Prevention is the future of medicine

A new report entitled Clinician of the Future: a 2022 report, from Elsevier Health, looks at the future of health care post pandemic. The report predicts that the introduction of digital health technologies, population growth and increased expectations from patients will lead to a shortage of healthcare professionals. Although many of those surveyed accept more time will be spent engaging with patients digitally, they felt it would significantly reduce the therapeutic relationship. More interestingly, the report acknowledges a key theme going forward must be a focus on disease prevention or as we term it – health creation, to reduce the burden on already overstretched healthcare systems and budgets.

Use of natural medicine reduces farming antibiotic use

The use of health-promoting (salutogenic) methods in 220 farms across the UK and Ireland has resulted in a reduction in vet fees and the use the antibiotics. A recent survey carried out by Whole Health Agriculture (WHAg) found that using therapies such as homeopathy and herbalism resulted in a 69% reduction in antibiotic use and a 70% reduction in vet costs along with an 84% improvement in the health of the animals treated. WHAg chairperson, Lawrence Woodward, commented, “This survey highlights the value of these alternative approaches, and the voices of these experienced farmers should not be ignored”. Apart from the improvement in animal health and wellbeing, such a significant reduction in antibiotic use is badly needed across the animal farming sector. Antibiotic resistance continues to grow unabated, driven by their continued use as part of intensive animal farming methods.

Artificial sweeteners and cancer

The use of artificial sweeteners has exploded in recent years as food manufacturers reformulate products to reduce people's sugar consumption. Now, new research from French researchers published in PLOS Medicine, has found that people with a high consumption of artificial sweeteners are at higher risk of developing a range of cancers. Using data from the French population-based cohort, NutriNet-Santé (2009–2021), the researchers found the risk of developing obesity related cancers was increased by 13% and by 22% for breast cancers. Both aspartame and acesulfame potassium were particularly implicated. Eating a diet high in nutrient dense real foods can help to protect against the development of cancer. Find out more about how you can reset your health and wellbeing with our brand new book RESET EATING.

Calls for use of probiotic term to be allowed in EU

The International Probiotics Association (IPA) and European Dairy Association (EDA) have issued a joint statement calling on the European Commission to clarify the meaning of the term, probiotic, to describe the contents of foods and food supplements containing probiotics. Currently, under the Nutrition and Health Claims Regulations, the term probiotic is disallowed apart from authorised health claims for live yogurt cultures and improved lactose digestion. As the statement says, such a move would allow consumers to make more informed choices when it comes to their health and wellbeing.

Type 2 diabetes predisposes sufferers to more chronic illness

Unpublished research, due to be presented at the Diabetes UK Professional Conference, using data from the UK Biobank and GP records has found people over the age of 30 with type 2 diabetes are at higher risk of developing 57 other health conditions along with a 9% increased risk of developing cancer.

Covid Corner

  • Despite the lifting of most covid restrictions in Ontario, Canada, the University of Waterloo has doubled down on jab mandates and fired 49 members of staff who have refused to comply with the University's jab dictats
  • Sweden, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Norway, Iceland, Slovenia, Bahrain, Jordan, Ireland, Hungary, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Montenegro, Curaçao, England, Aruba, Maldives, Mongolia, Moldova, Gabon, Yemen and Costa Rica have dropped all covid entry requirements for international travellers
  • A review of adverse event reporting databases in Japan, the US and EU, by Japanese researchers and published in Cureus, has revealed a peak in deaths within the 2 days following covid injections in older individuals
  • Polish researchers investigating the use of RAMAN imaging technology in cancer imaging have revealed a range of detrimental effects of mRNA covid jabs on mitochondria. The conclusions of the preprint study are highly concerning as they show the degradation of immune responses, along with glial cell death in the presence of the mRNA jabs in vitro
  • Moderna is seeking approval of its mRNA jab for children aged 6 months - 6 yrs in the USA
  • Members of the British medical establishment have come together under the banner of the Children's Covid Vaccine Advisory Council (CCVAC) to launch a lawsuit to oppose covid jabs for children aged 5-11 years in England. The same legal team are also working on a case to stop the roll out of jabs to children aged 12-15
  • The US Surgeon General is calling on people to share their experiences of health misinformation during the pandemic. The call does not specify sources of information leaving the field wide open for people to report on misinformation from both official and unofficial sources
  • The US state of Kansas has passed a bill that will allow the off-label prescribing of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of covid as well as requiring schools and childcare facilities to recognise religious exemptions from the jabs
  • The list of reasons for increased rates of heart attacks has just been added to, with the news that apparently, hotter Summer nights can increase the risk of suffering a heart attack in men aged 60-64
  • A US Court has extended protection from jab mandates in the US Navy. The order, which originally covered Navy Seals, has now been extended to protect around 4,000 Navy members who have registered religious exemptions from being penalised in any way for their refusal to be jabbed
  • People opposing covid restrictions are being arrested across the globe. In Italy, Dr Guiseppe Delicati has been arrested and accused of spreading misinformation. French attorney Virginie de Araujo Recchia, who has been working Dr Reiner Fuellmich, has been arrested and charged with treason, while in The Netherlands activist, Willem Engel, has been arrested for posting 'incendiary' anti-covid messages on social media. Engel has now been released but has been banned from posting on social media or he will be jailed for 90 days
  • Proposed jab mandate bills in California have now been put on hold, allegedly due to the changing nature of the coronavirus crisis. Meanwhile, the US Senate has just voted to repeal mask mandates on public transport.


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