Worldwide Rally for Freedom

If you believe everything the mainstream media shares (or not as the case may be), you might think a few hundred people turned out in London on Saturday 22nd January 2022, marching for freedom and to oppose covid jabs soon-to-be mandated for health and care workers. What you may have missed is that tens of thousands of people, including Melissa Smith, ANH's Outreach & Comms Officer with many ANH supporters, turned out in the UK, along with millions more around the globe. The combined call for for the end to covid related restrictions and jab mandates as part of the 6th Worldwide Rally for Freedom resounded around the world.

We feel the synchronised media censorship is a travesty of human rights. The voice of the people should be heard, so to illustrate the mood and passion of the freedom action last Saturday, here's a pastiche of clips from a small selection of the protests held in cities and towns the world over. To see so many people taking to the streets and standing up, not only for their rights, but the rights of everyone across the globe is powerful and moving. This an expression of the human desire for freedom and sovereignty, and is history in the making.

>>> Date for your diary: The next Worldwide demonstration will take place on the 19th and 20th March.

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Defeat the Mandates in DC

On Sunday 23rd January 2022, tens of thousands of Americans joined together in the heart of Washington DC in front of the Lincoln Memorial for the Defeat the Mandates DC event to show their growing frustrations over attempts to instigate vaccine mandates. The event, MC'd by comedian JP Sears, featured a stellar cast of speakers including Robert Kennedy Jr, Del Bigtree, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Pierre Kory, Dr Paul Marik and Dr Tess Lawrie of the World Council for Health. Many others added their voices to calls to stop the mass firing of people on account of their health choice and to stop the discrimination and segregation of people for making a personal medical choice and opting for their bodily autonomy.

The passion and dedication of the speakers was evident. We can't bring you the whole event so we've created a powerful selection of soundbites to give you a flavour of the day. The whole event is available to watch on the Children's Health Defence website.

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We need to continue to stand up for our rights. To capitulate is to give up.

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