ANH founder, executive and scientific Director Rob Verkerk PhD joins an international line-up of speakers in Amsterdam. His talk "Co-creating multi-system human and planetary resilience with nature" will focus on using ecology, campaigns and activism for transformation

The overarching theme of the meeting will be “Rewilding Spaceship Earth: from Microbes to Mammoths, Music and More”, to underscores the imperative for creative ecological solutions for the global challenges we face in all systems and all scales with advancing global urbanization – for personalenvironmentaleconomic and societal health alike. The agenda continues to address strategies to overcome global ‘dysbiotic drift’ – life in distress - on every level, bringing together diverse perspectives from across many dimensions of the arts and the sciences, as speakers explore novel solutions and new normative values. ​

Sessions will cover diverse perspectives pertaining to this, as reflected in the broad ranging abstract categories :

  • Lifestyle health and Personal Ecology: including nutrition, activity, sleep, mindfulness, and other behaviors (and/or interventions) that influence personal ecology and wellness
  • The Health of Societies and Systems: including the wider social, cultural and economic determinants of health, epidemiology, anthropology, and public health. 
  • The Health of Environments on all scales: including natural and built environments, any and all dimensions of the ‘total exposome’ and interventions to improve these, including approaches to ‘rewilding’.
  • Microbial Systems: Including microbiome ecosystems in humans, animals, diverse environmental systems, impact of human activity, antibiotics, and possible restorative interventions.
  • Developmental Origins: including work that specifically focus on developmental approaches, early interventions, life course trajectories and transgenerational perspectives 
  • Value Systems and Ideologies: including pathways, programs, philosophies, enablers, perspectives, mindsets and/or actions that promote personal, community, and/or planetary health
  • Tools and Platforms: including technology platforms, novel tools, statistics or models to facilitate research and/or health initiatives in any sector.

Rob Verkerk PhD is an internationally acclaimed, multi-disciplinary scientist with a 35-year background in environmental, sustainability, agricultural, nutritional and health sciences. He is also the founder, executive and scientific director of the Alliance for Natural Health Intl, a non-profit he founded 17 years ago.