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Natural News

  • A new study designed to show the effectiveness of HPV vaccines, published in Cell, has found use of the HPV vaccine has resulted in a reduction in vaccine targeted strains of HPV. However, it also reports that the gaps created by the elimination of the vaccine targeted strains, are being filled by other HPV strains, some which are linked to cancer onset, that are not targeted by the vaccines
  • UK regulators are promising to eliminate cervical cancer by 2040. How? By increasing the number of people given an HPV shot and undergoing cervical cancer screenings
  • Alzheimer’s disease is a complex disease caused by multiple factors, one of which is insulin resistance, leading to it being dubbed type 3 diabetes over a decade ago. Now a new study, published in PLOS Biology, using Drosophila flies, adds to the plethora of science supporting the existence of type 3 diabetes, confirming the link between diets high in sugar and refined carbs, insulin resistance as a driver of the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

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  • The presence of PFAS (forever chemicals) in pesticides has been largely overlooked by regulators according to a new report from the European Pesticide Action Network (PAN). The report reveals 12% of the synthetic active ingredients authorised for use in pesticides in the EU are PFAS chemicals. These are then deliberately used on agricultural crops contaminating crops, water and the environment. A risk that is little known by consumers.

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  • UK government advisors are recommending the chickenpox jab be added to the childhood schedule rather than continuing to promote natural immunity. The jab is currently only available to certain people. The UK's Joint Committee on Vaccine and Immunisation (JCVI) has previously recommended against the widespread use of the chickenpox jab as it might cause an increase in cases of shingles in adults
  • A detailed investigation by The BMJ, exposes serious shortcomings in the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) leading to red flags related to covid jabs being missed/ignored. The report reveals that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was asked to communicate potentially serious neurological reactions with doctors but the FDA professed not to see the importance of such communications. The authors also reveal a two tier system of recording – one for the public, and a private back-end recording, containing all subsequent communications about individual reports. The Defender has more
  • Antibiotic resistant bacteria are becoming an increasing issue. A recent preprint study has found a fermented polyherbal Ayurvedic preparation to be effective against Pseudomonas aeruginosa in burn wounds in rats. Not only did the preparation improve healing time, it also countered infection caused by multiple strains of antibiotic-resistant Pseudomonas
  • Increased consumption of ultra-processed foods (UPFs) is linked to a higher risk of developing cancer and cardiovascular disease. A new prospective cohort study, published in The Lancet Regional Health Europe, as part of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC), also found that UPF breads and cereals and plant-based meat alternative were not associated with increased risk. However, it’s important to note that the dietary assessments were conducted in the 1990s when the food landscape was significantly different, which makes it incredibly difficult to extrapolate the results to today and dismiss any potential risks associated with whole subsets of UPF foods
  • Campaigners fighting the introduction of the wholesale approval of gene edited organisms, now termed ‘precision bred organisms’, are calling for a key UK government consultation, published by the UK Food Standards Agency, to be withdrawn due to multiple breaches of government consultation principles and serious misrepresentation of the nature of ‘precision breeding’ and its supposed safety. Beyond GM has the full details. The GM Freeze team has also written a letter of complaint in regard to the timing of the consultation, which coincides with the Christmas break
  • B vitamin supplementation combats peripheral neuropathy. A new study from Indonesia, published in the Journal of Clinical & Experimental Pharmacology, shows the benefits of B vitamin supplementation in combatting peripheral neuropathy. The study was conducted by Proctor & Gamble and funded by Merck using a supplement combining B1, B6 and B12. The product used comes with a caveat that it should be used in conjunction with dietary and lifestyle changes
  • The Italian parliament has voted through a bill to ban synthetic food from being produced, sold or imported into the country. There’s been a huge backlash against the bill as Big Biotech hits back in an effort to protect and promote its new to nature ‘foods’ and investments leading to a rash of news reports attempting to put synthetic foods into a positive context
  • Glyphosate will be reapproved for continued use for an additional 10 years after the Standing Committee failed to reach a majority verdict on the proposal. The European Commission will now simply adopt the proposal to renew approval when it runs out next month
  • The NHS has formally announced the award of a tender worth millions of £ GBP to US company, Palantir, to create a Federated Data Platform, bringing together data from across the NHS into one enormous database. The NHS has rejected claims that the companies involved will be able to access the data and stated that patient data will be brought together in a different system, which potentially could be shared for research purposes to the highest bidder.

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  • Claims made in the latest UN ‘Production Gap Report’ that continued fossil fuel use could drive a 3 degree increase in global temperatures appears to have triggered a change in the language used by media. Intent on dialling up fear around climate issues, reporting has switched from using the term climate change to climate crisis. Once again the issue of biodiversity loss is overlooked as corporations and governments seek ways to gloss over the real issues facing Planet Earth due to human exploitation of its rich resources.

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News from ANH-USA

  • In an effort to persuade consumers to accept lab-grown meat, companies are creating products based on exotic or even extinct animals – anyone for Lion or Zebra burgers? Aggressive PR campaigns aim to demonise meat eating by wrongly suggesting all production of animal products is contributing to carbon emissions, conveniently neglecting to mention the vast emissions created by the reactors needed to ferment the new to nature proteins. Read more…
  • US regulators are refusing to regulate so-called ‘inert’ pesticide ingredients, which can be just as toxic to humans and the environment as the ‘active’ ingredients. Find out how you can get the EPA to protect the public and not Big Industry interests…

Covid News

  • Ex UK government scientific advisor, Sir Patrick Vallance, has told the UK covid enquiry that there is “no such thing as the science” because it is “a moving body of knowledge”. Sadly, he’s nearly four years too late with his comments and we wonder what they were following when they emphatically reminded us all almost daily that they "were following the science"...

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  • Plans to limit and reduce population growth in the coming decades are thrown into stark relief in a new Substack article from Igor Chudov, in which he reveals plans from an NGO called Earth4All, which is linked to the Club of Rome. The plans favour removing poverty so people naturally have fewer children, empower women so they become too busy to have lots of children and replacing economic growth with degrowth
  • Moderna’s attempts to control the ‘vaccine’ narrative during covid are exposed in an investigative exposé published in Unherd. The report brings Moderna misinformation reports and its active monitoring of millions of websites across 200 countries, into the glare of a very bright spotlight as it reveals Moderna’s concerns in relation to supposed misinformation around covid ‘vaccines’, that were legitimate discussions of concerns around it’s genetic covid jab. Key to its efforts to push the jabs and close down those critical of the technology is an industry funded NGO called, Public Good Projects, which worked closely with a wide range of stakeholders to counter those questioning the safety of the jabs, including feeding a network of healthcare providers with propaganda to feed to patients questioning the covid jabs. Unherd has the full story and Russell Brand comments on the revelations, which also included himself and Novak Djokovic who refused to be covid jabbed
  • Trust and Freedom aims to unite citizens across the European Union and wrest back the power being taken from the people by unelected institutions. Find out more about this European Union Community Initiative and how you can be a part of the change
  • Jessica Rose digs into VAERS data uncovering a worrying trend in miscarriages in women who received covid shots prior to becoming pregnant
  • UK MP, Andrew Bridgen, has organised a discussion in the UK Parliament to highlight the consequences of the pandemic along with the implications of the Pandemic Accord on the sovereignty of UK citizens. Joining Bridgen will be Dr Robert Malone, Dr Pierre Kory, Dr Ryan Cole, Prof Angus Dalgleish, Steve Kirsch and Dr David E Martin. There is also an associated petition that UK citizens can sign to end the UK's membership of the World Health Organization.
  • Criticise the UK government and you could find yourself with a secret government dossier and being prevented from speaking at government related events. The Guardian Observer has more.


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