the 11th day of the 11th month at 11am, as we navigate our world through times of great awakening, awareness and unity, despite some of the darkest times in recent history being experienced by many in what was the 'free' world.


  • Children, 5-11, in Costa Rica will be required to have covid injections from March 2022 after the government signed a deal with Pfizer for its child-sized injections. The jab will become part of an already extensive list of mandated vaccines
  • From Dec 8, COVID-19 patients in Singapore who are unvaccinated by choice will have to foot their own medical bills if they are admitted to hospitals or treatment facilities with covid
  • French President, Emmanuel Macron, has announced all over 65s will be required to have a booster jab in order to be able to maintain their green pass. The mandate will also apply to tourists and expatriots
  • Queensland is implementing swinging restrictions that will create a two-tier system of vaxxed and unvaxxed. Those who refuse to be jabbed will be excluded from a wide range of activities and premises. The restrictions will also pit families and friends firmly against each other as weddings will be restricted to a maximum of 20 people if someone who is unjabbed is attending
  • San Francisco is mandating covid jabs for children aged 5-11. In eight weeks time all children aged 5 and over will be required to provide proof they are fully jabbed in order to eat in a restaurant with their family, take swimming lessons and much more
  • UK citizens who refuse covid booster jabs are being threatened by the government that they may not be able to travel abroad next year if they don't submit to a 3rd jab in an attempt to increase uptake
  • Australian doctor, Dr Mark Hobart, has had his practice closed because he refused to hand over confidential patient records to government officials. Following the closure of his practice officers returned and took what they wanted citing curent state of emergency laws and saying the government can take what it wants without any explanation as to why or recourse to patient privacy
  • The UK Health Secretary has confirmed all NHS workers will be required to receive covid and flu jabs by April 2022 despite heavy pushback from a multitude of sources. The move comes as the deadline for care workers to be jabbed looms with tens of thousands standing firm against the mandates putting the entire sector at risk should they actually be sacked.


  • Prof Carl Heneghan of the Oxford University’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine is calling for an urgent enquiry into mounting rates of excess deaths in the home in the UK compared to the five year average (2015-2019). Deaths at home have climbed for 16 weeks in a row in 2021
  • The normalisation of heart attacks in fit young people is continuing with articles across mainstream media designed to desensitise people as the incidence of heart attacks increases seemingly in lockstep with the jabbing of an ever younger population
  • A freedom of information request has revealed that there has been over four times the number of deaths reported following covid injection in the last ten months than for all vaccines in the past 20 years
  • A UK health chief has warned that elderly people, who have been double-jabbed, are dying due to waning immunity in an effort to push boosters as data shows that more than 2,000 injected people have died with covid in the past month.


  • Dr Paul Marik has successfully treated covid patients for the past 18 months using a combination of highly effective treatments. He has just been banned by Sentara Healthcare from continuing to use those treatments to save the lives of covid patients at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. As a result patient, mortality in the ICU has increased sharply. In response he has filed a lawsuit against Sentara Healthcare for preventing covid patients from receiving appropriate care and terminally ill patients from receiving investigatory treatments, which contravenes Virginia law
  • A federal court in the US has called a temporary halt to the rollout of new covid vaccine mandates targeting companies employing more than 100 people, after petitioners cited grave statutory and constitutional concerns
  • Federal workers with natural immunity from covid have filed a class-action lawsuit against the US government, Anthony Fauci and other members of the Safer Federal Workforce Task Group to stop the mandation of covid vaccines. The lawsuit contends the mandates violate employees’ constitutional and statutory rights
  • US based campaign group, US Right to Know (USRTK), is suing the National Institutes of Health (NIH) after it ignored nine freedom of information (FOI) requests. This is the second time USRTK has been forced to sue the NIH to provide information requested under FOI requests
  • Healthcare workers in Tasmania have launched a legal challenge to the government’s vaccine mandate, which is due to be implemented in the coming days. The group is seeking a temporary injunction against the mandates until the case can be heard
  • Big Brother Watch, a UK based campaign group, has launched the first human rights legal challenge against the unevidenced, authoritarian and invasive use of mandatory Covid passes in Wales saying it will create a two-tier discriminatory society.


  • Alabama politicians have passed two new bills to make it easier for workers to opt out of mandated jabs and prevent children from being jabbed without parental permission
  • Nightclubs in Scotland are making the most of a loophole in the requirement to enforce vaccine passports by putting furniture on the dance floor so they are no longer classed as nightclubs and do not need to enforce the passes
  • Dr Jim Barson is risking his license and career by speaking out against authoritarian and draconian controls being forced on Australian citizens saying he is “…truly horrified at what has been done to our society in the name of trying to control it.”
  • Dutch citizens are standing up and protesting against the ongoing imposition of brutal restrictions and removal of their rights in the name of covid
  • In Australia, the people of Sydney and Melbourne turned out in their thousands in a show of unity against some of the most extreme covid measures in the Western world. In Melbourne, protestors called for the removal of Premier Dan Andrews as he tries to grab ultimate power over residents under the guise of covid
  • New Zealand President, Jacinda Ardern, has dismissed people protesting outside Parliament as not representative of the vast majority of the population. The protestors came together to perform a mass Haka in a spine tingling visual display of their anger over the harsh restrictions being visited on them in the name of covid
  • People in Los Angeles joined hundreds of thousands of people around the world as they too stood up to protest against ongoing covid mandates and restrictions
  • The Ohio Attorney General, along with 23 other attorneys general in the US, have sent a letter to President Biden warning any attempt to implement vaccine mandates for private sector workers will be met by immediate mass litigation
  • Senator Gerard Rennick has written to the Australian Prime Minister telling him he will be withholding his vote until a compensation scheme is put in place for those injured by covid jabs and jab mandates are lifted immediately. He has also called for a immediate end to the jabbing of children following the death of a 14-year old girl
  • A healthcare worker in Spain has had their dismissal for refusing to be jabbed overturned by a court in Bilbao, which ruled it violates her right to refuse an invasive medical procedure, which could injure her
  • Two boards of education board in Canada have confirmed they won't be mandating covid jabs for staff members because there is already a high vaccine rate, in-school transmission rates are low and that the loss of unjabbed members of staff would cause chaos and negatively impact schools
  • A group of Canadian scientists and health professionals have sent an open letter to Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, warning against the mass injection of children and that if the jabs are authorised, it could result in a “…public health disaster, for years to come, and of a magnitude that is hard to anticipate".
  • Journalists Against Covid Censorship is a collaboration of journalists from across the media spectrum challenging the lack of honesty and transparency in mainstream media reporting throughout the coronavirus crisis.

School closures

The closure of schools in Japan did not reduce the spread of covid in 2020 according to a new study published in Nature. 

Covid injections

  • In Australia, the Therapeutic Goods Administration is reported to have said it is seeing a higher than expected number of cases of myocarditis following covid jabs than expected
  • How many people need to be jabbed to prevent a single death in kids aged 5 to 11? It’s not a number that you will see in any ‘official’ documents from governments, health authorities or pharma companies. Toby Rogers takes on the task of calculating the Number Needed to Vaccinate (NNTV) coming to the shocking conclusion that in order to prevent 12 covid related deaths, as many as 2,624 children could die following being jabbed
  • Dr Kirk Nilhoan has gone on record in the US to warn that children are at higher risk of harm from covid jabs than covid itself as other doctors expose how they are being threatened and silenced for raising questions about vaccine safety
  • Emergency care departments are reported to be full to bursting across the US as the knock on effects of lockdowns and covid jabs send people’s health into significant decline
  • Arizona is reported to be experiencing high levels of covid illness in jabbed individuals. The majority of the nearly 50,000 cases are in those who’ve received the Pfizer jab
  • A new study from the Public Health Institute, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center and University of Texas Health Science Center, published in Science has found that protection against any covid infection fell for all the currently used jabs in the US from 87.9% in February to just over 48% by October
  • Published in Viruses, a new study details the ability of the coronavirus spike protein to inhibit the mechanism that repairs damaged DNA, which may also impair adaptive immunity. The researchers also raise a red flag in regard to the effect of covid vaccines on adaptive immunity
  • The UK Health & Security Agency (UKHSA) has admitted that despite regularly analysing data to monitor the real-world performance of covid jabs, it is not publishing the results, begging the question of what it may be trying to hide
  • Yet another study, published on preprint server MedRXiv, shows that there is no difference in the infectiousness of someone with covid regardless of whether they are jabbed or not
  • The Rabbinical Court in Israel has decreed that no one should be jabbed with mRNA injections. Such rulings are considered to be God’s law and are usually strictly followed by the Jewish community
  • US Senator, Ron Johnson, held an expert panel discussion with doctors and medical researchers involved in treating covid jab injuries and who’re researching the safety and efficacy of the injections. As part of the proceedings, he also spoke with a range of people who have been personally affected by covid jab injuries
  • James Wells, previously a senior member of staff at the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) has sent a letter of complaint to the ONS outlining concerns over a breach of the code of Practice for Statistics by the organisation. His concerns have arisen over the use of statistics to skew data analysis concerning the risk of vaxxed v unvaxxed people from covid.


A new petition calling for the recognition and availability of Ivermectin for prophylaxis and early outpatient treatment of COVID-19 has been officially launched in Canada by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA). The CCCA is calling on citizens and medical practitioners aross the country to sign the petition supporting the use of this safe and inexpensive medicine, which has been used with great success to treat millions of covid patients across the world

Research presented at the Society for Endocrinology annual conference highlights concerns over the use of the steroid dexamethasone for covid patients due to the risk of patients developing diabetes or experiencing a worsening of existing diabetic conditions following its use.


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