Rob Verkerk PhD presents

Join ANH founder, executive and scientific director, Rob Verkerk PhD, on Friday 21st on the Green Stage 1 at 11.30am:

Hone your gut-brain connection

Your gut is the most important interface between you and the outside world. Your food is the most important part of the external environment with which you and your genes interact. Your vagus nerve means your gut and brain are intimately connected. Using deep insights about these interconnections, Rob Verkerk PhD takes your through a unique six step process that will help you improve gut permeability, restore healthy gut microbial communities, balance neurotransmitters, personalise your diet, and establish balance in your autonomic nervous system and good vagal tone.

Rob's second presentation will take place on the Blue Stage at 12.30pm on Sunday 23rd:

The low carb evolutionary eating plan to prevent diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer’s

Is low carb high fat or LCHF a new fad? Some think so - but an ever-growing number don’t. One of them is Rob Verkerk PhD - a leading expert on the subject. Modern diets have changed so much and we've become overly dependent on ultra-processed carbohydrates - whether wholegrain or in highly refined forms. The systems that control appetite regulation as well as energy use and storage have got messed up, making a mockery of government edicts to count and cut down calories. Reducing your carbs benefits most people, but only when you consume the right forms of carbs, the right fats, ample fibre and sufficient micronutrients - in the right amounts, at the right times! Rob Verkerk offers you all the hacks you'll need to experience LCHF at its best. You'll gain a new level of metabolic flexibility and resilience by tapping into your evolutionary heritage.

Meleni Aldridge presents

Executive coordinator, Meleni Aldridge BSc Nutr Med, Dip cPNI, will be speaking on Friday 21st at 12.30pm on the Blue Stage:

Nature’s own thyroid fix – Turn your thyroid into a world-class conductor of your hormonal and metabolic orchestra

The thyroid gland and its hormones are an essential part of our genetic blueprint... in fact, you could say that they’re responsible for making us Homo sapiens. Yet thyroid imbalance is becoming commonplace today and too many are needlessly suffering. Whether you’re tired and low in energy or moving down an autoimmune pathway, you can do so much more for your thyroid health with nutrition and lifestyle than you know. Meleni is not only an experienced practitioner of some 30 years, she has also triumphed over her own autoimmune thyroid journey. Come and hear Meleni outline simple and practical techniques to help you work with your genetic blueprint, not against it. In the process, not only can you regain your vitality and zest for life, but you can also reinstate your thyroid to its rightful place as the conductor of your orchestra.

Meleni will also be speaking on Sun 23rd at 2.30pm on the Green Stage:

Autoimmune disease: stop your body turning on itself

Autoimmune disease used to be extremely rare. But there are now over 80 described autoimmune diseases and the number is growing fast. In the USA, healthcare dollars spent on treatment has already eclipsed that on cancer and it's a priority health topic on internet searches, such is the desire for those seeking solutions. But what can we do to stop our bodies from turning on themselves? As a nutritional and psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) practitioner who has herself spent over 30 years understanding her own autoimmune disease, while in the process helping many others, Meleni will take you on a fascinating and potentially life-changing journey. You'll learn about the importance of early life trauma and molecular mimicry, as well as how to remove common triggers and mediators for this complex group of diseases.

The rest of the ANH team will be there on stand 244. Come and say Hi, we love to meet our supporters in person!