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Natural News

  • The Soil Association has issued a warning about a UK government ‘healthy eating’ tool, aimed at families and children, that’s actively promoting ultra-processed foods (UPFs) rather than encouraging healthy eating. The NHS Food Scanner App, like its predecessor the Be Food Smart app created as part of the Change4Life campaign, fails because it only considers the sugar, salt and saturated fat content of food. The Soil Association investigation found 80% of the products it tested that received the app’s ‘Good Choice’ badge were ultra-processed. The sad fact is up to 66% of UK and US children’s diets consist of UPFs putting children at significant risk of developing a range of chronic diseases as they grow. The real problem we have is the wide acceptance of ultra-processed convenience foods and the continued influence of Big Food in the design of Government Eating Guidelines. That's why we developed the ANH Food4Kids guidelines to provide information about the balance of nutrients that children require during critical stages of their growth and development to help them grow into vibrantly healthy adults
  • The risk of UPFs to health is highlighted in a new study from researchers at Imperial College’s School of Public Health. Monitoring participants from the UK Biobank over a 10 year period the researchers found that for every 10% increase in the amount of UPSs in an individual’s diet there was a 2% increased risk of developing cancer with a 19% increase of ovarian cancer in women. The risk of dying from cancer was also increased the greater the amount of UPFs eaten
  • A dangerous precedent has been set by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) as it caved to pressure from biotech companies to exempt in-vitro plant gene editing techniques. The ruling leaves a wide open backdoor to bring in GMO 2.0 techniques without regulatory oversight. In an extraordinary show of people power, Friends of the Earth Europe officially handed over a petition signed by more than 400,000 European citizens to the EU Commission asking it to protect their right to choose GMO free food
  • We’ve said for a long time, that food cooked from scratch using nutrient-dense wholefoods is a way better for our health than industrially prepared, and often partially, highly or even ultra-processed ready meals.Plus you can save money by cooking from scratch. A new study published in Public Health Nutrition confirms this, concluding that not only do ready meals lack nutrients they also have a greater impact on people’s wallets.
  • MEP, Michelle Rivasi, unveiled a new NGO, Europeans for Safe Connections (ESC), a coalition of European organisations opposing the introduction of 5G, in the European Parliament this week. As part of the launch ESC shared a major action alert to raise awareness of the need to take immediate action against the continued onslaught of emissions from wireless radiation. European citizens have until the end of March to support the petition to Stop 5G in Europe
  • The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has announced it will be taking part in the Scientific-Based Exposure and Risk Assessment of Radiofrequency and Millimetre-Wave Systems (SEAWave) project to develop tools to evaluate the risks to health posed by 5G. The results of the project won’t be released until 2025. The Children’s Health Defense team has more
  • Bank of England (BOE) has announced plans to create a digital pound that could be in use by the end of the decade. The BOE has published a consultation asking for the views of the public, industry and experts. It’s essential we keep cash alive and stop the introduction of digital currencies that could see the end of our freedom to spend and save our money as we want to.


Covid News Beat

  • Since early on in the covid pandemic questions have been asked about an exponential rise in the use of a powerful sedative, midazolam, often used as part of end-of-life pathways, in UK care homes. Data from the Open Prescribing website, showing GP prescriptions, has emerged showing a massive spike in prescriptions for midazolam in early 2020 adding to speculation that many covid deaths may not have been due to covid. That's one that the then UK health secretary Matt Hancock almost certainly knew about, but likely covered up 
  • Eminent Japanese doctor and scientist, Dr. Masanori Fukushima, has filed a lawsuit against the Japanese government for covering up covid jab harms. He said during a Press Conference that the basis for continued covid shots no longer exists. The full version of Dr Fukushima’s conference in Japanese can be found here
  • Mexican researchers (with whom we at ANH have collaborated) publishing in Medical Hypotheses are calling for urgent investigation into the safety of covid injections after they raised a red flag over the jabs’ ability to trigger chronic autoinflammation, autoimmunity and cancer. If their hypothesis was to be confirmed, they say “…the implications for public health would be staggering and appalling…” because it is in effect a ticking time bomb
  • UK campaign group Us for Them has held Pfizer and its CEO Dr Albert Bourla to account after he misled the public on the benefits of its covid jab for children. The complaint to the UK Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA) was largely upheld by the PMCPA but there were little or no consequences meted out to Prizer or its CEO by a regulator funded by the very industry its supposed to regulate. The BBC article and interview with Bourla that triggered the complaint, remain available on the BBC's website despite the ruling
  • Supplementing with vitamin D reduces the risk of being admitted to the ICU and dying due to covid according to a new meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis published in Pharmaceutical. This short analysis by Dr John Campbell, is worth a watch as he breaks down the results of the study in his own inimitable way
  • French campaign group, Oú est mon Cycle, has launched a petition calling on the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) to investigate the impact of covid vaccines on women’s menstrual cycles following many reports of issues following covid injections
  • More and more UK councils are turning their attention to achieving ‘Net Zero’ using strategies such as 15-minute and 20-minute cities, supposedley designed to combat 'climate change'. The latest organisation to come to light is a coalition of UK councils called UK:100. Dig a bit deeper and it’s no surprise to see UK:100 has entered into an alliance with C40 Cities
  • An International conference, Pandemic Strategies: Lessons and Consequences, took place in Sweden at the end of January, although you won’t have heard about it on MSM. The conference featured well known doctors and scientists who’ve been instrumental in opposing covid restrictions including speakers from the Physicians’ Appeal, Dr Meryl Nass, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Aseem Malhotra, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Geert Van Den Bossche, Dr Jessica Rose, Dr Arne Burkhardt and Dr Pierre Kory amongst others. If you missed the conference you can watch the recordings here
  • People globally are being prepared and nudged to make them ready to accept digital currencies controlled by governments and central banks that have the potential to control how and when you spend your money down to the tiniest detail. Cash is Freedom is a UK based initiative set up to promote the continued use of cash and oppose CBDCs. It’s up to us to stop this happening by working together!
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a zero draft of its international pandemic treaty which, if ratified, would give it new powers to direct governments to deal with “false, misleading, misinformation or disinformation” if ratified
  • Off-label use of drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, in the US could be severely restricted under a little noticed provision added to the US government’s appropriations bill for 2023
  • A study published in 2021 in International Immunopharmacology is making waves after it surfaced recently. It found a compound know as IgY found in egg yolks blocks ACE2 receptors so the SARS-CoV-2 virus can’t dock, effectively neutralising the virus. It may just be coincidence but a number of large egg producers have experienced fires at their facilities recently…. here and here
  • Serious doubt has been cast over the authenticity of certain tests carried out by Pfizer and BioNTech as part of the approval process for its covid jab as Western Blots are found to be ‘fake’. A Tweet from Hélène Banoun shares a link to documents released by Pfizer that contain real Western blots, which should have triggered further investigations by the approving authorities
  • Vaccines for most respiratory viruses don't work to control the viruses they're targeted at. A new study, co-authored by none other than Dr Anthony Fauci, published in Cell, admits vaccines couldn’t have reasonably been expected to get the coronavirus pandemic under control
  • The US government has announced it will end the covid Public Health Emergency on May 11. A bill that would end the covid jab requirement for travellers entering the US passed the house this week
  • The UK Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) has published a new report. Its authors present it as a useful “guide” toward building “a net zero society,” yet it promotes and sets out, various forms of psychological manipulation of people in order to achieve 'net zero'. Sound familiar?
  • New ICD-10 codes (see p.31) have been created by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to track people’s covid jab status. They include codes for “Unvaccinated for COVID-19”, “Partially Vaccinated For COVID-19” and “other underimmunization status”
  • A lawsuit filed against Dr Peter McCullough by his former employer, Baylor Scott and White Health system, for bringing it into disrepute after he spoke out against covid restrictions, has been thrown out of court. In response to the ruling, Dr McCullough said “This is a strong victory for freedom of speech…”
  • The Nobel Prize will be hosting a summit entitled ‘Truth, Trust and Hope’ in May. The purpose of the summit is to discuss the drop in trust of science over the past 3 years due to the amount of mis- and disinformation and seek ways of restoring trust and confidence in science. We wonder if any of the participants will assert the view that it is the strategy to curb misinformation itself, which includes cancel culture and the marginalisation of experts, that has broken so much public trust in science! 
  • News that covid antiviral Molnupiravir could be driving the development of covid variants has hit mainstream science after an article was published in Nature News
  • An Open letter has been sent to the British Heart Foundation calling for a full and independent investigation into allegations made by MP Andrew Bidgen, that the BHF has withheld data relating to cardiac harms caused by covid jabs. The letter is the result of a collaboration between HART, Doctors for Patients UK and the UK Medical Freedom Association (UKMFA)
  • HART has additionally sent an Open letter to the UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) calling for an immediate safety review of covid jabs after new data revealed the risk/benefit of adverse reactions from the covid booster shots was far in excess of the risk from covid infection.


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