We may be so-over the pandemic, but media reports designed to generate fear keep coming to breathe life into covid's dying embers whilst trying to light a fire under monkey pox. It's increasingly clear that the public has little appetite left for more of the same. Disclosure continues on a daily basis, but only if you're plugged into the right channels to see it. We await the fall of the legacy media. Especially as the tyranny against doctors speaking out, like Drs Pierre Kory and Peter McCullough, continues. Both are now being hounded by medical boards baying for their licenses for daring to stand up for the truth and to save lives. Far from being cowed, such attacks just make their position and their work more visible and most definitely stronger.

We've positive news aplenty this week along with a range of interesting snippets of information from around the globe.

Pushbacks & positives!

  • A delegation of America’s most eminent physicians, including Dr Kat Lindley, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Richard Urso and Dr Mary Bowden, are traveling to Ireland to present evidence-based insights relating to Covid-19 and the health effects of the Covid-19 injection products on the 8th August for Health Conference Ireland 2022. During their visit, they will meet with Irish doctors, public health officials, politicians, representatives of civil society, journalists and community leaders to advocate for transparency and an evidence-based approach in the administration of Covid public health policy. If you would like to support the event you can make a donation here
  • New Zealand has reopened its borders to visitors and students. However, jab and testing requirements remain in place, although visitors no longer need to quarantine as the country seeks to revitalise its battered economy
  • US TV presenter, Kim Iversen has quit The Hill’s morning show because she was prevented from participating in a recent interview with Dr Anthony Fauci by the show’s producer after Fauci’s team blocked her inclusion. She’s vowed to continue her work independently to stick to her promise not to cover up the truth and beat the censors
  • A New York judge has overturned Rule 2.13, which allowed New York state officials to detain someone believed to have an infectious disease such as covid without any type of warrant or warning to do so. The judge agreed that the quarantine order violated the New York State Constitution and individual liberty. He also agreed with the plaintiffs that there was no scientific basis for the introduction of Rule 2.13
  • The German Hospital Federation is calling for jab mandates for healthcare workers to be withdrawn because the jabs provide little to no protection again the omicron variant. Although not mentioned, it’s interesting to note that the Federation’s call comes after the German Health Ministry tweeted about the level of adverse reactions being experienced following covid injections
  • Canadian constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati, has revealed a Canadian court of law has ruled the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) do not have legal authority to prevent or punish doctors for speaking out about covid policies
  • Rupa Subramanya, writing on the Common Sense Substack, reveals recently released court documents capturing the decision-making process behind the brutal Canadian travel mandate, indicate that, far from following the science, the prime minister and his Cabinet were focused entirely on politics when they introduced the mandate.


  • Healthcare workers in the US are in line for a share of more than $10.3 million after a lawsuit brought by more than 500 current and former employees of NorthShore University Health System sued after they were denied religious exemption from covid jabs. The settlement will include the company changing its policy to allow religious exemptions with anyone sacked becoming eligible to be re-employed
  • A 13-year-old boy was apparently bribed into being covid jabbed at a school vaccination event by being promised pizza, despite his doctor recommending against it. Now his mother, Maribel Duarte, is suing the Los Angeles Unified School District because of the adverse reactions he’s suffered following being jabbed
  • Dr Mary Bowden is suing Houston Methodist Hospital for $25 million after the hospital published defamatory statements about her on Twitter when she began to speak out against jab mandates
  • Members of the US Coast Guard have filed a class action lawsuit alleging their requests for religious exemption from covid jabs were unlawfully denied.

Censorship, misinformation & nudges

  • Misinformation doesn't get much better than this! Sweden's covid restrictions are known to have been relatively mild in comparison to many other countries and the data supported this - until now! Twitter analyst TNK, who has been analysing and graphing data throughout, the past couple of years decided to look at the lockdown stringency data again and noticed an increase of almost 50% in Sweden's stringency rating. When questioned about the change, the Oxford OxCGRT Data Team told him it wasn't a mistake. Having reviewed the data they decided to retrospectively wipe out the Swede's leniency by coding the stringency data against Prime minister Löfven's recommendations for public gatherings, which were never brought into law. So, as TNK says - if you don't like the data just change it!
  • Media network, Russia Today, remains banned in the European Union after the European General Court dismissed a request for the sanctions against them to be lifted
  • According to a new report, Twitter suspended 70% more accounts in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the whole of 2021 for violations of its covid misinformation rules
  • Freedom advocate, Dr Peter McCullough, who’s known for his opposition to covid restrictions and has sounded multiple cautions in regard to the covid jabs, is facing a kangaroo court after the American Board of Internal Medicine sent a notice of potential disciplinary action. The Board is convening a closed meeting to discuss public statements made by Dr McCullough which the Board disagrees with and decide whether to revoke his license
  • America First Legal (AFL) has released newly received documents from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing the extent of the collusion between US officials and Big Tech to censor content that didn't fit their covid narrative.


  • Attempts to convince people covid came from animals via the wet market in Wuhan have been revived with the publication of not one, but two new preprints (here and here). First published as preprints in February both studies have now been peer reviewed and published in Science. It’s of no surprise to find significant conflicts of interest including funding from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) (think Fauci), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Covid injections

  • Covid jabs did not reduce all-cause mortality during a 100-week period from March 2020 to February 2022 (the covid pandemic period) according to a new preprint study co-authored by Denis Rancourt published on Researchgate using all-cause mortality data from the USA
  • The World Health Organization continues to push the development of new covid jabs even though they acknowledge the existing jabs haven’t “substantially reduced #COVID19 transmission
  • There have been three different studies published recently in regard to menstrual irregularities following covid jabs (here, here and here). Researchers from Kaiser Permanente have now published a preprint study in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in an attempt to dismiss concerns over the jabs raised by women who have experienced menstrual abnormalities. In the analysis of medical records of more than 480,000 post-menopausal women, comparing diagnosis rates of abnormal bleeding six weeks before covid jabs and 16 and 32 weeks post jab, they found a statistically significant change but dismissed the issue as being negligible at population level. The study does not take account of the possibility that women may not have reported such issues
  • Covid jabs do not reduce mortality regardless of how many jabs an individual has received according to a Dutch preprint study published on Researchgate. The data used, from Dutch city- and town-level, shows a small but notable increase in all-cause mortality
  • Two surveys commissioned by the Children’s Health defense revealed 15% of those surveyed, were diagnosed with a new medical condition soon after covid injection. The surveys also found 33% of respondents are jab free. Only 28% received two jabs and 21%, three. The most commonly reported conditions were blood clots, heart attack, liver damage and stroke. Of the respondents, 26% reported that they knew someone else that had been diagnosed with a new medical condition after covid injection
  • The UK-based organisation, Children's Covid Vaccine Advisory Committe (CCVAC), is calling on British healthcare professionals to sign an open letter calling on the UK government to halt the injection of children. The letter will be sent to the new Prime minister who will replace Boris Johnson
  • The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has refused the Informed Consent Action Network's request, via a citizen's petition, to revoke emergency authorisation of covid jabs for children aged 12-18 years stating in a letter that ICAN's request doesn't provide sufficient evidence for approval to be withdrawn
  • Alex Berenson reports that the Canadian province of British Columbia has ‘retired’ its report of hospitalisations and deaths by jab status because the data has become hard to interpret now a large percentage of the population has been covid jabbed. No mention is made of the fact that BC Health Authority data is showing the more jabs people have had, the higher their risk of being hospitalised or dying
  • Swedish doctor, Ute Krueger, raises her concerns over the increase in aggressive cancers since the introduction of covid mRNA jabs
  • The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has quietly given full approval to the Pfizer covid jab for children aged 12-15 years. The FDA failed to convene an expert committee prior to making the decision
  • Nearly 50% of US parents surveyed by KFF polling in its most recent poll, have said they will definitely not covid jab their children that are aged under 5 due to concerns over lack of testing, adverse reactions and the safety of covid jabs.


  • A new study into the effectiveness of using ivermectin, called SAIVE, to prevent covid infection is underway conducted by Pharma company MedinCell. Participants have been taking a prophylactic dose of 0.2mg/kg bodyweight, which is line with that recommended by the Front LineCOVID-19 Critical Care Alliance recommendations. The trial is due to conclude in August 2022. The study forms part of the development of an injectable form of ivermectin
  • Using data from Itajaí in Brazil researchers, publishing on Researchgate, found using ivermectin regularly as a preventative treatment, reduced individuals risk of severe disease, hospitalisation and death from covid infection
  • A new open letter addressed to John Skerritt, Deputy Secretary, Health Product Regulation of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) calls for the approval of the use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to treat covid patients as the failure of covid jabs becomes more and more apparent.

Other News

  • A new study in The BMJ finds higher numbers of patients are being labelled with do not resuscitate (DNACPR) orders since the beginning of the pandemic
  • Eighteen hospital and health system executives in the US have announced their resignation since June of this year.


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