Vienna came alive with international, independent, journalists, scientists, doctors, lawyers and activists who have been in the frontline these last 3 years dealing with, what many of us regard as, the biggest distortion of science and human health in living memory.

As this distortion has been generated largely by communications through Old Big Media, including Big Social, parroting manipulated science courtesy of Big Pharma and Big Biotech, it was entirely fitting that Dr Maria Hubmer-Mogg and the other organisers opted to combine a media conference with the others areas of science, medicine, law and activism.

Our founder, Rob Verkerk PhD spoke 3 times - at the "Future of Medicine Today" event with Dr Stephan Becker and Jan Wellman, then on Panel 5, dealing with Big Pharma (see Rob's presentation below) and, finally, on the outdoor stage at the rally in the heart of the beautiful city of Vienna.

A pastiche video of various talks can be found below Rob's presentation.

Watch Rob Verkerk PhD's presentation: From Big Pharma-dominated disuse management to nature -based health regeneration

Vienna highlights

For other presentations from Vienna, please visit the World Council for Health's Newsroom and scroll down to the list of available videos to see the various presentations from the weekend.


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