This week's covid news sees some encouraging shifts against covid restrictions in Australia and Canada. Yet, concerns over the level of harm being experienced across the globe by covid shots continue to go unheeded by the authorities and 'old media' alike. Florida's surgeon general, Dr Joseph Ladapo, questions how can the authorities continue to assure people the jabs are safe, given the issue of adverse reactions is taboo and discussions are being actively censored. In the UK, a new film 'A Letter to my MP', has been released highlighting the plight of those harmed by the jabs. The initiative has been created in conjunction with UK CV Family, a UK-based organisation working with vaccine injured people.

In the US, the Food & Drug Administration is preparing to consider authorisation of covid jabs for children aged 6 months to 4 years, yet the results of which are unknown and could potentially be devastating for young immune systems.

For those who are concerned about the future of our children this is 10 mins of absolutely essential viewing - especially if you’re a parent. Mikki Willis, creator of Plandemic, interviews Dr Mark McDonald, author of United States of Fear. The video is a succinct belly-blow of a message about the direction of our world - unless we stop it. And we can. Please watch and share through your networks. This is not the world that many of us would choose for our children.

Over to the news roundup, which illustrates the continued awakening and realisation of what has happened over the past couple of years.

Pushbacks & positives!

  • Australian mining giant, Rio Tinto, is preparing to allow jab-free workers back to work next week after the Western Australian government lifted its jab mandate for a raft of workers. Despite the relaxation of the mandates, strict testing regimes will remain in place
  • The Australian Central Government has removed mask mandates in many areas, but continues to insist on masks being worn in Canberra airport. Such inconsistencies has led to the owners of the airport threatening legal action against the ACT government to get the rule removed as passengers increasingly ignore the requirement
  • The Australian state of Victoria is facing a crisis in its healthcare system as workers who’ve refused to comply with jab mandates continue to be excluded from their jobs. Calls are now being made for the jab mandates to be scrapped and for jab-free workers to be allowed to return to their jobs to alleviate the staff shortages and ensuing crisis, which threatens to put patient lives at risk
  • Australian senator, Gerard Rennick, has published an open letter calling on the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) for the immediate removal of gag orders placed on health practitioners who express concerns about covid jabs and reinstate practitioners suspended for expressing their professional opinions in regard to covid related issues. Senator Rennick is calling on all allied health practitioners to show their support by signing the letter under the assurance that all personal details will be kept completely confidential
  • Participants in this year's Special Olympics in the US, were told they needed to be covid jabbed in order to participate leaving many athletes unable to attend. The Florida government weighed into the issue by serving the organisers of the event with notice of a severe fine if they continued with their insistence that competitors be jabbed in contravention of Florida regulations. As a result the organisers have now dropped the mandate meaning that many more athletes can take part in the event
  • The Canadian Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) has engaged a lawyer to represent a serving Canadian soldier, as she fights what she feels is unfair dismissal from the military, because she refuses to be covid jabbed. This is the first of many such cases as soldiers fight to continue serving their country in the military regardless of jab status
  • Dutch airline, KLM, can no longer ask new pilots about their jab status. The ruling comes following a legal challenge by the Dutch airline pilots association, Vereniging Nederlandse Verkeersvliegers (VNV), against KLM. In his ruling, the judge said KLM is no longer allowed to ask job applicants about jab status or reject applications based on an individual's jab status as it infringes a candidate's basic rights. Should they flaunt the judgement KLM could face fines of €100,000.
  • The CEO of Canada's second largest airline, Westjet, is challenging President Trudeau's jab mandate because the jabs do not prevent transmission of covid. In a Tweet he said "...there is no more logic to maintain it."

Censorship, misinformation & nudges

  • Elites from across the echelons of politics, media, Big Tech, business and more gathered in the US recently for the secretative 68th Bilderberg Group meeting. Amongst the topics this year is that of disinformation. The rules of the meeting state that participants are free to use information from the meetings, but they must not disclose the identity of speakers or participants in the meeting. There is little information about the meeting or its contents as journalists are banned from reporting on proceedings
  • The President and Board Chair of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), have published an article in the New England Journal of Medicine defending the organisation's stance on punishing its members for what it considers to be misinformation in relation to covid shots
  • Dr Naomi Wolf's provocative new book 'The Bodies of Others', lays bare the ultimate goal of the covid crisis - that of the hacking of humans and their ultimate control through technology. Such is the threat of the content of the book, it's being actively suppressed by the likes of Amazon, which is making it incredibly difficult for people to purchase it. Dr Wolf discusses the issue with War Room's Steven Bannon here
  • Using stories to convey information about covid is more powerful and more likely to sway people's thoughts and perceptions than presenting plain facts. Publishing in Social Science & Medicine, researchers from the Annenberg School's Communication Neuroscience Lab found that by using personal stories they were able to increase people's acceptance of particular behaviours aimed at preventing the spread of covid.

Covid injections

  • Florida Surgeon General, Joseph Ladapo, openly called the efficacy and safety of covid shots into question at a recent press conference asking how people can be forced into taking a jab to stop transmission of a virus when the jabs don’t actually stop transmission. He also questioned how people can be told the jabs are completely safe when it's taboo to discuss the very real issue of jab injuries
  • Next week, the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC), will meet to consider the approval of covid shots for children aged 6 months to 4 years old. The meeting will be open to the public on both days, 14th and 15th June. As part of the process, the FDA is asking the public to comment on the proposal. Comments received before the 13th June will be considered by the FDA. Parents, grandparents and other concerned citizens are urged to say No! to covid shots for babies and young children using the FDA's online comment tool
  • Pediatricians and pediatric consultants have issued a declaration as part of the Global Covid Summit calling into question the need to jab young children who are not deemed to be at any risk from covid. They are calling on all doctors and scientists who care about protecting the continued health and wellbeing of children to sign the Physicians Declaration
  • A Japanese surgeon writing in Virology Journal has warned against booster jabs for vulnerable patients after he observed serious adverse reactions following covid jabs in his patients. He also comments on the way the old media has so far colluded to conceal the enormous burden of adverse reactions being experienced due to covid injections
  • Researchers in France are studying 26 incidences of Creutzfeld Jakob Disease (CJD), which occurred in 2021 across Europe shortly after the administration of covid jabs. Of the 26 cases only 6 were still alive at the time the article, published on Researchgate, was written. The researchers raise a red flag in regard to the sudden onset of the disease, which normally takes decades to emerge
  • The UK’s medical system, the NHS, has quietly added covid jabs to the vaccination schedule for children aged 5 to 15 years old despite the lack of evidence as to the necessity or safety of covid injections for children
  • Despite a caution being issued by the FDA due to concerns over the risk of heart inflammation following receipt of the Novavax covid shot, FDA advisors are recommending emergency authorisation of the injection in a bid to sway unjabbed individuals who believe the shot is safer than those already authorised. A recent substack article discusses the Novavax studies raising serious concerns as to the way the studies have been carried out effectively covering up any safety signals
  • The risk of myocarditis following covid jabs is high in young males aged 16-24 years according to a study of people in 4 Nordic countries. Publishing in JAMA Cardiology, the researchers found the highest risk of heart inflammation occurred within 28 days of the administration of a second dose with 18.39 events per 100,000 people who'd been jabbed with mRNA shots
  • A recently published study in Nature's Scientific Reports looks at a unique dataset from the Israel National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) from 2019 to 2021 to analyse the incident of cardiac issues in young people aged 16-39. Compared to 2019-2020, the researchers found a 25% increase in emergency call outs for cardiac issues for the months January-May 2021 associated with the rollouts of covid jabs, but not with covid infections. The results raise further serious concerns over the supposed safety of covid shots, particularly in the younger age brackets
  • Writing in the Daily Sceptic, ex-academic and senior government research/scientist, Amanuensis, discusses a raft of studies recently published on the topic of Long Covid. In two articles he dissects five studies finding data strongly suggests high levels of adverse reactions following covid jabs, which has been roundly ignored in the study write ups
  • A study published in Frontiers in Immunology in February 2022, discusses the inclusion of sequences within the mRNA covid shots that can result in the creation of foreign proteins in the body following injection. A fact that has been conveniently overlooked by both the manufacturers and authorities designated with ensuring the safety of the jabs. The production of unknown proteins by human cells may lead to cells being attacked by the immune system leading to their destruction and ultimately damage to the tissue and organs that contain them.


  • Yet another scientific publication supporting the use of ivermectin as a covid treatment has been knobbled. On this occasion the authors are reported to have requested retraction of their abstract, which was presented as a poster at the Eighth International Meeting on Emerging Disease and Surveillance, IMED 2021. The retraction notice states that the “…study has been misinterpreted…” and that as a result patients may want to use ivermectin, which could harm them even though multiple doctors have shown ivermectin to be a safe and effective treatment for covid
  • A group of US doctors has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Xavier Becerra in his official capacity as Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Robert Califf in his official capacity as Commissioner of Food and Drugs, over the FDA’s unlawful attempts to prohibit the use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19. The lawsuit argues the FDA acted outside of its authority and illegally interfered with their ability to treat their patients with a drug that has previously received full approval for human use.

Other News

  • Norway is already at the forefront of using digital IDs. It now wants to go one step further and track the food choices that Norwegian citizens make. Both supermarkets and the payment system in use are critical of the plans saying such tracking would be extremely intrusive and expressed concerns in regard to data privacy
  • Australian Senator, Alex Antic, from South Australia has launched a petition calling for politicians to disclose their connections to organisations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) to provide greater transparency over who's influencing Australian politics
  • Writing on his substack, Alex Berenson, raises concerns over what appears to be a spike in all cause mortality in Portugal, England and Wales which are showing an increase of over 16% in deaths in recent weeks
  • As part of its Presidency of the Group of 7 (G7) the UK government, in collaboration with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) (founded by the Gates Foundation, Wellcome Foundation and World Economic Forum), has proposed the 100 day mission. The mission, which aims to to have " and effective vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics within 100 days of an epidemic or pandemic threat being identified", has been welcomed by both G7 and G20 leaders along with its key beneficiaries in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Mastercard wants its users to be able to pay for goods and services with a smile or a wave using its new Biometric Checkout system. The company is currently testing the system at five supermarkets in Brazil and plans to extend the trials to Asia and the Middle East. The scheme has once again raised concerns over privacy and security of data and how the data could be used to further track people
  • The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has seen fit to raise concerns over a condition known as 'Sudden Adult Death Syndrome' (SADS) in people under the age of 40. The condition results in otherwise fit and healthy young people dying from a cardiac arrest. Media reports focus on two such deaths in Ireland in the past year
  • Common viruses are behaving in uncommon ways as we emerge from the coronavirus crisis. Stat's Helen Branswell, comments on the impact covid restrictions appear to have had on viruses that appear to have mutated and become more virulent causing significant illness where they wouldn't normally do so
  • Youth for Freedom is a UK-based organisation bringing together young adults on a local level in the UK, aged 18-30 who support bodily freedom, independent fact-based thinking, holistic health and wellbeing and unity through local groups. They also oppose medical mandates and lockdowns and promote everyone’s inalienable rights.


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