Dr Michelle Perro is a renowned, California-based paediatrician of some 40 years standing. She began her career in acute care, where she went on to run an emergency department, and then to work with sexual assault and abuse victims, including children. But her professional life changed dramatically in 2006. A parent of a patient introduced her to the impact to a child’s health caused by environmental toxicants and genetically modified foods which ignited her deep passion for making change. Michelle Perro hasn’t looked back since.

Dr Perro’s book, What’s making our children sick?, co-authored with Vincanne Adams PhD in 2018, was prompted by her horror of the change in the landscape of children’s health. It offers a “bird’s eye view” of the effects of GMOs and associated pesticides on her patient’s health and what then goes wrong. Michelle is also a co-founder and executive director of GMO Science, a science-based website focusing on the relationships between genetic modification, environmental toxicants and health. You can also find her column, ‘Pediatric Pearls’, in the integrative journal, The Townsend Letter.

Dr Perro’s newest project is linked to the launch of a new website (www.drmichelleperro.com) expected in July 2021. The project will include a weekly zoom meeting aimed at empowering parents to take back the health of their children and community. Her intent is to reach more parents who need her support and vast expertise wherever they may be in the world. The new initiative will be a membership programme with barriers to access removed for the financially challenged.


"If I could use any meme for how children are today, I would say that sick is the new normal. And sick has become so commonplace that diseases that are indeed dis-eases have become normalised, such as chronic asthma, allergies, gut issues, neurologic issues - ADHD to autism spectrum disorders. And there are many others, obesity, metabolic disturbances and every other disorder is becoming normalised because they are so commonplace.”- Dr Michelle Perro


Science today is very good at looking at individual factors that may be contributing to children’s health issues, but they don’t look at the combined miasma of chemicals and radiation to which kids are now exposed. Every disorder mentioned has increased in recent decades and many are now at epidemic proportions. Have you noticed the difference between the kids of the ‘60s and ‘70s and those of today? They just don’t look the same anymore on the outside - and that's before you start looking at what might be happening within their bodies.

One of the few good things one might be able to say about the pandemic is that flawed science has been widely on display. Once people become more aware of this, it's not inconceivable that the current, almost ubiquitous, blind worship of science, regardless of its quality, the extent to which data have been massaged, or its biases, might become a thing of the past. 

Genetic engineering, gain of function & the V


"I have been concerned about genetic engineering from many perspectives. In terms of microbes, in terms of gain of function...We've been experimenting with microbes and making them more harmful for decades...We've done some pretty good damage... Trying to make organisms more lethal for warfare.
I don't mind sharing that I'm of the mindset that it's a genetically engineered organism. It doesn't act like a typical virus. It acts very uniquely.By the definition of what a vaccine is, these jabs are not vaccines. These are genetically produced compounds made with messenger RNA that then tells your DNA what to transcribe... Some of these medical interventions have been created using adenoviruses. Adenoviruses are common infections in kids... That they don't react with our own DNA is misguided."

- Dr Michelle Perro


Join us whilst Dr Perro shares a wealth of information in her very clear, ‘shoot-from-the-hip’, no messing style! Imagine what children's health would look like if all paediatricians were on a similar page?


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"When you look at the combination of environmental factors that children are exposed to and the tendency for denial by governments and industry that there’s a serious problem with health…”

- Robert Verkerk PhD

Cause & effect

All of the body systems work and communicate together forming a complex network. Unlike mainstream medical practitioners, integrative medicine physicians look at the body as a whole organism. A soul encased in a body.

Mainstream medicine is outdated and no longer relevant to the dangers facing our children today. No-one is looking at environmental toxicity nor are they looking at multiple exposures. There are very few data on the ‘toxic soup’ - the mixture of chemicals and human-made radiation sources - in the scientific literature.


“Mainstream medicine is outdated and no longer relevant to the dangers facing our children today. I'd say the leading cause of children's demise right now is the alterations to the microbiota, the microbiome."
- Dr Michelle Perro


Censorship & marginalisation

Because we are a threat to the corporatocracies, it’s created a neat way to package those who oppose its narrative and create doubt about the veracity of the message from anyone who dares to speak out. Creating fear and doubt in a person’s mind is the start of when you bring them over to your way of thinking.

Dr Perro says in the interview, "We as integrative medicine practitioners, particularly during this particular era in this last year, have been marginalised with our integrative tools. I think it's horrific how we've been marginalised to kind of promote a single-minded agenda and to discredit those of us that practice holistically. There has been a campaign to discredit and censor our group."

She says medical education hasn't changed much in 40 years because of the ownership by Big Pharma. MDs have the least knowledge of holistic health.

Dr Perro makes a strong call for us to take back our power. The big corporatocracies are doing everything they can to remove local control of local communities. Every citizen can become an activist. Every citizen can become their own scientist. Every citizen can become their own legislator. We need to come together to form a stronger voice. There is power in positive thinking. You brain changes your gut, your gut changes your brain. When you think that way your health will change.

She adds, "By keeping us separate, by keeping us masked, they're trying to stop us aligning... We have more power in groups and organising ourselves...We can do something!"


"That’s what we do at ANH. It’s all about bottom up. It’s all about empowerment. It’s all about change."

- Robert Verkerk PhD



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