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  • Plants, insects, health and sustainability

    13 September 2017

    Dr Vijay Murthy interviews Rob Verkerk and asks about the best diets for ecological and health sustainability

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  • Natural News Roundup (week 34/2022)

    24 August 2022

    Children prefer 'natural' foods; Should we all be eating insects?; Natural interventions for dementia & Alzheimer's; Leukaemia risk near fracking sites; Pesticides damage bee health

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  • News Alerts: Week 25, 2018

    20 June 2018

    Monsanto; Triclosan; HPV vaccine; Alzheimer’s disease; Sugar labelling; Disappearing insects; US Teens & alternative medicine; Drugs & Depression

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  • News Alerts: Week 48, 2017

    29 November 2017

    EU approves glyphosate re-licensing; ASA U-turn on Menopause Ruling; Are we facing a fertility crisis?; and Insects for dinner anyone?

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  • News Alerts: Week 34, 2018

    22 August 2018

    Coconut oil poison; Decline in US life expectancy; High dose vitamin D; Cancer busting veggies; Insects good for your gut; Swopping bee poisons; Water fluoridation=mass medication; Coercion to vaccinate

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  • Natural News Roundup (week 17/2022)

    27 April 2022

    Biodiversity loss impacting insect populations; Do humans possess nutritional wisdom?; Brisk walking improves biological age; Could EMFs contribute to Alzheimer’s development?; FDA to allow NAC supplements; Your gut bugs choose your food; Cancer isn’t just genetic

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  • News Alerts: Week 48, 2015

    25 November 2015

    New antibiotic resistance, drugs advertising ban, supplements improve behaviour, insect novel food applications, GMO labeling petition, Professor Noakes trial

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  • News Alerts: Week 02, 2020

    08 January 2020

    5G protest day; Golden rice approval; US obesity rates set to soar; Organic farming futureproofs soil; Roadmap to insect recovery; UK eating disorder hospital admissions rise; UK GP numbers crisis; Bayer/Monsanto calls in big guns

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  • News Alerts: Week 03, 2021

    20 January 2021

    Ivermectin approved in US, To mask or not?; Gut health linked to covid-19 severity; Natural immunity protective against covid-19; Regenerative agriculture takes centre stage; Did SARS-CoV-2 escape from a lab?; Covid-19 and natural treatments; Grub up!

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  • Natural News Roundup (week 19/2022)

    12 May 2022

    Regenerating agriculture; EU opens back door to gene editing; Fast food fuels EU obesity crisis; Poor sleep hinders weight maintenance; Antibiotic use damages children's microbiome; Menopause - do women need HRT?; Sharp drop in UK bug numbers; Attack on US supplement market; When moo (juice) becomes taboo!

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