Did we hear you say you're struggling to find the time to read books or long articles these days?

Well, you've come to the right place! Our founder, Rob Verkerk PhD, last week published on our website a 7,500 word article  explaining how the scientific establishment is connecting with Big Everything (= Government, Pharma, Tech, Social, Media, etc) to demonise their version of 'scientific misinformation'. This is about protecting the status quo and avoiding any need to face scrutiny or engage in discourse.

What's more, ingeniously, they've found a way of making themselves immune from scientific misinformation, regardless of the quality or objectivity of their research, findings or conclusions.

That's a problem for science - and it's an even bigger problem for society and for each one of us.

>>> You can watch the video summary or listen to the podcast below — or read the full article here.

Watch the video

Video share link: https://odysee.com/@ANHInternational:5/230309_Trust_in_Science:0

Listen to the podcast


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