A question many are asking is when will the coronavirus crisis come to an end? The exact question that Peter Doshi and David Robertson attempt to answer in a new feature in The BMJ. The article ends with the conclusion that it's up to us to turn off our TV’s, say no to the restrictions and mandates and take back control. Halleluja! Granted, we will need to hold our nerve though as the threats from governments increase in an effort to dial up fear levels. It's easy to be diverted by what's in front of us, rather than focusing on what we're creating and literally intending into being. When we come together and unite we are so powerful. Interesting isn't it that the field that extends out from our heart centres is usually around 2 m/6 ft - social distancing space...


  • The UK Parliament last night lockstepped with other countries by voting to introduce further mask mandates, bring in vaccine passports for large venues and endorsed the use of jab mandates for NHS workers. A new study published in The Lancet underscores the real reason for the use of vaccine passports is to push more people into being covid jabbed rather than being about the protection of health
  • A representative in Illinois, USA is trying to push through a change to the state’s insurance law that would enable health insurance to stop covering the treatment of people who are jab-free if they get covid and incur medical bills
  • Businesses providing essential services including supermarkets in Queensland, Australia will be allowed to deny access to anyone who chooses to remain jab-free as vaccine passports are introduced
  • The English Football League is reported to have issued new guidance to member clubs which could result in the segregation of players into those who are jabbed, boosted, recovered from covid and jab-free to reduce the spread of covid
  • A new indoor mask mandate has been brought in by New York Governor, Kathy Hochul. Any business not enforcing the mandate could be punished by a fine of $1,000
  • A new survey suggests nearly a third of Australian businesses have sacked staff who’ve refused to be covid jabbed. The survey also highlights the divisions being created between people who are and aren’t covid jabbed
  • Austria has lifted its general lockdown for those who are covid jabbed, but severe restrictions remain in place for anyone that's jab-free in an effort to force them into to being jabbed. It’s being reported that Austrian citizens over the age of 14 that choose to remain jab-free will be fined up to €3,000 every three months under a jab mandate that’s due to be implemented in February 2022 and remain in force until 2024. The measure has yet to be approved by the Austrian Parliament
  • In a report for GB News, reporter Alex Story, shared three recent stories from Germany that illustrate how frightening the divide between the jabbed and jab-free has become. One particularly shocking account was of a school where children apparently have to report their jab status to the class. Those who are jabbed are applauded while those who aren’t have to explain why not
  • UK Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, has stated that once all those eligible have been offered a booster jab the definition of being ‘fully jabbed’ will change to only include those who’ve had three rather than two jabs
  • A visit to a local plant nursery has landed an Australian hairdresser in a quarantine hotel for two weeks after he was deemed to have come into contact with someone who later tested positive for covid
  • Supermarket chain, Kroger, in Cincinnati, US, has said it will give employees who agree to be covid jabbed a $100 bonus, but if an employee refuses to be jabbed they will charge them $50 a month and refuse paid sick leave if a jab-free employee contracts covid
  • Kingston, Ontario in Canada has brought in new restrictions limiting the number of people who can meet at the same time to a maximum of 5. Anyone found to be flouting the rules could be fined up to $5,000.


  • In the battle to get the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to release documents related to Pfizer vaccine data, the FDA has now requested it be given until the year 2096 (75 years) to disclose all relevant documentation. An increase of 20 years from the previous request of 55 years
  • Mandating covid jabs unless people can show proof of recovery is unconstitutional according to Slovenia’s highest court. The Slovenian government wanted to bring in the mandate from the 1st October, but the court has blocked it pending a final ruling
  • Ambulance workers in the Australian state of Victoria, who refused covid jabs and were fired for their stance are challenging the decision by filing a case with the Fair Work Commission against their employer, Ambulance Victoria, saying the action goes beyond the State’s directive
  • A UK-based team filed a complaint with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) earlier this month. The complaint accuses the UK government and international world leaders of committing crimes again humanity in violation of the Nuremberg Code. The new submission follows the filing of a Request for investigation with the ICC in April 2021
  • Following the attempt by New York City major, Bill de Blasio, to impose jab mandates earlier this month, a judge has blocked the move pending a new hearing on the 14th December
  • Anti-lockdown campaigners are thought to be behind the filing of of a treason case with a court in Australia against Victorian Premier, Dan Andrews. Mr Andrews or his representative are required to appear before the court on Friday 17th December to answer the charge
  • A lawsuit filed in Chicago in the US is seeking damages for health care employees who have been been discriminated against and denied a religious exemption from covid jabs due to their refusal to be covid jabbed.


  • Austrian politics look set to be shaken up by a new party, MFG, which is opposing covid restrictions and jab mandates, entering Parliament and preventing a progressive coalition from being set up as the ruling ÖVG party sees plummeting ratings in the polls
  • Train company, Amtrak, told a House of Representatives panel that covid jab mandates in the US would lead to a cut in services in January due to the potential loss of employees who resolutely refuse covid jabs. In an update today Amtrak announced it will suspend its vaccine mandate for employees and no longer expects service disruptions in January
  • A New Zealand GP, Dr Sophie Febery, has spoken out about the transmission risk from those who are covid jabbed in front of the Invercargill City Council. She told the council she had lost faith in the jabs as a way of dealing with the pandemic instead advocating for the use of ivermectin in an attempt to prevent the imposition of vaccine passports
  • The UK Health Secretary has branded universal jab mandates as ‘unethical’ and unworkable in a BBC Radio 4 interview saying that the decision whether or not to be jabbed should be a positive one and not coercive. Despite his comments he remains committed to forcing covid jabs on health care workers in England
  • Mark Crispin Miller is a university professor, who teaches propaganda classes in the US, that dared to question the motives of government and health officials in relation to the coronavirus crisis. After he questioned the use of masks in one of his classes a student made a complaint leading to disciplinary proceedings being brought against him. A year on the university where he works has told him that no action will be taken against him
  • Recognising the very real risk of myocarditis in younger men following covid injection, Japan has taken the step of labelling covid jabs to warn of the risk of developing myocarditis. It has also reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring any adverse reactions to the jabs are recognised and documented
  • Protests have been taking place around the world as citizens rise up against the imposition of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes in previously democratic countries under the guise of covid. In London, South Korea, Austria, Thailand, East Germany and Berlin to name a few
  • The Canadian Trucking Alliance is pushing back at attempts by the Canadian government to force its members to get covid jabbed in order to cross the border after January 15th 2022 making it clear that such a move will further increase pressures on and damage to supply chains
  • There are only a few days left for Australian citizens to sign a petition calling on Parliamentarians to oppose the introduction of covid jabs for children aged 5-12 years of age. You have until the 22nd December to support the petition.

Fact checks

In an interesting turn of events, fact checkers, Full Fact, have Fact Checked a number of reporting issues in mainstream media on the incorrect use of data related to covid hospitalisations. On the 21st October 2021 The Economist was found to be quoting incorrect data in regard to the percentage of hospitalised covid patients that were jab-free. December 6th 2021 saw The Lorraine Show being outed for also sharing incorrect data on the percentage of jab-free versus jabbed patients in hospital, followed a week later on 13 December by Dr Ruth Hopkins who was picked up on her reporting on the number of covid hospitalisations in Wales. For once the fact checkers are actually proving to be conveying accurate information.

Child health

  • US Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Vivek Murthy MD, has issued a public health advisory warning about the increased risk of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts in children and young people as a result of the coronavirus crisis. The advisory shares recommendations for improving mental health through increasing access to services to support mental health, addressing socioeconomic and environmental issues and much more
  • A new study published in Circulation has found that of the 140 cases of myocarditis studied, 98% occurred following mRNA jabs. A second study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases concluded there is a significant increase in the risk of acute myo- and pericarditis in Chinese teenagers following the Pfizer mRNA jab. Of the 33 teenagers identified all of them developed myo- and/or pericarditis following mRNA jab.

Covid injections

  • Most covid infections in highly ‘vaccinated’ populations (65-75%) occur in those who’ve been jabbed rather than those who are jab-free according to a new preprint study
  • At least 1,000 people need to be isolated in order to prevent one transmission event of SARS-Cov-2 according to a new preprint study. The paper concludes that excluding jab-free people from public settings brings negligible benefits because they do not pose a significant risk of transmitting the virus
  • Real not Rare is a new initiative raising awareness of the very real risk of vaccine injuries by sharing the stories of those harmed by covid jabs. The campaign is calling for the censorship of those who’ve been harmed to stop, large scale research to be conducted to increase understanding of the problems, all jab mandates to cease and covid jab injuries to be added to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program
  • A new film from Canada, 'I am Not Misinformation', also seeks to publicise the plight of those harmed by covid jabs. The film features a group of vaccine injured individuals all of whom say they ‘aren’t anti-vax’, they had concerns about being jabbed, but believing them to be safe went ahead and suffered adverse reactions. The film also talks to health professionals who share their experiences in dealing with patients damaged by the jabs as they try to educate people about the risks of covid jabs
  • Shocking reports of harms to children, babies and newborns following administration of covid jabs are now emerging in the US. Two babies in Brazil are reported to have been hospitalised after they were accidently covid jabbed when they went for their baby jabs. Despite such reports, the jab rollout continues unabated as it starts to target younger children, who are at least risk of severe illness due to covid
  • As data emerges in relation to omicron infections, it’s becoming apparent that those who’ve received covid jabs are at higher risk of becoming sick than those who remain jab-free
  • The National Guard has been drafted into Maine and New York healthcare facilities after many healthcare workers were fired for not acceding to covid jab mandates
  • A former UK vaccine taskforce boss, Clive Dix, writing in The Telegraph has said that covid jabs, “...were not designed to end transmission” and “...will not stop the spread of the virus in the short or medium term”, having only been designed to prevent severe illness and death. He also casts doubt on the validity of booster jabs for young, healthy people instead suggesting it’s more important to focus on dealing with the backlog of chronically sick patients.


  • In a shock revelation it has emerged that virologist, Dr Andrew Hill, changed the conclusions of a study assessing the efficacy of ivermectin in treating covid patients in order to please his funders - to the tune of $40M USD. In doing so, he admitted in a recorded call to potentially condemning around half a million covid patients to death as he declared ivermectin to be an 'ineffective treatment' for covid rather than 'overwhelmingly effective' as he had originally concluded. Dr Tess Lawrie spoke to him in an effort to change his mind, but he chose to cosy up with his funders (the Gates Foundation) rather than support a treatment that has saved many covid patients' lives. Covid patient Sun Ng is lucky to be continuing his recovery from severe covid disease after his lawyer, Kristin Erickson, overruled the hospital and procured ivermectin for him via a court order. After 3-weeks on a ventilator, he is urging health care professionals to think outside of the current care box and challenge their hospitals to allow such treatments to save severely ill patients
  • An Iranian study published in Trials, has found supplementation with vitamins A, B, C, D and E reduced the inflammatory response and severity of covid illness in covid patients in critical care units
  • A new large research study from Brazil shows that ivermectin used as covid prophylaxis, significantly reduced hospitalisations and deaths due to covid over a 7-month period in 2020
  • Echinacea purpurea has been shown to reduce the risk of being hospitalised from covid-19 due to its anti-viral effects reducing viral load in infected individuals according to a new preprint study.


  • UK TV show Good Morning Britain deleted a Twitter poll asking people if they supported mandatory jabs after 89% of over 42,000 respondents said no
  • Twitter has quietly updated its policies to allow it to impose sanctions on those who tweet about the ability of jabbed people to spread covid and become infected with covid
  • Facebook’s lawyers have said that its ‘fact checks’ are not actually fact checks, merely ‘protected opinion’. The claim comes as part of Facebook’s defence against a defamation claim being made by journalist and author John Stossel who was ‘fact checked’ by the social media platform and hit with a warning label.

Natural immunity

Getting sick with covid confers greater overall protection that lasts longer than that provided by covid jabs, which has been shown to wane quickly

Other covid news

  • Warnings are being sounded that focusing on the booster campaign in England could result in five thousand cases of cancer a month being missed as GPs scale back on routine appointments
  • The European Commission is preparing a massive campaign to push covid jabs in Eastern European countries that continue to have a low uptake
  • It’s being reported that demands for jab-free health care workers to be reinstated are being made in Italy after the suspension of those rejecting covid jabs put the health care system under extreme pressure and strain


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