Last week we gave you Part 1 of our Obesity Fix video – this week, we give you Part 2, the Drug Free Obesity Fix. Government authorities still seem to be convinced you can eliminate the obesity crisis by telling people to eat a few less calories a day. They’ve been telling us that for years, and it’s done nothing to shrink our waistlines! The evidence suggests obesity is a lot more complex than ‘too many calories in, and too few out’.

The trick is about learning to fix our broken metabolic engines! This means doing things we’ve evolved to do during the last few tens of thousands of years of our evolution – and that doesn’t mean eating 3 meals a day, snacking in between and being sedentary for hours and hours each day! It doesn’t cost money, it doesn’t involve drugs, and it means Big Food will do less business. But the rest of us will be the winners.

In our latest video, we can’t do more than just give you the basics. But for many people, it’s enough to get them started. To find out more follow the link at the end, look up ‘keto-adaptation’ and ‘metabolic flexibility’ in the search function on our website – and if your engine, or the engine of someone close to you needs fixing, you can point them to our two videos The Obesity Fix - Part 1 and The Obesity Fix Part 2 as a starting point!

Enjoy your journey to full keto-adaption and metabolic flexibility – it’s what we were designed to do!

Click here to view 'The Obesity Fix part 1'