As the noose continues to tighten on the rights and freedoms of global citizens with the G20 Leaders Declaration, instead of more fear and compliance, the effect is now beginning to be one of awakening. The crazier it gets, the more disclosure happens and the more people start to say enough is enough. Hold fast. We could have already reached the tipping point.

Pushbacks & positives!

  • Prof Norman Fenton has published a letter sent to the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) drawing attention to serious anomalies in ONS datasets related to covid jab mortality surveillance reports. The letter calls on the ONS to withdraw its latest dataset along with the retraction of any claims made by others in relation to the efficacy and safety of covid jabs based on said data
  • French campaign group Oú est mon cycle (Where is my cycle) organised a rally in Paris to draw attention to the myriad menstrual issues being experienced by women following covid injections
  • Novak Djokovic’s refusal to be covid jabbed despite being banned from competing in multiple competitions and countries has been vindicated. After banning him from entering the country for three years, the Australian government has now said it will grant him a visa so he can compete in the 2023 Australian Open
  • A UK GP who was dismissed 2 days after starting a new job for refusing to wear a mask because she’s exempt, is going legal arguing the decision to sack her was discriminatory. The judge presiding over the employment tribunal has already said that her claim is unlikely to succeed
  • A response to a petition from the UK Government states that indemnities given to jab manufacturers don't prevent legal claims for compensation from being brought against manufacturers. They just determine who's liable to settle any successful claims
  • Swiss lawyer, Philip Kruse, has launched a legal action against Swissmedic on behalf of 6 people who've been injured by covid shots. Swissmedic is being accused of serious and permanent violations of fundamental medical due diligence obligations in connection with the approval of mRNA vaccines
  • Workers for a water company in the US have secured an out of court settlement in response to their lawsuit alleging the company's jab mandate discriminated against them due to the restrictions placed upon them even though they were granted religious exemptions from the injections
  • A German court has ruled lockdown restrictions imposed on citizens in Bavaria were 'disproportionate' and restrictions that were less severe should have been implemented
  • The Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART) has sent an open letter to The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), Royal College of Midwives (RCM) and UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) calling for the jabbing of pregnant women to stop due to the lack of robust and reliable safety data to support it. The letter also discusses concerning safety signals that continue to be ignored by health authorities.


Covid variants

  • People infected with the so called ‘stealth Omicron’ BA.2 variant are more likely to experience a fever, than those with omicron, according to a new article published in Cureus Journal of Medical Science
  • The changing symptom profile of covid infections as the virus mutated is catalogued in a new paper from Imperial College London published in Nature Communications
  • With the introduction of omicron specific booster jabs the virus is reported to have mutated again. The new subvariants, particularly BQ.1, BQ.1.1 and BA.2.75.2 are now resistant to previous treatments and are better at evading vaccine induced immunity.

Covid injections

  • Protection given to children by covid mRNA jabs against the omicron variant wanes rapidly according to a new study from Qatar. The study also acknowledges the low risk to children of severe illness from covid infection
  • A class action seeking compensation for Australian citizens injured by covid jabs has been launched by No More Silence Australia. The action has been started by a GP who is self-funding the legal costs in order to get the case filed. Anyone who has been injured or lost a loved following covid injection is eligible to join the action. Over 100 people have joined the action so far
  • An article in The Spectator Australia, asks if there's graphene oxide in covid shots and discusses Brisbane GP Dr David Nixon’s, findings that there appear to be 'mechanical structures' in the blood of those jabbed with Pfizer covid shots. Using time lapse photography he reports what seems to be the assembling and disassembling of rectangular structures, which seems to be stimulated by electromagnetic radiation
  • A new paper published in Infectious Diseases Research discusses the 'shedding' of the spike protein and mRNA following covid injections showing they are found in every bodily excretion. The paper doesn't answer the many questions around how dangerous such secretions may be to others, particularly those who've chosen to remain jab-free
  • Byram Bridle PhD warns about the risks posed by 'One Health' - purportedly protecting the health of animals to protect humans as the spectre of mRNA jab use in animals threatens to spawn viral mutations that could, potentially, pose a severe risk to human health - not protect!
  • The American College of Cardiology has acknowledged the development of myocarditis, pericarditis and myopericarditis following mRNA covid shots in an article discussing a study that showed Moderna shots come with a greater risk of heart issues than Pfizer
  • The number of stem cells in newly born babies umbilical cords have been found to be significantly depleted in babies born to mothers that have either had covid or received a covid shot. The authors of a preprint paper published in Cell made sure to stress both infection and ‘vaccination’ impair stem cells. However, from their results it’s clear the damage inflicted by covid shots is of significant concern.


  • Throughout the past 2 and a half years, vitamin D supplementation to support immune function has been routinely vilified. Now a new study published in Nature concludes vitamin D supplementation may help to reduce the risk of catching covid and serious illness. A second study published in Annals of Internal Medicine has found those lacking in vitamin D are at higher risk of mortality from all causes
  • A lawyer for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has claimed it didn't ban doctors from prescribing ivermectin as a covid treatment, it merely made 'recommendations'. The revelation has been made as part of the hearing of a lawsuit brought by US Drs Apter, Talley-Bowden and Marik, who were discplined for prescribing ivermectin, against the FDA for interfering with the use of ivermectin as a treatment for covid.

Other News

  • World leaders at the G20 Summit have expressed their support for the development of a 'digital health certificate' to control movement during a future pandemic as well as strengthening International Health Regulations as part of the G20 Bali Leader's Declaration. James Roguski has more, emphasising nothing has been signed into law at this point
  • Jessica Rose PhD has revealed a purge of European adverse event data from the VAERS recording system, at the request of European regulators, leading to a significant change in researchers ability to detect safety signals from the data
  • The UK's public enquiry into covid-19 is being exhorted to take a long, hard look at the spread of misinformation and disinformation by those who oppose the restrictions imposed on UK citizens and question the safety of covid jabs by a group of academics publishing in The BMJ. The authors do not consider that such scepticism is entirely justified nor do they explore that information from 'trusted' sources is not as robust as they insist
  • The number of UK workers on long-term sick leave has skyrocketed since the start of the coronavirus crisis with a sharp climb in number through 2021 and 2022. The number of people off sick due to ‘other health problems or disabilities’ rose by 41% in April-June 2022 compared to the same period in 2019
  • Data from Australia appearing to show the birth rate dropping off a cliff at the end of 2021 has been shared widely. Following Jessica Rose PhD’s post on the issue, investigative journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer, wrote to the Australian Bureau of Statistics to query the data. Their response indicates that a year after the data was recorded it’s still not up to date resulting in the shocking numbers reported. Jessica Rose asks why there's such a lag and what it might be concealing?
  • An Australian cruise ship has experienced an outbreak of covid despite its crew and passengers being required to be covid jabbed. Of the 4,600 people on board 800 tested positive for covid, once again emphasising the lack of protection from infection and transmission conferred by the jabs
  • An American chiropractor is being sued by the US Federal Trade Commission for $500 billion for selling vitamin D and zinc supplements claiming they can treat and prevent covid. Dr Eric Nepute has refused to settle out of court as he feels his case is strong enough to win
  • SafeBlood Donation is the brainchild of Naturopath George Della Pietra. SafeBlood aims to match members who require a blood transfusion with other members who are of the same blood group, as currently it's not possible to set up a blood bank specifically for those who remain jab-free due to legal restrictions
  • Journalist Bill Rice Jr explores claims that covid was on the loose from September 2019 but was covered up so people wouldn't connect it to gain of function testing. In the first of a 3 part series he discusses the reasons for the cover-up and how the course of the past two and half years could have been dramatically different
  • A newly published study in Minerva, documents the tactics used by the censors that, for many of us, have become all too familiar. Those who take a dissenting view from orthodox positions are excluded, for example, from contributing to or making appearances on media outlets where they were previously welcome guests — they are no longer interviewed or their opinion pieces accepted. More from the team at ANH-USA
  • China is reported to be experiencing a surge in covid infections despite its zero tolerance policy in the capital Beijing. The latest outbreak matches infections seen during the first wave of covid. Violent protests are reported to have erupted at the Apple factory in China as workers protested against ongoing restrictions designed to corral a supposed covid outbreak at the plant
  • Writing in The BMJ, investigative journalist, Maryanne Demasi, exposes the shortcomings of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in relation to its lack of inspections of clinical trial sites used as part of the warp speed development of covid jabs.


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