As so many around the world find themselves locked in the grip of fear, our latest video looks at the impact that negative emotions, persistently felt, have on our physiology - and some simple solutions for getting unstuck.

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The large, highly differentiated brain of Homo sapiens sapiens sets us apart from other mammals and has been the main reason we have been able to adapt, innovate and exploit such a diverse range of environments - often to our exclusive advantage. But having such a powerhouse of a creative brain also means that our thoughts, emotions and subconscious programming exert powerful physiological effects on our bodies. We can literally change our biology by changing the way we think and by altering the focus of our consciousness.

Finding yourself being persistently driven by emotions such as fear, anxiety, worry and panic will trigger your stress axis, engage your survival strategies of fight, flight or freeze and alter your blood chemistry. All good strategies for short-term deployment in crises to aid survival, but not for prolonged periods and certainly not when you need your immune system to be working optimally. Somewhat poignant given our current situation, the biochemical messages released within us during prolonged stress suppress the immune system leaving us with a heightened risk of viral and other infections.

Our health depends on our immunological, metabolic and psychological flexibility creating an interlinking circular flow. Each system is connected and each enhances the function of the other, but given the size and power of our brains - our thoughts and creative intentions are powerful enough to impact every cell in the body. We are anything but health victims because our thoughts hold such enormous power. No one can tell us how to think - the thoughts we choose are all our own. This is how small groups of people manage to make such enormous change.

Fear renders one powerless. However, knowledge and education are empowering. Let’s all make a conscious decision to turn our thoughts in a positive direction and support ourselves and our wider community — our global family — as we return to vibrant, resilient, immunological, metabolic and physiological health.

As night turns to day, every cloud has a silver lining, every crisis brings a gift. Perhaps the gift of this pandemic is allowing us to re-think and re-create our health, our environmental impact, our single global family and the collective, connected, effort that we must all undertake to reach a post-pandemic world – whilst not forgetting to keep our wits about us and our health sovereignty, rights and freedoms intact!

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