We‘re not yet clear of the fear threats in the media and from authorities about other pathogens - now news of dogs and children apparently being infected with monkeypox, langya virus and a polio resurgence requiring children in London to be given booster jabs, even though the variant found is vaccine derived. People in the UK seem to be taking little notice however, as the rising costs of living eclipse much else - all as planned, given what’s being driven by the International Monetary Fund. A way to force people to change the way they use energy as part of the campaign to achieve net zero carbon emissions?

Time for patience and playing the waiting game. This too will pass.

Pushbacks & positives!

  • The incoming President of the Australian Medical Professionals Society (AMPS) has written to the Australian Colleges and Associations of Medicine, Health and Science, along with all Australian Federal, State and Territory Senators and Members of Parliament. His detailed letter sets out to introduce the AMPS and discuss several matters, which are of concern to its members. Top of the list is the continued censorship and vilification of doctors and healthcare professionals who express concerns around covid jabs and restrictions along with the harm being caused by covid jabs, yet which continues to be ignored by the majority of healthcare professionals
  • Covid jab centres for children in New York City have been closed due to low demand for kids to be injected
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has dropped many of its covid restrictions as it acknowledges the coronavirus crisis has run its course and acknowledges that natural immunity from prior infection is the same as vaccination. The US government is yet to lift jab requirements for people entering the country from abroad
  • Canadian politician, Shayne Clayton Getson, is speaking out about his covid jab injuries and openly criticising the Royal College of Physicians continued censorship of doctors who try to share opposing opinions on covid jabs
  • The Australian government has deleted its COVIDSafe app and branded it a waste of taxpayer’s money that didn’t work
  • A Canadian mother’s recent experience trying to re-enter Canada after a trip to the US has highlighted the madness of ongoing border controls even for those who have followed the draconian restrictions and rules implemented by the government
  • A lawsuit against jab mandates in San Diego has been given the green light to continue through the court system after a move for dismissal by San Diego authorities was dismissed
  • Canadian freedom organisation Police on Guard are encouraging health professionals to speak out in a series of whistleblower videos being released in what’s called Whistleblower Wednesday. Four interviews have been released so far featuring a Doctor from Ontario, two paramedics and a nurse supervisor
  • Royal Caribbean is beginning to roll back requirements for all passengers to be covid jabbed for cruises departing from California, Louisiana and Texas. The company continues to require guests to take covid tests prior to departure.


  • Children's Health Defense has been deplatformed by Facebook and Instagram without warning for sharing ‘misinformation’ and contravening community guidelines.


  • The Brownstone Institute has published a scathing article about a new preprint study that purports to find masks prevent covid infections. The study is embarrassing at best and hits a new low in junk science at worst. The review considered 1,732 studies but included a mere 13 in its analysis covering 243 people. At this point, let us just hand over to Ian Miller at Brownstone for an in-depth post mortem of the latest (unsuccessful) attempt to prop up and justify mask mandates.

Covid injections

  • The UK has become the first country to approve use of the Moderna’s bivalent booster jab. However, it covers the original Wuhan variant, which is no longer in circulation and the BA.1 variant, which is no longer a dominant variant. The regulators don’t appear to have taken into account the potential for the jab to drive further immune escape and the development of yet more variants
  • Claims are once again being made that animal trials were skipped in the race to develop covid jabs. Kim Iverson tackled the subject in a recent episode of ‘The Kim Iverson Show’. Contrary to belief, extremely limited animal trials were undertaken at the same time as human trials. It's been reported all the animals died, which is true however, they were euthanised just 7 days after being jabbed meaning no meaningful data was collected and leaving many unanswered questions about possible long-term effects of the jabs  
  • Researchers studying students in Thailand found that out of the 301 children studied, three in 10 children aged 13 to 18, jabbed with the Pfizer covid injection developed heart issues following the second injection. The results of the study published as a preprint study in Preprints, add to mounting evidence of the harms of covid jabs for young people
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has admitted it gave false information about its covid jab surveillance programme in response to Freedom of Information Act requests made by the Epoch Times when it claimed the jabs were subject to intense post-marketing safety monitoring even though monitoring was not being carried out
  • Rates of hospitalisation for myocarditis and pulmonary embolisms in France in 2021 were found to be 28% and 10% higher respectively, than in 2019. The authors of a preprint study commented that the increase in myocarditis cases coincided with the covid injection campaign for young people, while the increase in pulmonary embolisms increased in line with covid jabs in the older population
  • A mother in New Zealand took to the courts in an attempt to force her 12-year old son to be covid jabbed against both his and his father’s wishes. She also applied for sole custody to prevent him from being able to discuss both sides of the situation with his ‘anti-vax’ father. The judge ruled against her saying it was not in the child’s best interests to be injected and refused her application for sole parenting. The most astonishing and sad part of the case is the revelation that the mother was in support of her child being held down and forcibly injected had the court ruled in her favour
  • Analyst, John Dee, made some interesting conclusions as he analysed data looking for covid injection benefits in terms of preventing infections. Rather than vindicating manufacturers efficacy claims his analysis revealed minimal benefits and an increased risk of infection after being jabbed.
  • The CDC has quietly changed its website in regard to the excretion of mRNA and spike protein from covid jabs from the body. It previously stated that mRNA from the jabs is broken down a few days after being jabbed while the spike protein only stays in the body for a few weeks. Recent science (here and here) has since shown both of these statements to be incorrect
  • A research letter from Iceland shows that for most age groups, those who have received two covid jabs or more are more likely to become reinfected with covid, than those who remain jab free or one dose. The difference is small, but it is statistically significant. In the authors’ own words: “Surprisingly, two or more doses of vaccine were associated with a slightly higher probability of reinfection compared with one dose or less”.
  • Dr James A Thorp has shared the text of an email he sent to Dr George Wendel, Executive Director of the American Board of ObGyn on Jessica Rose PhD’s Substack. In it, he asks Dr Wendel if he’s following the “avalanche” of data showing covid jabs are neither safe nor effective along with the very real dangers of injecting pregnant women. He entreats Dr Wendel to jointly call for a worldwide moratorium on the use of covid injections during pregnancy
  • For those wondering about the Novavax covid jab, Dr Pierre Kory shares his thoughts on why he wouldn't recommend this (or any other) covid jab.


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