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ANH founder Rob Verkerk recently joined Jeremy Brett on the Dean Mackin Show, on TNT Radio, to discuss concerns about some of the crucial issues that affect every one of us, as covid hysteria gathers pace as we move towards the northern hemisphere autumn and winter.

Among these, in the heavily censored world in which we now live, is how we communicate the real risks of mass covid-19 vaccination, brought to light in a recent publication of Cleveland Clinic employees that shows that multiple mRNA shots actually increase, not reduce, risk of covid-19 disease. An earlier study on the same cohort previously revealed that those who had had covid-19 already (i.e. most people), don't benefit from vaccination.

Last week, we released Geert Vanden Bossche's latest report that may represent the most detailed explanation of the likely mechanisms underlying these responses, responses that are at odds with the gung-ho "get yourself vaccinated to protect others" approach still being pushed, in the absence of good quality evidence, by health authorities. And the public is certainly not being told it's the policy of mass vaccination that appears to be driving disease — and not just covid-19; cancers and autoimmune disease included.  

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For a wide ranging discussion, covering everything from mRNA-induced vaccine mechanisms driving disease, through to global population trajectories, falling birth rates, health authority cover-ups, and PFAS contamination, check out Jeremy Brett's interview with Rob, linked below.  

Listen from 13:58 to Rob's conversation with Jeremy.

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