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Natural News

  • As AI systems start to spread across a multitude of platforms, a sober warning has been issued about coming to rely on them due to the ability to corrupt and manipulate both them and the information that's used/shared by them through 'adversarial' attacks. The warning comes via a new paper (as yet unpublished) due to be presented at the Thirty Seventh Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems. Neuroscience News has more
  • Traditional healers in Nepal are pushing for recognition of their ancient Tibetan medicinal system, known as Sowa Rigpa, which uses ethnobotany and dates back more than 2000 years. The discipline is gradually disappearing as young people move away from traditional villages and traditional knowledge starts to diappear. The amchi, healers, are working with a university, NGO and the government to protect, promote and conserve Sowa Rigpa for future generations
  • A crucial vote in the EU Council, aimed at passing legislation that would’ve removed regulation of ‘new genomic techniques’ (NGTs) has been rejected. The pressure brought to bear on EU officials by the pro-GMO lobby is evidenced by lobby documents, obtained by the Corporate Europe Observatory, that show the Commission’s final proposal had been changed to further weaken it in favour of industry interests. GM Watch has the full story
  • As part of the pushback against the wholesale deregulation of new genomic techniques (NGTs) in the EU, multiple scientists have put their names to a joint statement expressing “…serious scientific concerns” about the proposals and the danger posed to human health, the environment and biodiversity. Meanwhile the Pesticide Action Network (PAN) has sent a letter to Prime Minister Tusk, expressing serious concern about reports that the Spanish Presidency is putting significant pressure on other member states to accept the proposals
  • The cost of dementia care in the UK is set to hit £1 billion per week by 2025 according to a member of the recently launched Geller Commission. The Commission has been created to investigate ways to reduce the pressure on the NHS caused by dementia patients. Once again, the need to educate the public on how to reduce the risk of developing dementia in the first place, which would significantly reduce the pressure on health services, is being ignored.

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  • One of the largest studies on plant-based diets in the German-speaking world, was kicked off at the beginning of December with a pilot study. The Cohort on PLANT-based diets (COPLANT) study is a collaborative project between the BfR, Max Rubner Institute (MRI), Research Institute for Plant-based Nutrition (IFPE) and various universities. It aims to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of plant-based nutrition and will include vegan (no animal products), vegetarian (no meat and fish, but dairy products and eggs), pescetarian (no meat, but fish) and omnivorous (mixed diet, including all possible animal products) diets
  • Are vegan diets healthier than those that include animal products? According to a new eight week, randomised clinical trial using twins, published in JAMA Network Open, they are. But how robust is the science? Not very, according to both Dr Ron Hoffman in his latest newsletter and Nina Teicholz. The independence of the lead researcher is called into question by both Hoffman and Teicholz as they reveal he’s a former vegan who’s the Director of the Stanford Plant-based Diet Initiative, which is lavishly funded by Beyond Meat. As Dr Hoffman so rightly says, “…any diet that dramatically restricts your food choices, delivers less delectable foods and prompts dramatic weight loss, will reduce your cardiovascular risk". Once again, despite the media headlines trumpeting success, the study doesn’t stand up to scrutiny or provide proof that plant-based diets will make you healthier or live longer.

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  • A year and a half after noticing a mistake in their calculations, the authors of an influential paper on sugar taxes, published in The BMJ, have retracted and republished the paper. The correction of the analysis error resulted in a significant difference in the reported reduction in sugar intake and the actual reduction, which was higher than originally reported.

News from ANH-USA

  • Two recent studies support the mantra ‘Let food by thy medicine’. However, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says if you publicly discuss the concept as food as medicine it becomes a drug! The team highlights the contradictions and calls for support for legislation that would allow dietary supplements to be bought by Americans using a range of health schemes. Find out more...

Covid News

  • The true extent and nature of Stanford’s Virality Project involvement in the censorship of covid related information, is exposed by a Freedom of Information request made by Matt Taibbi. Michael Shellenberger lays bare the extent of the lies, cover ups and censorship
  • A range of natural health therapies including dietary supplements, breathing techniques, vagus nerve stimulation and aromatherapy benefit patients with long covid, particularly those suffering from neuropsychiatric problems. A systematic review of randomised control trials (RCTs), published in Therapeutic Advances in Chronic Disease, concluded natural health therapies may be effective, safe and acceptable to long covid patients to help them deal with their condition
  • mRNA covid jabs can cause cells to produce ‘off-target’ proteins, which can trigger unintended immune responses. Researchers, publishing in Nature, have identified a sequence in the mRNA used in ‘vaccines’ that causes the problem and found a way to prevent such issues. The impact of such off target changes has been minimised, but the team involved in the study only tested 21 vaccinated people, who were deemed not to have experienced any ill-effects as result of the problem
  • The war against online ‘misinformation’ has just received a USD$5 million boost from the US Army. Partnering with the Collaboration for Social Media and Online Behavioural Studies (COSMOS) Research Center at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, the Army Research Office funded project aims to combat not only online disinformation but ‘cognitive threats’ that could be used to manipulate how and what people think

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  • Yet another university is stepping into the ring of online misinformation. This time it's Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center, which launched its Applied Social Media Lab recently, amply funded by non-profit Project Liberty (founded by billionaire Frank McCourt), which is also collaborating with other universities including Stanford and Georgetown. The aim of the project is to create a better internet through the development of a ‘governance infrastructure’, which you can bet your bottom dollar will include the subject of misinformation!
  • Covid ‘vaccines’ have been added to the childhood immunisation schedule by the Brazilian government for children aged 6 months to 5 years. The new policy takes effect from 2024. Scientists and doctors from around the world, including Geert Vanden-Bossche PhD, took part in a presentation held in the Chamber of Deputies, to express their concerns over the risks to children’s health of the addition of covid jabs to the childhood vaccine schedule
  • Austrian doctor, Dr Cornelia Tschanett, who administered thousands of covid jabs to her patients, is speaking out about adverse reactions following covid jabs in a new two-part documentary. In it she recounts the tsumani of adverse reactions in her vaccinated patients and her slow realisation of the harms of the jabs
  • A care worker in the UK, who was dismissed by his employer for refusing to covid jabbed, has won his unfair dismissal case. Mr Trotman was dismissed by his employer despite having an exemption certificate and proposed mandates not having been implemented. The case could be used to support other claimants' unfair dismissal cases
  • The US State Department is being sued over its censorship efforts through the Global Engagement Center (GEC) by the State of Texas, the Daily Wire and The Federalist. The lawsuit alleges the government agency funded technology designed to censor and bankrupt US based media outlets
  • Allegations that different batches of Pfizer/BioNTech covid jabs, dubbed ‘hot lots’, caused varying levels of adverse reactions has been corroborated in a letter to the editor, published in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation, from Schmeling et al. The letter hitting back at critics of the authors’ previous paper on the topic, reveals details of the first Periodic Safety Update Report (PSUR), submitted to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which appears to confirm the hot lot theory
  • Florida’s Surgeon General, Dr Joseph Ladapo, has sent a letter to the Commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), raising concerns over reports of DNA contamination of the Pfizer and Moderna covid jabs and its potential to integrate with human DNA. The letter asks pointed questions about what’s been done to evaluate the risks posed to human health due to such contamination
  • GAVI has announced that more than USD $1.8 billion has been made available to create the African Vaccine Manufacturing Accelerator (AVMA) to push the manufacturing of vaccines in Africa. Framed as a way for African countries to respond to future pandemics, the AVMA will make it easier for GAVI to push jabs on unsuspecting populations and line pharma pockets.


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