Pressure on governments to support micronutrient use for covid increases

An open letter to governments, public health officials, doctors and healthcare workers, has been published calling for the use of high dose vitamin D to help reduce the risk of infections, severe disease, hospitalisations and deaths due to covid-19. The letter recommends a minimum daily intake of 4000 IU (100 mcg) be adopted along with higher amounts for shorter periods of time (where necessary) to bring individuals to an optimal serum level of 25(OH)D. A new petition has also been launched recently calling for governments and health authorities to focus on improving people’s immune resilience using vitamins C & D and zinc supplementation. The continued dismissal of the importance of supporting immune system health by governments and health authorities worldwide is now verging on the criminal, particularly when such recommendations could have markedly reduced the supposed deadliness of covid-19 for so many.

Ayurveda research project

The Ayurvedic Medicine Research IniTiative (AMRIT) is a unique independent research project open to all Ayurvedic practitioners, therapists, diet and lifestyle consultants and doctors practicing Ayurveda in the UK. It’s the first national, practice-based, research project to map the landscape of Ayurvedic patient care in the UK. The project has been initiated and funded by the Ayurvedic Professionals Association UK (APA), working in collaboration with the Australian Research Centre for Complementary and Integrative Medicine (ARCCIM). AMRIT aims to understand who Ayurvedic professionals are, why people seek Ayurveda and how Ayurvedic professionals help their clients/patients. This unique research project will develop and co-ordinate the evidence-base for Ayurvedic medicine in the UK. If you’re an Ayurvedic practitioner and you haven’t yet participated, you have until the 31st December to take part. By demonstrating the scope and breadth of the use of Ayurveda the APA can further show clear evidence as to why and how Ayurvedic techniques are being used to support patient health in the UK. If you have any questions, please contact the APA on [email protected]

5G satellite petition

The 5G International Legal Action Network is calling for signatures to its Healthy Heavens Trust Declaration. The Declaration opposes the deployment of tens of thousands of low-orbit non-geostationary satellites around the world designed to provide a ‘seamless’ 5G service for the Internet of Things; essential to the success of the Great Reset. It calls on the Federal Communications Commissioners (FCC) for an urgent pause in all satellite launches and licensing until a full assessment of the safety and security risks is made. If the Declaration resonates with you, you can read it and sign as an individual or organisation here.

Coca-Cola’s dirty dealings exposed

Coco-Cola’s double dealings and efforts to misdirect questions regarding its role in driving the obesity epidemic have been laid bare in a new study published in Environmental Research and Public Health. Analysing email correspondence between a Coca-Cola vice president and prominent health figures, in relation to the 2012 and 2014 International Congresses of Physical Activity and Public Health (ICPAPH), the researchers expose the lengths to which the company was prepared to go to promote its own version of the truth. The study also questions whether current safeguards are strong enough to protect overall public health interests from ongoing crony capitalism.

GM pigs authorised in the US

The US Food & Drug Administration has approved the intentional genetic modification of domestic pigs, known as GalSafe pigs, for use in the human food chain and production of medicines, such as the blood-thinning drug heparin. It’s also envisioned the pigs could eventually be used to provide tissues and organs for transplants that resist rejection by their human recipients. The modification is designed to eliminate the alpha-gal sugar on the surface of the pigs’ cells to make the meat safe for people with Alpha-gal syndrome (AGS) to eat as they can have allergic reactions to alpha-gal found in beef, pork and lamb. Not only does the approval open an enormous can of worms in regard to the ethics of such use of animals, scientists are yet to show that genetic modification of animals is safe as experiments to date have resulted in unexpected and potentially harmful off target changes. At best the move is cavalier, at worst could come with serious consequences to human health.

UK citizens will not face restrictions for choosing not to be vaccinated

In response to suggestions UK citizens may be subjected to restrictions on their personal and private lives should they refuse a covid jab a petition was set up calling on the UK government to prevent restrictions of any such sort being introduced. To date the petition has garnered 325,813 signatures triggering a debate in Parliament. The concensus of those gathered was that citizens should not be subject to any restrictions if they choose not to be vaccinated and Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahari stated so called immunity/health passports would not be brought in. It's worth noting the debate did not take place in the main house, instead being held in Westminster Hall with a few chosen MPs in attendance. Given the current Government's propensity for u-turns it's anyone's guess how this particular issue will play out in the long term.

Glyphosate damages keystone species' DNA

The active ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, has been found to damage the DNA of keystone species. Researchers from Birmingham University publishing in Microbiome reveal the DNA of the water flea, Daphnia, that forms part of the lowest end of the food chain, is being damaged by exposure to tiny amounts of glyphosate, deemed safe by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Whilst such creatures may seem insignificant, they form the foundation of ecosystems and food chains. Damage at the bottom of a food web can result in a chain reaction with far-reaching consequences. The research reveals yet more evidence of the trailing disaster of synthetic biology on our precious planet and its resources.