Join the discussion in Westminster at the All Party Parliamentary Group for Integrated Healthcare; 6 December 2016, Houses of Parliament, 6 pm.

Our healthcare system is in crisis. At our time of greatest need, more and more of us will either face longer and longer waiting lists for treatment or we won’t be able to access the best available treatments — that for most chronic conditions require multi-therapeutic and integrated approaches.

Brexit offers both opportunities and challenges. Based on the referendum result, it’s in the public’s interest, as well as that of future generations, to form a united force that ensures both the Parliament and the Government act in our best interests.

At next week’s All Party Parliamentary Group for Integrated Healthcare meeting, Executive director of the Alliance for Natural Health, Robert Verkerk PhD, will set out an approach for negotiating a new legislative framework for integrated and health sustainability that empowers the individual, revitalises local food producers and lifestyle service providers, and has the capacity to transform health outcomes. Such an approach requires a clean break from some of the draconian and irrational EU laws that have worked to limit the capacity both of the individual in terms of his or her access to integrated healthcare, and of doctors and other health professionals as they guide individuals in the course of their health journeys.


There’ll be plenty of opportunity for discussion and it is hoped that a working group with diverse representation can be established to ensure the best interests of the public and the integrated health community is full taken into account during the Brexit negotiation process.

Please contact Matthew Williams at [email protected] if you would like to attend.