Doctors for truth movement goes global speaking out against pandemic rhetoric

A growing number of doctors around the world are joining the ranks of medics willing to stand up and speak out against the pandemic information the public is being told. From the way data related to the coronavirus pandemic is being recorded and presented to the treatments and even the way the disease is presenting, a growing number of doctors are finding that they can’t maintain silence in the face of the Hippocratic Oath they took. In Madrid, the Doctors for Truth Association held a press conference to expose the harm being caused by the misrepresentation of data related to covid-19 globally. In Germany the Covid-19 Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee put out a powerful message challenging the measures brought in by the German government to combat covid-19 saying, “We have serious doubts that these measures are proportionate” and questioning the constant pushing of vaccines as the only way to combat the virus. In the UK, the Doctors Speak Out protest is planned for Saturday 29th August in London. It is heartening to see more and more citizens, doctors and scientists bravely standing up to demand the truth about the pandemic and question the vilification of international scientists who are branded as liars, charlatans or conspiracy theorists for questioning the harmful narrative perpetuated around the world. We live in interesting times as the divide widens between those who are prepared to question what we are being force fed by the mainstream media and those who are willingly acquiescing to every mandate. In the end, we all need to remember that we do indeed have a choice.

The bad and the ugly of draconian pandemic restrictions

The wearing of masks is damaging oral health. Dentists in the US have dubbed the new condition ‘mask mouth’ which causes bad breath, gum inflammation, cavities and a heightened risk of periodontal disease, as well as oral microbiome dysbiosis. The condition is thought to develop because most people mouth breathe while wearing a mask. This dries out the delicate membranes of the mouth and can lead to the development of serious gum disease. Yet another unseen consequence of a supposedly protective measure that’s actually more damaging for health. Less saliva production also means impaired digestion and less protection for the proliferation of bad bacteria in the mouth.

In Melbourne, Australia, oppressive measures brought in to control the ongoing spread of coronavirus have resulted in multiple reports of police brutality. In one incident a woman was pinned to the ground and cuffed leaving her battered and bruised for allegedly breaking covid restrictions. Dramatic footage of a second incident shows a young woman being grabbed around the throat by a male officer and then manhandled to the floor after she was challenged for not wearing a mask and refusing to answer questions. It clearly emerges that she had a valid medical exemption for not wearing a mask, yet the officer doesn’t stop. Citizens of Victoria face punitive fines for breaking the rules as the region spirals further into what’s looking more and more like a totalitarian state.

In Thailand, young children are being forced into perspex boxes (with lids!) during playtimes and during lessons to lessen the spread of covid-19 as well as wearing masks. Just when children are at a critical stage of development such measures could result in children losing the ability to develop social norms, behaviours, facial recognition and normal communication. We have no way of knowing what the permanent consequences will be downstream, but there will be consequences.

Beat obesity to beat the virus

The covid-19 pandemic has stripped away any pretence that being overweight or obese doesn’t come with serious health risks. Those individuals who carry excess weight are putting themselves at significantly higher risk of becoming severely ill should they become infected by covid-19. As UK Prime minister, Boris Johnson, launches a new campaign to tackle obesity (despite his own weight issues), health journalist, Jerome Burne, tackles the notion that combatting the world’s obesity problem is as simple as cutting calories and increasing exercise. Following a well-trodden path, the UK government is working with organisations such as WeightWatchers to deliver programs that continue to rely on monstrously outdated low-calorie, low-fat diets, which our regular readers will know are doomed to failure in the long-term. If this approach were scientifically valid, we would not have seen the ravages of a moderately contagious, relatively low virulence virus closing down economies and wreaking such devastation. In the UK the Government is discussing options to beat a second wave including locking down obese individuals! In Canada, Obesity Canada and the Canadian Association of Bariatric Physicians and Surgeons have published new guidelines that describe obesity as a complex disease that cannot be dealt with by eating less and exercising more and recommending a paradigm shift in the way obesity is viewed and treated, which is a huge step forward. Obesity is a global issue and needs to be addressed by the latest science and research and stop paying lip service to the Big Food lobby. Recent experience has shown that we can no longer push obesity under the carpet when it’s openly acknowledged to be the underlying cause of so many unnecessary deaths, not just from coronavirus but also a raft of chronic diseases.

UK Government seeks to prevent cancer patients from choosing natural health treatments

The Cancer Act in the UK prevents the advertising of treatments for cancer patients that are outside of the mainstream medical system. A report in the Sunday Telegraph reveals that discussions are taking place in government that could prevent cancer sufferers from consulting non-medical health professionals or engaging in any additional diagnostic testing to help them deal with a highly stressful and challenging health crisis. A cross party group of MPs are proposing radical changes to the Cancer Act in order to protect people from ‘fake cancer treatments’ and ‘dodgy practitioners’. The potential tightening of already draconian regulations hinge on the notion that people should not be allowed to make decisions to support their health outside of mainstream healthcare settings when they develop cancer because they may die from the use of ‘fake treatments’. Yet there is no mention of the scores of people who die from properly prescribed and administered conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Stripping away an individual’s choice in how they choose to deal with a potentially life-threatening illness contravenes both their basic human rights and civil liberties. Such measures add to the increasingly authoritarian restrictions ushered in by the current pandemic and should be robustly countered.

News in Brief

Going organic reduces pesticide load

A new study published in Environmental Research has found that switching to an organic diet can cut levels of glyphosate excreted in urine by more than 70 percent. Although the sample size was small, the study is important as it demonstrates that exposure to pesticides can be significantly reduced by individual actions that are not reliant on regulatory actions.

Menopause causes female GPs to retire early

A concerning new report from the British Medical Association (BMA) highlights the lack of support for women doctors transitioning through menopause. Many female doctors responded to the survey saying they are not being given the support they need to deal with what, for some, can bring debilitating symptoms. Sadly this is an all too common scenario for many women, not just in the UK, which need not happen given the range of natural health options now available, including dietary and lifestyle changes and the use of bioidentical hormones, all too often dismissed by mainstream medical practitioners.

Use of antidepressants during pregnancy causes birth defects

A new study published in JAMA Psychiatry has found that using selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRIs) antidepressants in early pregnancy increases the risk of babies suffering from birth defects such as heart defects, spina bifida and cleft palate. The use of pharmaceuticals in pregnancy has increased dramatically in recent years despite there being little evidence of their safety for such use. 

The power of placebos

Placebos provide powerful benefits to patients. That’s the finding of a new study published in Nature Communications. The new research supports what is known as the placebo effect even when patients are aware they are taking a placebo. Yet more evidence of the power of the human mind to heal itself and our body without the use of powerful drugs that come with a plethora of damaging side-effects.

Doctors and scientists call for moratorium on 5G in the US

More than 700 medical and scientific professionals have signed a letter calling on the US Federal Communications Commission to put a moratorium on the approval of high spectrum bands for 5G commercial use until its effects on humans, wildlife and the environment have been independently checked.

Campaigners increase opposition to Golden Rice

In a new twist to the Golden Rice saga Big Agri companies are now pushing it as a solution to dealing with malnutrion in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The Stop Golden Rice Network is ramping up its opposition to the genetically modified crop saying that Golden Rice “…is simply a ‘band-aid’ solution” to issues of hunger and poverty in the region and that the introduction of Golden Rice will “..strengthen the grip of corporations over rice and agriculture and will endanger agrobiodiversity and people’s health”.