There appears to be an increasing desperation behind the authoritarian measures being imposed and threatened. Nooses are tightening, citizen controls expanding in many countries as liberties are removed. But the resistance movement is very much alive and well and showing no signs of backing down.

People continually proving that together we are stronger and can certainly overcome the challenges being presented. Citizens will prevail. There is everything to play for.

Covid coercion

  • In the UK, the government is looking to renew the Coronavirus Act in order to continue its ability to impose authoritarian
    restrictions on UK citizens. The vote is due to take place on the 19th October so there is limited time to get your voice heard. If you don’t support yet another renewal of such powers that are likely to result in the introduction of vaccine passports and more removal of freedoms, there is a petition circulating. You can find it here
  • Canada has taken another giant leap towards totalitarian rule with the announcement that citizens will need to be fully vaccinated in order to fly, travel by inter-provincial train or go on a cruise ship. The announcement also establishes a requirement for businesses in the air, rail and marine sectors to mandate vaccination for their employees. Those that refuse to be vaccinated will be forced to take unpaid leave unless they have a medical exemption
  • Having initially eschewed the use of vaccine passports, a state in Ontario has taken things even further by banning people who are unvaccinated from getting married
  • As the politics around covid becomes ever murkier and polluted, MPs in Victoria, Australia, are reportedly going to be banned from voting and entering Parliament for refusing to be jabbed or disclosing their vaccination status
  • Desperate governments in Europe are withdrawing free lateral flow tests (LFT) in an effort to nudge those who choose not to be injected into abandoning their position. In the UK, the government is proposing the withdrawal of tests under the guise of saving money. In France, those who are vaccinated will continue to enjoy free testing, but dare to remain unvaccinated and you will have to pay. Germany scrapped free LFT tests on the 11th October as part of efforts to increase levels of vaccination
  • In complete contrast, Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, has issued an executive order prohibiting any entity from compelling people, whether they’re an employee or customer, to be injected against covid-19. Governor Abbott said the ‘vaccines’ “should remain voluntary and never forced”.

Jabs and kids

Pfizer is planning to apply for authorisation to vaccinate babies in the coming weeks. It has already applied for emergency approval to vaccine children aged 5-11 based on data collected over mere months. The data has not been made publicly available, instead the announcement has been made via a press release once again.

People pushback

  • Sixteen university athletes in Western Michigan in the US have won another round in their legal battle against vaccine mandates. The Court upheld their complaint that by ignoring their religious exemptions the university had violated their First Amendment rights
  • University of California (UCLA) anesthesiologist, Dr Chris Rake, has been placed on unpaid administrative leave after refusing to be covid vaccinated or request an exemption. In an extraordinary display of strength, Dr Rake filmed himself as he was escorted from the building saying “I’m willing to lose everything […] even my life” as he stands up for his beliefs and freedoms
  • In Canada, Dr Daniel Nagase has lost his job after treating seriously ill covid patients with ivermectin, two of whom were responding well to its use. Following his removal, the use of ivermectin and other medications used by Dr Nagase to treat his patients were withdrawn. Rather than stay silent Dr Nagase has gone public to highlight the continued denial of life-saving treatments to covid patients. Also in Canada, up to 600 doctors could be suspended from practice for taking a stance and not complying with vaccine mandates
  • Firefighters in Los Angeles are suing the city over vaccine mandates — 871 firefighters have now joined the lawsuit saying they’ve previously had covid or citing concerns about the potential harms from the ‘vaccines’
  • Healthcare workers in New York State have won a preliminary injunction against the state’s attempt to remove their right to religious exemptions from covid injections. The injunction prevents the Department of Health from enforcing any requirement that denies or revokes the right to religious exemptions from covid vaccination
  • Southwest Airlines pilots are reported to have instigated a ‘sick out’ resulting in thousands of flights being cancelled last weekend. The move comes as part of the pushback against mandated vaccines brought in by the airline. The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association is also suing the airline over the mandates. Needless to say the airline has done its best to dismiss the claims to little effect
  • An open letter has been sent to Canadian officials in Okanagan Valley by a group of health professionals concerned about the severe harms caused by covid-19 restrictions and vaccines. In it, the signatories state they are standing against coercing people to accept an experimental medical treatment and that they are pro-science, pro-transparency, pro-choice, pro-informed consent and pro-unity. The letter authors call on concerned Canadian citizens to share the letter widely
  • The Los Angeles County Sheriff has said he will not risk losing hundreds of his officers by enforcing vaccine mandates after City chiefs brought in one of the strictest requirements in the US
  • Reports from Italy bring news of massive strikes threatening to cripple the country as ordinary citizens resist the imposition of vaccine mandates and the Green Pass.

Covid ‘vaccine’ news

  • Stars of the sports world are speaking out over the harms they’ve suffered following being jabbed against covid. French tennis ace Jeremy Chardy has gone public after suffering debilitating health issues following the jab saying, “I cannot train, I cannot play”. NBA player, Brandon Goodwin’s, career has been put in jeopardy after he suffered blood clots following vaccination
  • Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway have all suspended the use of the Moderna covid vaccine due to concerns over the incidence of myocarditis in young men
  • Two new studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine (here and here) using data from Israel add to concerns over the development of myocarditis in previously healthy young men, particularly after the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine
  • Efforts to vaccinate pregnant women are intensifying after a new retrospective cohort study based on data from a single healthcare setting in Israel between March and September 2020 was published in The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine. The authors conclude that there is an increased risk to pregnant women and babies of serious covid disease and complications. The study notes only one woman died, and there was no significant increase in caesarean births or preterm births among the 172 individuals studied. Submitted in February 2021 it’s somewhat coincidental that the publication of the study in October has come just as a ramping up of the campaign to vaccinate pregnant women begins
  • Many are now anecdotally reporting the sudden onset of aggressive cancers or the recurrence of cancers in remission following covid vaccination. The problem, which has yet to appear in the scientific literature, is discussed by leading cancer writer, Chris Woollams, founder of the cancer charity, Cancer Active, in a new blog
  • Much is being written about the waning immunity of covid vaccines in an effort to justify the use of booster jabs, including a new study published in The New England Journal of Medicine. The problem is highlighted by a report published in Eurosurveillance charting a covid outbreak in an Israeli hospital originating in a fully vaccinated patient. Of those subsequently infected, the majority were vaccinated. Those that went on to become seriously, critically ill or died were also fully vaccinated. Following on from these studies a new paper from Israeli researchers casts serious doubt on the Israeli government’s mandate that all Israeli citizens should receive a booster shot due its lack of ability to provide additional protection
  • As if the Israeli 'study' isn’t enough, Pfizer is reportedly planning to vaccinate an entire Brazilian city to study the long-term effects and safety of its covid-19 ‘vaccine’.

Covid profiteering

Having abandoned its attempts to engineer a covid vaccine, Merck has now announced the development of a covid pill, molnupiravir, designed to treat mild to moderate covid-19 disease. Despite significant concerns over the drug’s potential to cause damage at a genetic level Merck has applied for emergency use authorisation in the US. Merck has been slammed for hiking the cost of the drug by 40 times its production cost. Once again there is no transparency around the introduction of the drug as Merck continues the use of press releases to communicate the results of trials of the new drug.

Lockdowns harms revealed

The harms of lockdowns on cancer patients is revealed in a new study published in The Lancet Oncology. The results of the research reveal the huge decrease in cancer operations leading to a reduction in survival times for those patients adversely affected.

A German court has ruled that covid restrictions imposed in Bavaria between April 1 and 19 2020 were “ineffective” and violated German law, which expressly forbids the introduction of any law that disproportionately disadvantages those it affects.

Natural immunity and treatments

Even a mild covid-19 infection can produce robust and long-lasting natural immunity. Publishing in Microbiology Spectrum, researchers found immunity persisted for at least six months and those who have been infected are protected from reinfection.

Attacks are now being levelled at the use of nebulised hydrogen peroxide as an effective early intervention for those with covid-19. The use of hydrogen peroxide was an integral part of the protocol successfully employed by Dr David Brownstein with his patients suffering from covid-19 along with the use of iodine. A recent preprint study supports the use of nasal irrigation with iodine to combat covid-19. Covid patients in the study that used iodine were found to be more than 8 times less likely to be hospitalised than the national rate.


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