Continued covid-related global coverage in short. Looking around at the maintream media and the increasing restrictions in many countries, it may feel as if the situation is darkening, but please know that the resistance movement is gaining in strength and numbers daily. Legal actions are on the rise and in many countries the attempt at 'divide and conquer' is creating just the opposite effect as more and more waken to the reality facing us all. The situation is anything but dark. Just like a building with rotten foundations, it must first be pulled down in order to build anew. 


  • The Victorian government in Australia has been handed a completely totalitarian mandate as Parliament voted through devasting legislation giving Dan Andrew’s government total authority to declare pandemics and issue public health orders at will once emergency powers expire on the 15th December
  • The House of Representatives in the US has voted to pass the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act, which will provide $400 million dollars to fund the development of a database designed to track individuals' vaccine status in a gross removal of a citizen's right to medical privacy
  • Under a new bill proposed by Canadian Premier, Justin Trudeau, anyone protesting for medical freedom would be criminalised and potentially be thrown into jail for up to 1-year
  • The UK Government has used the excuse of omicron to announce the enactment of its 'Plan B' in England from next week. Restrictions will include guidance for people to work from home, increased mask mandates and the introduction of the covid pass for large venues and nighclubs. MPs heckled the health secretary as he made the announcement in Parliament, questioning the data being used to justify the move
  • Outgoing mayor of New York City, Bill De Blasio, has delivered a stinging parting shot with the introduction of mandatory covid jabs from the 27th December as a ‘pre-emptive move’ to counter further covid outbreaks as omicron starts to spread in the US. Incoming mayor Eric Adams, has said he will evaluate the situation as soon as he’s been sworn in
  • France has ordered all nightclubs to close for the next four weeks and recommended that 5-11 year olds are covid jabbed and people work from home where possible as it tackles a so-called fifth wave of covid
  • In a sinister twist to the ongoing covid coercions, New Brunswick in Canada has announced that any business, including food shops, can prevent someone who has not been covid injected from entering their premises and making a purchase
  • Updating the EU covid pass with booster jabs will ‘force’ countries who are ‘behind’ in their jab programmes to catch up according to an anonymous EU Minister
  • In an ironical move, the Human Rights Museum in Manitoba is requiring all visitors over the age of 12, to provide proof of being jabbed as it complies with local covid restrictions
  • Italy has turned the screws on its citizens with the introduction of a so called ‘super green pass’ as part of efforts to encourage jab-free citizens to give in and be jabbed. In addition, jab-free Italians will now be required to test every 48 hours at their own expense just to be able to go to work using the normal green pass. It will not allow access to restaurants, cinemas and other venues. Italian citizens are also being prevented from boarding buses and trains if they don't have the correct form of pass
  • In a bid to push South African citizens to be covid jabbed the government is now resorting to offering cash incentives. Anyone getting their first jab before the end of the year will be entered into a draw to win a share of R2 million SA Rand. The health department also said it’s offering 200 rand in food vouchers to anyone over the age of 50
  • Oregon is discussing the permanent mandation of mask wearing indoors to counter future covid variants
  • Seriously ill patients in Queensland, Australia, will be denied life saving surgery if they refuse to be doubled jabbed
  • In a dark day for Canadian history the federal government has imposed yet more stringent restrictions on those refusing to comply with jab requirements. The move to ban all jab-free Canadians from plane and train travel was slammed by Roman Baber, an Independent MP in Ontario for discriminating against large swathes of the Canadian population for the choice they have made in regard to their medical status. To add insult to injury, the Canadian government has also announced its intention to implement a jab mandate for all workers in federally regulated industries in the New Year.


  • In a victory for common sense, a court in Wales has overturned a conviction handed out to a man who refused to provide a Police Officer his name and address so they could issue a Fixed Penalty Notice for breach of Coronavirus Regulations. The judge criticised the police action suggesting they had overstepped their boundaries
  • US Representative Ralph Norman has introduced legislation to force the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to release all records related to its emergency authorisation or licensing of all covid injections within 100 days rather than the 55 years it is currently attempting to get away with. A scheduling conference has been set for 14th December to agree on the timeline for release. However, the first dump of Pfizer papers related to the emergency authorisation of it's covid jab has been made revealing 1200 deaths in the first few months and clear knowledge of the risk of stillbirth and miscarriage to pregnant women
  • Four Bristol Myers employees in the US are suing the company after their requests to be exempted on religious grounds were refused and they were fired
  • UK GP, Dr Sam White, who had his right to post his views and opinions on social media due to his opposition to covid restrictions has been vindicated after he won his appeal and his right to share his views on social media was reinstated
  • In yet another setback for the Biden Administration’s attempts to mandate covid jabs, a federal judge in Georgia has temporarily halted all covid jab mandates for federal contractors across the country
  • Following ongoing incorrect claims by UK TV doctor, Dr Hilary Jones, PJH Law have sent a letter of complaint to the GMC about the ongoing serious misrepresentation of facts that cause risk to patient safety around the coronavirus crisis by Dr Jones
  • A court in New York has ruled that teachers denied religious exemptions from covid jabs and placed on unpaid leave must be allowed to reapply for an exemption under a new process
  • The Fair Work Commission in Australia has ruled that the mandation of covid jabs by mining company BHP was neither lawful or reasonable. The ruling comes after union action in defence of 30 workers suspended for not providing evidence of being jabbed.


  • The Together Declaration in the UK is coordinating a campaign to oppose the imposition of vaccine passports in the four countries of the UK. It’s calling for people in the UK to come together and sign the Declaration to show their opposition to the restrictions being imposed on citizens without any scientific support for a system that discriminates against those making a different choice about how to protect their health
  • A court in Wallonia in Belgium has ruled that the use of vaccine passports is illegal. The Court has ordered the government to pay a daily fine of €5,000 until the measure is withdrawn. According to the ruling, the COVID Safe Ticket is disproportionately restricting individual freedoms in relation to the intended goal
  • The World Health Organization’s European Regional Director, Hans Kluge, is reported to have said that jab mandates should only be used as an “absolute last resort” when all other options have been exhausted
  • MEP, Nicolaus Faust, gave an impassioned speech demanding a stop to the jab programmes across Europe and calling for investigations into the efficacy and safety of the injections. He has also called for the pharma companies making the jabs to be held liable for all harms caused by them. He also poured scorn on the notion that anyone who remains jab-free is a danger to someone who is jabbed
  • Workers protesting against jab mandates in Perth, Australia have besieged the Parliament House. Many laid their uniforms on the steps of the parliament building to illustrate the strength of feeling against the mandates
  • Following the suspension of covid jab mandates by Courts in the US, Advent Health has withdrawn its requirement along with The Cleveland Clinic and the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in Missouri for their employees to be injected or lose their job
  • Hoards of people led by uniformed firefighters in Brussels took to the streets on 5th December to protest against ongoing covid related restrictions. The peaceful protest was attacked by police using tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protestors. Austrian citizens continued their protests turning out in force as they made their opposition to covid restrictions known along with 1,000’s of people in the city of York in the UK and the Netherlands
  • French and Belgium doctors have organised a Doctothon, which will take place between 6:00 pm on 10th December to 6:00 pm on 11th December. Around 300 eminent doctors are expected to share their opinions - each of whom will have a 3-minute slot to give a message to the public about the current state of covid-related affairs. If you are a doctor, or know one that would like to take part, please do register your interest.  

Child health

  • Japan’s health ministry has issued a warning about the risks of developing myo- and pericarditis following covid jabs. The warning specifically warns against the risks in young males
  • The jab programme in Vietnam suffered a setback when 120 children were harmed following covid jabs. Instead of suspending the programme pending further investigations, the authorities just switched batches, putting the ‘problem’ batch to one side to be used instead for adults. According to the authorities, 3 children are now reported to have died as a result of an ‘overreaction’ to, rather than a problem with, the vaccine
  • A 12-year-old boy in Germany has died two days after his second covid jab. An autopsy showed he had developed myocarditis, which may have led to heart attack. A recent analysis of VAERS data from the US, includes details of a 5-year-old girl who died four days after receipt of a covid jab
  • A German preprint study across fourteen pediatric hospitals from June 2020 to May 2021 finds zero deaths in children without co-morbidities between the ages of 5-17. "The lowest risk was observed in children aged 5-11 without comorbidities. In this group, the ICU admission rate was 0.2 per 10,000 and case fatality could not be calculated, due to an absence of cases."
  • The Canadian state of British Columbia (BC) is reported to be planning to jab children aged 5-11 years old without parental consent after the Medical Director for the BC Centre for Disease Control sent an update to medical services advising of a change in protocols that would allow children under age of 12 to give "mature minor consent" to covid injections
  • The UK government has issued guidance to healthcare professionals acknowledging that young people, particularly males, are at risk of developing myo- and pericarditis following covid jabs. The risks are echoed in a new study published in Cardiology and Therapy, which also acknowledges the increased risk following second jabs along with the risk of thromboembolic events.

Covid injections

  • New research published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters has found that the mass vaccination programmes being implemented around the world currently are driving the mutation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus
  • GPs in the UK are being told to scale back on some routine health checks in people aged over 75 in order to focus on the booster campaign currently underway - for which they're being paid £15 per booster
  • Researchers behind a new paper published in Science Advances believe they have identified the mechanism behind the development of blood clots following the AstraZeneca covid jab
  • A covid outbreak has occurred on a cruise ship full of double jabbed crew and passengers, once again confirming that the discrimination against those who remain jab-free is a complete nonsense, or even 'non-science'
  • 'Police on Guard' in Canada has announced it will be rolling out a ‘Mama Bears’ program to help educate parents about the dangers of the vaccine for their children
  • It’s being reported that the Indian Government will no longer buy covid injections from Pfizer or Moderna due to the availability of locally produced ‘vaccines’ that are cheaper and easier to store
  • As reports of heart issues following covid jabs increase, two UK based doctors have warned that up to 300,000 people in the UK could develop heart issues due to 'post-pandemic stress disorder' (PPSD). However, the NHS released a guidance document on 29th November 2021 entitled, 'Myocarditis and pericarditis after COVID-19 vaccination: a guidance for healthcare professionals'.

Vaccine passports

  • A Spanish inter-regional covid committed has declared that the use of vaccine passports does not reduce the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and that they give the wrong message that jabbed people can’t spread the virus
  • The use of vaccine passports significantly increases the level of distrust in the government’s responses to the coronavirus crisis in unjabbed people according to a preprint study from Danish researchers


The Food and Drug Administration has authorised the use of monoclonal antibody treatments for mild to moderate covid symptoms in children of all ages, including newborns.


In a rather bizarre twist to the censorship saga, links to an abstract published by the Journal of the American Heart Association showing an increased risk of developing heart problems following covid jabs, were blocked by Twitter. An expression of concern has now been appended to the abstract.

Collateral damage

Up to 740,000 possible cancer cases may not have been diagnosed due to lockdowns and ongoing covid restrictions in the UK. The situation is likely to become even worse as waiting lists for a wide range of medical issues to be addressed are set to ramp up further with the new mandates for GPs to put boosters before care. Some estimates predict they could hit 12 million by 2025 as the health service struggles to catch up.

Other covid news

  • Co-founder and CEO of the Christian Daystar Television Network in the US, Marcus Lamb, who was a fierce critic of the coronavirus crisis and the jabs, has died after he contracted covid-19
  • An interesting study has been published in the Journal of Clinical and Translational Research discussing the relationship between the severity of covid infections and electromagnetic radiation, particularly in areas with high levels of 5G
  • The Indian prime minister has announced the introduction of a digital payment system that will be used to deliver welfare services. The system will also be used as part of the rollout of covid jabs
  • In a terrible tragedy, a German man was pushed to kill his wife, children and himself after it was found that he had faked both his wife’s and his vaccination cards as they simply wanted to remain jab-free. It appears that the man had already lost his job because of his company's mandate.


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