This week there is good news aplenty. More pushbacks in the form of protests and lawsuits along with countries and states lifting restrictions. The mainstream narrative continues to fall apart as a financial investor noticed Pfizer changed its business risk disclosures due to concerns about safety data related to its covid jabs and the realisation of Pfizer’s profiteering hits home. Soon, we will receive further disclosure on safety (and efficacy) as the Pfizer documents are due to be released by the FDA in the next few weeks. Meanwhile Pfizer has dropped its application for emergency use authorisation in India after the regulator demanded a local safety and immunogenicity trial.

On the flip side, the screws are being tightened in what were once considered to be bastions of democracy and free societies. Canada is now taking extreme steps to stop the protests and punish those who have dared to stand up for the rights of the People. It’s too early to say whether New Zealand will follow suit, nor how other people of these two highly oppressed societies will react to what’s happening. Mario Draghi, Prime Minister of Italy, is reported to have said at a press conference that the unvaccinated are "not part of our society", while Austria has doubled down to bring in a jab mandate for all adults along with punitive fines for anyone resisting. Although it seems as though both Austrian and German efforts to mandate vaccines could well be faltering.

Pushbacks & positives!

  • Canberra, Australia, Feb 12 2022 saw the biggest anti-mandate protest yet to be held in Australia as citizens show their frustration at ongoing mandates and restrictions that are blighting their lives. Roads were brought to a standstill as vehicles flooded the city followed by a sea of people marching to Parliament
  • New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Delaware and Oregon announced they will begin lifting mask mandates for schools and public places in coming weeks. New York Governor, Kathy Hochul, lifted indoor mask mandates in the state, but the compulsory masking rule in public schools won’t end for at least another 2 weeks
  • Sports analyst and former pro basket ball player, Shaquille O’Neill came out against jab mandates in a recent podcast saying people shouldn’t be forced to take a medical intervention they don’t want despite previously criticising Basketball player, Kyrie Irving, of being selfish for refusing to be covid jabbed
  • US based doctor, Mark McDonald, sent a letter to all his patients telling them he will no longer see any child that enters his practice wearing a mask due to the damage they cause to a child’s health
  • Independent Australian researcher, Elizabeth Hart, has sent a letter to the Australian Prime Minister accusing him of being a hypocrite and a liar for reneging on his promises that there would be no compulsory covid jabs and that people would be allowed to make their own decisions about whether or not they were jabbed
  • A US Appeals Court has ruled it will not reinstate the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate for federal employees. The decision could see the matter referred to the Supreme Court for final arbitration
  • Norway has scrapped the majority of its covid restrictions including masks, social distancing, jab passports and self-isolation. It has also lifted all travel restrictions. The Netherlands is following suit at the end of February with a relaxation of most covid measures, although it will retain the requirement to prove jab status, recovery from covid or a negative test along with Switzerland, which will retain mask wearing on public transport and in healthcare facilities for a short time. Its isolation requirement will be removed at the end of March
  • According to a leaked draft report the German government is planning to lift most restrictions in March. The report suggests jab-free people will be able to access restaurants with a negative test. However, efforts to implement jab mandates appear to be continuing behind the scenes according to local intelligence so all may not be as rosy as it seems
  • Novak Djokovic has broken his silence about why he chooses not to be covid jabbed in an interview with the BBC. He made it clear he’s not ‘anti-vax’ and he supports the rights of individuals to be free to choose what medical interventions they accept. Ultimately he’s willing to take the risk of not being be able to compete rather than compromise his health or his ethics
  • The team at the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) has obtained email correspondence via a Freedom of Information request showing the formation of an alliance between the CDC Foundation (whose corporate partners include Pfizer), Facebook and Merck, “ use social media and digital platforms to build confidence in and drive uptake of vaccines”. We are grateful to ICAN for revealing the collaboration and the inherent conflict of interest.
  • Ontario will relax more covid restrictions from the 17th February 2022 with a further lifting of restrictions along with jab passport requirements at the beginning of March, although mask wearing will remain for the time being.


  • A top counter-terrorism police officer in the UK, Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, has called for a debate on the introduction of new laws to punish people who spread ‘anti-vaccination’ conspiracy theories
  • With the introduction of the covid jab mandate for all adults in Austria comes spot checks by the Police to check they have complied with the jab mandate. Anyone found not be jabbed will be fined on the spot
  • Provincial Health Officer, Dr Bonnie Henry, has announced the introduction of a vaccine mandate as a condition of professional registration for all regulated health professionals as of 24 March 2022
  • An article (Note – article is behind a paywall) in the Wall Street Journal highlights the increasing discrimination against those making an informed decision about their health as doctors in the US refuse to treat people who haven’t been covid jabbed
  • German politicians are proposing the introduction of a jab mandate for all people over the age of 18 from the 1st October 2022. The proposed law would remain in place until 31st December 2023. Germany’s Constitutional Court has refused to grant a temporary injunction against the introduction of a jab mandate for healthcare workers, which is due to come into effect in March until a legal challenge against the mandate has been formally heard. However, opposition politicians are beginning to question the scientific reasoning for mandating the jabs as the peak of omicron passes amidst suggestions the government's plans could be knocked into touch
  • In South Africa, the government has said mask wearing, sanitising, social distancing and limitations on the size of social gatherings will persist even once the state of disaster has been lifted. The Health Minister confirmed work on the introduction of jab mandates is ongoing
  • As of yesterday, 15th February 2022, Italian workers over the age of 50 will no longer be able to go work unless they have a Super Green Pass, which requires an individual to be fully jabbed or recovered from covid. In addition, anyone over the age of 50 who remains jab-free will be fined €100. If they try to go to work they could face penalties of between €600 and €1,500. Anyone who cannot go to work because they don’t have the required paperwork will be suspended without pay for five days, after which their company will be able to replace them.


  • Lawyers in Northern Ireland acting on behalf of a secondary school child, have launched a legal challenge against the Commissioner for Children and Young People over the masking of children in school even though masks are not required elsewhere
  • US-based organisation, Judicial Watch, has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) after it failed to respond to an FOIA request last September. The organisation is seeking emails relating to the approval of covid jab boosters
  • An Illinois court has issued a statewide temporary restraining order halting mandated mask wearing and testing for children in 170 school districts after parents and teachers brought a lawsuit challenging the mandates. Making his ruling, the judge said school boards had exceeded their authority in bringing in the mandates.


  • The German government has forced alternative media channel, Telegram, to shut down 64 channels it says are fuelling insurgency, misinformation and ‘anti-vax’ groups
  • ‘Misinformation’ has been labelled a terror threat by the US Department of Homeland Security in a recent bulletin. Amongst the main sources of misinformation that were listed was covid related information.

Covid injections

  • As part of its Time to Pause campaign supporting calls to urgently pause the rollout of covid jabs to children in the UK, the UK Medical Freedom Alliance has written an open letter to Public Officers setting out their legal obligations to children in their care should any harm come to them as a result of the covid jab programme
  • Further pressure to drop the jab programme for children is being brought to bear by the Children's Covid Vaccine Advisory Group (CVAG) led by Dr Ros Jones. They have sent an open letter to the Secretary of State, the Chief Medical Officer and Head of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) after no response was received to their previous letter to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The letter has already been signed by over 100 health professionals. The group are calling for more health professionals to sign the letter, which can be found here
  • A group of 30 MPs, peers, scientists and doctors have yet again written to the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) to raise their concern over the covid jab programme for under 16's
  • Covid jabs for 5-11 years old have been approved in Wales and Scotland. England has today, Wednesday 16th February, followed suit, but government advisers are saying they should be offered on a non-urgent basis
  • In the US, Pfizer has withdrawn its application for the approval of its covid jab for kids under the age of 5 saying there isn't enough data yet
  • A healthy 33 year old died after his second Pfizer jab led to severe autoimmune disease
  • Covid booster shots experience a significant loss in effectiveness after four months according to a study released last week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US. The results are mirrored by a study published in JAMA, which also found a steady decline in jab 'effectiveness' over time
  • An interesting analysis of a new study has found data that 'inadvertently' shows covid jabs cause myocarditis in older male veterans. Another study published in Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine shares the autopsy results of two healthy teenage boys who died in their sleep following covid jabs. The boys were found to have died from myocarditis. Worringly though, the pathologists found that the injury to the boys hearts was very different from that typically associated with myocarditis, instead more closely resembling a catecholamine-mediated stress (toxic) cardiomyopathy, potentially caused by a hyper-inflammatory cytokine storm
  • Data from Public Health Scotland suggests there was a significant increase in strokes and cardiac issues in 2021 when compared to previous years. The jump was particularly noticeable in the 18-44 age range. Alongside such revelations the NHS has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of the early signs of heart attack and encourage people to call for emergency help more quickly
  • Data from freedom of information requests in Israel paints a worrying picture about the effects of covid injections on pregnant women. Whilst the data is not conclusive, there are sufficient questions over safety to warrant the suspension of covid jabs in pregnancy pending urgent investigation
  • Informed Choice Australia has collated 1,000 peer reviewed studies questioning the safety of covid injections and detailing adverse reactions following injection
  • The European Medicines Agency's Safety Committee is investigating reports of menstrual issues in women following receipt of the Pfizer and Moderna jabs
  • For Australians to be considered 'fully jabbed' they will now need to have a booster shot. If they don't, they will then be classified as 'overdue' as the Australian government follows the US's lead and changes its terminology to no longer use the phrase 'fully vaccinated'.

Natural Immunity

  • New evidence from researchers in Qatar supports the robust nature of natural Immunity following covid infection regardless of which variant a person was infected by
  • A LinkedIn post was censored after its author, US Professor of Surgery at John Hopkins, Dr Marty Makary, shared a post discussing natural immunity because the data 'didn't fit the narrative'. The post was subsequently reinstated after a friend of Dr Markary's contacted the LinkedIn CEO to complain. 


  • The attack on ivermectin continues after two meta-analysis supporting the use of ivermectin as a treatment for covid were slapped with expressions of concern by the relevant journals following the retraction of one of the papers included in the meta-analyses by the journal Viruses. It’s interesting to note that both expressions of concern are nearly identical.

Other News

  • A new paper from John Ioannidis, published in BMJ Open compares the credentials of the signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD) and the John Snow Memorandum (JSM). The reason JSM took precedence over GBD? The JSM signatories used social media to greater effect to smear their 'opponents'. He concludes both sets of signatories contain scientific heavyweights, but that the signatories of GBD were from a more diverse range of disciplines. Concluding he says there are many similarities and touchpoints between the two documents and that given the seriousness of the coronavirus crisis and the impact its had, the two groups should be exploring those similarities and probing the differences with rigorous science
  • Dr Andrew Huff has submitted a Whistleblower complaint to Senator Gary Peter's office setting out his concerns over the role of the EcoHealth Alliance in the pandemic and its relationship with the Wuhan Institute of Virology
  • Much has been made of the risk of covid to black and ethnic minorities, so it's interesting that new data from the UK Office for National Statistics shows that during the 'third wave' of covid, white Britons were more likely to be infected despite, or maybe in spite of, higher vaccination rates than other ethnic groups
  • Doctors for Covid Ethics has released an Expert Statement on the use of non-pharmaceutical interventions during the coronavirus crisis. The report concludes that the available evidence does not support the use of lockdowns, mask wearing and school closures and should therefore be revoked. 


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