This year, 2021 has brought a swathe of challenges in the guise of the coronavirus crisis. The rhetoric against those who question the mainstream narrative has become ever more shrill, with calls for those who're holding the line to be treated as terrorists and undergo deradicalisation programmes. Whilst the pressures from the powers-that-be seem to increase every day, the strength of the resistance movement is also increasing daily - amply aided by evidence of cover-ups, harms, data manipulation designed for pure propaganda and attempts to bring down those who stand in opposition. We may be at the darkest time of the year in the northern hemisphere, but Solstices always offer a new dawn, none greater than the one this year. We have so many reasons to continue to hold the line and not capitulate in unison — for our futures, especially those of our children and our children's children.


  • America’s Frontline Doctors is planning to open its own healthcare clinics and is inviting medical staff, pharmacists and potential patients to register their interest in becoming involved in the scheme
  • The Japanese government has explicitly said in a notice on the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s website that covid ‘vaccines’ will only be given with the consent of the person to be vaccinated and asks that no-one is forced into being injected or discriminated against should they choose to remain jab-free
  • Defeat the Mandates is calling on American citizens to join together and march on Washington DC to defeat the imposition of vaccine mandates on 23rd January 2022
  • UK football club, Carlisle United, has announced it will be cutting its stadium capacity in order to dodge the need to bring in the use of vaccine passports
  • It comes to something when a highly respected journal like the British Medical Journal (BMJ) feels the need to pen an open letter to Mark Zuckerburg to raise serious concerns about censorship of its articles on Facebook. The letter was written in response to an article about the concerns raised by a whistleblower over serious issues with the Pfizer phase III trials and the censorship applied by Facebook to the BMJ’s article when readers tried to share it
  • Football pundit, Matt Le Tissier, has well and truly put his head above the parapet by criticising the UK government's imposition of vaccine passports on football fans in order to attend matches and said that the government is basically saying that the jabs don’t work
  • Boeing has suspended its vaccine mandate for employees in the US. The company stated in internal communications that it was down to a court ruling halting the enforcement of mandates for federal contractors, however recent weeks have seen nearly 9% of its US workforce seeking vaccine exemptions - a significantly higher number that Boeing management anticipated
  • Former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, is reported to have said in no uncertain terms that she will not get a covid shot as part of a recent interview - “It’ll be over my dead body that I’ll have to get a shot. I will not do it. I won’t do it, and they better not touch my kids either.”
  • The Swiss people are holding a referendum to decide whether all jab mandates should be banned after the Swiss Freedom Movement Association (SFMA) collected 125,000 signatures to trigger the vote. The SFMA is calling for the Swiss constitution to be changed to recognise an individual’s inalienable right to decide whether they should be jabbed or accept implants of any kind without fear of punishment for that decision
  • Italian citizens have continued to protest against ongoing covid restrictions, the Green Pass and jab mandates
  • Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK once again gathered in London over the weekend to express their rejection of covid restrictions of all types
  • The Justice Centre in Canada has published a report ‘Are lockdowns worth their cost?’ detailing the harms and costs of the Canadian government’s covid lockdowns
  • Australia’s top female tennis player, Olivia Gadecki, has pulled out of the Australian Open in January because she chooses not to be covid jabbed
  • Top basketball player Kyrie Irving has stuck to his guns when it comes to not being covid jabbed even though he was sidelined by his club for his decision. He has now been brought back in to play away games with the Brooklyn Nets as more and more jabbed players fall victim to covid
  • Military personnel in the US who refuse to be covid jabbed are holding the line as the defense services start to dismiss those standing firm against the mandates
  • A release of emails in the US reveal the smear campaign against the team behind the Great Barrington Declaration and the attempt to coordinate a ‘devastating takedown', orchestrated by Dr Anthony Fauci and the then Director of the National Institute of Health (NIH), Francis Collins
  • Dec 19, 2021: Around forty Italian doctors broke into the assembly of the Order of Doctors of Rome demonstrating against the requirement to be covid jabbed or face suspension from their roles
  • UK lawyer and campaigner, Anna de Buisseret, has launched a new website Informed Consent Campaign designed to educate UK citizens about informed consent to help them to remain firm against coercions to be covid jabbed
  • Warnings are being sounded in England that hospital units may have to close due to staff refusal to be covid jabbed even in the face of the threat of jab mandates. Particular concern was expressed over the potential loss of midwives not only because they’re difficult to replace, but because there is already a serious shortage of midwives in the NHS.


  • Google employees have been told they have to be covid jabbed or they will lose their jobs. In a nasty sting the company has said that anyone not providing proof of being jabbed or an appropriate exemption will be put on paid administrative leave for 30 days, following which they will put on unpaid leave for up to six months after which their employment will be terminated
  • The new German chancellor has said the government will take all necessary measures to control the spread of the omicron variant of covid and that nothing is off limits
  • A care home in The Netherlands has erected fencing around parts of the home after relatives contacted their loved ones through windows and touched their hands, saying it was in order to protect residents from covid
  • Welsh residents could now be fined £60 for going to the office if it’s deemed possible for them to work from home. Employers allowing employees to go to the office could be fined up to £10,000 for breaching the regulation
  • UK regulators are reported to be drawing up plans for yet another lockdown following Christmas. The prime minster, Boris Johnson, has ruled out additional restrictions before Christmas
  • France's PM Jean Castex has announced the introduction of a law to change the terms of the French "health pass" (vaccinated, recovered, tested) into a "vaccination only-pass" to put even more pressure on those who are currently jab-free to be covid jabbed
  • Ireland has further tightened the noose on the hospitality industry by announcing the introduction of an 8pm curfew and a reduction of 50% in occupancy limits
  • New Zealand doctors who are found guilty of speaking out against covid vaccines will automatically have their medical licences removed
  • People in New York protesting against covid passes have been arrested for refusing to show covid passes when trying order food in Applebee’s
  • The Dutch government is implementing a strict lockdown that will last into the New Year in a bid to stop the spread of the omicron variant of covid
  • A new bill, Bill A416, is being introduced in New York, which could see individuals being detained at will if they are deemed a potential threat to others if they have been exposed to or infected by a contagious disease in order to be jabbed and/or receive other medical treatment
  • In a further turning of the screws, teachers in the Australian state of Victoria who refuse to be covid jabbed, have been told they will lose their holiday pay, amounting to thousands of dollars, for the whole summer break.


  • A court case has been brought challenging a decree preventing jab-free people from using trains in Mumbai in India. The Court has asked the Maharashtra Chief Secretary to clarify why the order has been put in place
  • Independent journalist, Alex Berenson, is taking Twitter to court after it banned him permanently due to a tweet questioning the effectiveness of covid jabs
  • The fight to prevent the imposition of covid jabs in the US has taken another twist as the 6th Federal Court of Appeals ruled in favour of the Biden jab mandates. The matter will now be taken to the Supreme Court for a final decision. In the meantime mandates are being implemented arbitrarily, people are losing their livelihoods as a result with people being segregated based on their medical status
  • In a win for kids, a judge in California has overturned San Diego’s school district mandates that students over the age of 16 must be double jabbed by 20 December 2021 to attend in-person classes.

Child health

  • Dr Jayaprakash Muliyil, a member of the Indian National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (NTAGI), has told a news channel that there is no need to jab children against covid currently as the data shows they are not at any significant risk
  • A school district in New York has sent an email to all parents introducing a district doctor employed as a result of a new regulation requiring all districts to ensure nurses and coaches can deal with the treatment and monitoring of students who show signs of sudden cardiac arrest.

Covid injections

  • In the largest study to date of cardiac issues following covid injections published in Nature, researchers have found an increased risk of heart issues following covid injections. The study found that 1% of those jabbed were either hospitalised or died as a result of irregular heartbeats (cardiac arrythmia). The paper also highlights the risks to future health of those who suffer from myocarditis, warning it’s far more serious than just a mild illness as has been reported time and again by the media in efforts to dismiss concerns over rising levels of cardiac issues following covid injection
  • Suggestions have been made that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has significantly overcounted the number of American citizens that have been covid jabbed in a massive data fudge. It’s alleged that many second doses and booster shots have been recorded as first shots to up the numbers
  • Ugur Sahin, the CEO of BioNTech, has warned that even three doses of the existing covid jabs are not enough to prevent the spread of the omicron variant, as he readies people to expect yet more shots to combat omicron in the New Year
  • A Japanese medical bulletin, Med Check, is warning that young people in their 20s have a 7-times greater risk of dying from cardiovascular disease following covid injections than of dying due to covid infection as well as stating the harm of covid jabs to children could be enormous
  • Renowned US neurosurgeon, Dr Ben Carson, has warned American parents of the dangers what he calls a "great experiment" in regard to the covid injecting of children, and has said that he absolutely does not support the jabbing of young children who are at very low risk from covid
  • A new paper published in Vaccines sounds an alarm over the potential for vaccine derived spike proteins to cross the blood-brain barrier and cause neuroinflammatory problems following vaccination. The conclusions of the paper mirror the tsunami of neurological issues following covid injections that’s seen in real-world adverse reporting systems already and being reported anecdotally.


The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will withdraw emergency use authorisation for the CDC 2019-Novel coronavirus RT-PCR test with effect from 31 December 2021. The test is being ‘retired’ in favour of newer tests that have a higher throughput or can test for more than one virus at a time. The CDC says the RT-PCR test was brought in to fill a gap and that due to the wide range of other tests now available it is now longer needed.


  • A key Ivermectin trial has been suspended after an apparent supply issue, which has affected the PRINCIPLE trial. In a statement to MedPage Today via email, Merck, which has been providing ivermectin to the trial said it has "concluded that the probability of ivermectin providing a potentially safe and efficacious treatment option for SARS-CoV-2 infection is low and have prioritized internal efforts towards the development of alternate candidates that provide a higher probability of success for the treatment of COVID-19."
  • Israeli scientists publishing in iScience have reinforced that covid is not just a respiratory disease but an immune and respiratory illness. Lead researcher, Prof Dan Mishmar said the team were surprised to find damage to cell mitochondria outside of the lungs which they think could be driving the worst effects of covid and that patients could be potentially be helped by the use of over the counter antioxidant supplements.

Natural immunity

  • This 6 min YouTube clip is time extremely well spent. Especially if you’ve ever wondered about Fauci’s budget or level of manpower he can access! Please share through your networks. We really need to get the natural immunity conversation going to antidote the divide being fuelled by fear of the jab-free this holiday season
  • A new Danish study from the Statens Serum Institut of Denmark shows natural immunity confers a higher level of protection and doesn’t wane in the same way as that from covid jabs. Comparing natural infection against those who’ve been jabbed and those who’ve been jabbed and infected, those who had been infected but not jabbed continued to have protection up to a year later whilst those who had been jabbed experienced a waning of protection within weeks of being injected.

Other covid news

  • Although the omicron variant is proving to be highly transmissible, reports from South Africa indicate there have been a much lower number of hospitalisations along with signs that infection rates have reached their peak
  • A new preprint study has confirmed fears that the omicron variant is extremely resistant to all four covid jabs in use currently
  • Yet another conspiracy theory has hit the dust. Microchipping humans has been around for a few years in Sweden, but now Epicenter has showcased a microchip the size of a grain of rice that can store covid passes and be inserted under the skin.


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