Podcast: Thoughts about COVID and the word pandemic

For those that love a good podcast, Rob Verkerk PhD was welcomed to the Designed to Heal podcast with noted, Central Florida chiropractor, Dr Ben Rall. In a wide-ranging conversation, Rob shared his unique perspective on the current state of the world and the world’s response to the present pandemic. This is a frank and revealing discussion that we think should keep you riveted right to the end! Well worth a listen.

New Health-e-learning platform launched

A brand new Health eLearning platform has been launched by the UK charity founded by ANH friend, holistic doctor, teacher and author and executive health coach, Dr Rosy Daniel, The Health and Wellbeing Trust (HWT). The platform introduces a new way for doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals to access a range of online vocational courses to provide sustainable natural healthcare solutions designed for the 21st century. Amongst the teachers leading courses will be ANH founder Rob Verkerk PhD and executive coordinator Meleni Aldridge. It’s now more important than ever for healthcare professionals from across the spectrum to learn more about the power of natural health interventions and  how to empower individuals to take control of their own health to reduce the strain on overburdened health systems. Together and individually, we can create and regenerate health.

Empty drug pipeline to address antibiotic resistance

A new report from the World Health Organization highlights the ongoing failure of Big Pharma to develop badly needed alternatives to current antibiotics as the threat of antibiotic (antimicrobial) resistance grows ever more serious. The report reveals a product pipeline that is at a virtual standstill in terms of new products being approved by regulatory authorities. Very few if any of the products currently in the pipeline are able to effectively deal with increasing antimicrobial resistance to existing antibiotics. Many pharmaceutical companies have all but abandoned research into antibiotics leaving humanity teetering on the cliff edge of a future where antibiotics no longer work and even minor infections could kill. It is also a huge opportunity for natural products, especially herbal products and micronutrients that help enhance immune resilience. It’s now more important than ever that we support our immune systems to fight infections naturally and in turn reduce our reliance on the ever dwindling supply of available pharmaceutical options.

The sounds of nature reduce pain and stress

A new study has found that taking a walk outside and enjoying the sounds of nature is super good for your health (we had to fein our surprise!) The researchers found the sound of water boosts positive emotions, while birdsong reduces stress levels. Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study highlights the lack of recognition among mainstream medics of the benefit of being in nature. Taking time to sit down quietly in nature, particularly wooded areas and tune into the sights and sounds of the environment around you, can bring as much benefit as meditation (scientifically demonstrated to work even when antidepressants don't). It's not just in our minds though - there's also the plant chemicals emitted by trees and other plants, some of which may be very beneficial to our health. So let's prioritise time in nature! The Forest Bathing Institute in the UK (and similar organisations elsewhere), offers guided Forest Bathing events to help you truly experience the wonders of nature and the healing it can bring.

Covid’s impact on children’s mental health

A UK parliamentary committee has warned the closing of children’s playground during the past year has helped to fuel a raft of mental health problems among children. The All Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood is calling for more resources to help children recover from the isolation of lockdowns. The impact of the pandemic on children's mental health is further highlighted by a new study, published in the Journal of Adolescent Health from researchers at the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP). The researchers document a significant rise in calls to Kids Helpline from children seeking help in 2020 due to the pandemic. In the US, a recent study published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned of the increase in children being taken to the emergency room due to mental health issues. In the UK, doctors have raised a red flag over an unprecedented increase in the number of children, some as young as 8, attending accident & emergency units due to attempted suicides or overdoses. Numbers have risen from a couple of times a week to the same number on a daily basis. The fear deliberately whipped up by governments around the world through the psychological manipulation of their citizens has significantly impacted the health and wellbeing of our precious young — who are our future. Without swift action to remedy the problems our children could be scarred for a lifetime and beyond.

Increase in pesticide toxicity harming insects

Despite the apparent reduction in the amount of pesticides used in US farming, the toxicity of those products has more than doubled in the last decade. Researchers publishing in Science found that despite reduced use of pesticides, the shift towards the use of pyrethroid and neonicotinoids pesticides has increased toxicity to non-target organisms substantially. The study adds to concerns about the huge loss of insects and aquatic invertebrates over the past few decades, as well as challenging claims made by Big Ag that there has been a decrease in the environmental impacts of pesticide use. With the introduction of mRNA pesticides, we enter deeper into the world of the unknown, in the process often casting aside well-proven systems of sustainable, low-input, regenerative agriculture that is less able to draw funding and investment from governments, Big Ag and Big Food. 

5G challenge lodged in High Court

A challenge against the implementation of 5G technology in the UK has been lodged with the High Court. The action headed by Michael Mansfield, QC, is supported by doctors, scientists and engineers all of whom are opposing the increased emissions from 5G transmitters, which have the potential to cause serious and irreversible damage to the health of individuals and the environment alike. The action calls for proper independent review of all available science into the health risks posed by the technology, an informed debate on the consequences of imposing 5G technology on humans and the environment, undertaking a comprehensive environment risk assessment and implementing new guidance on, and regulation and monitoring of emissions in order to protect individuals and the environment.

If you need reminding just how many satellites have been launched since large parts of the world were put in lockdown in 2020, check out the records from the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs that we graphed in our Revisiting the Great Reset piece in February. 


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