If you've been on this journey for any length of time, you will no doubt be aware of the very subtle shift in the legacy (mainstream) media reports. A shift that signifies that disclosure is happening. Not a major reveal that would tip the majority over the precipice into a mental health abyss, but enough to start seeding the idea that the mainstream narrative that we have been repeatedly told, was not grounded in reality. Suddenly, events that were tagged 'consipracy', are now being reported in the news. Gentle disclosure.

One such example lit up the Twittersphere this week when Dutch MEP, Robert Roos, released a video showing a Pfizer executive admitting the company didn't test its covid jab's ability to prevent transmission of the virus. The very notion of this was declared heresy and conspiracy even a few months back, so no wonder the admission has sent shockwaves through those who 'believed' that the jabs were necessary to protect 'granny'. How many have been coerced into being injected to 'protect' those they loved?

Florida State Surgeon General, Dr Joseph Ladapo, has also dealt the covid jab programme a deadly blow with his recommendation that men aged 18-39 are not given mRNA jabs due to the high risk of them suffering heart issues following injection. The recommendation follows the publication of an analysis to evaluate the safety of the jabs. Announcing the recommendation on Twitter landed Dr Ladapo in Twitter jail after his tweet was blocked. The Tweet was later restored. Dr Robert Malone has critiqued the analysis on his Substack praising Dr Ladapo for his leadership and giving him a thumbs up for a job well done.

Suffice to say many of those who were quick condemn those of us questioning the narrative, are now executing extremely sharp and swift about-turns 'because the facts have changed'. Not only that, data released by the UK's Office for National Statistics shows that those who have remained jab-free are at significantly lower risk of dying from all causes than those that have been injected.

There's plenty more news to digest this week... here goes...

Pushbacks & positives!

  • People power has forced PayPal to back down after it announced that it was planning to fine its users $2,500 under its Acceptable Use Policy, if it decided they were peddling misinformation. After a significant backlash, which has resulted in many PayPal users cancelling their accounts, PayPal has back peddled claiming the policy update had been released in error
  • Following the publication of the new film "Safe & Effective: A Second Opinion" produced by former Sky Executive, Mark Sharman in collaboration with Oracle Films, News Uncut has published details of an email sent to the editors of all the UK's national newspapers and main TV channels asking why they haven't covered the film's release. The email also asks why these mainstream outlets have been mute on the publication of Dr Aseem Malhotra's peer-reviewed paper, which calls for the continued use of covid injections to be halted with immediate effect
  • Independent Australian doctor, Dr Steven Overmeire, has sent an open letter to the Chief Health Officer of Western Australia highlighting his growing concern over jab mandates for health workers in the region. He cites the lack of evidence to support the mandates and the severe damage caused by the punitive sanctions imposed on those who made informed decisions not to be jabbed
  • The founder of Informed Consent Matters, Miriam Finch, has sent a letter of complaint to The Guardian calling it out for "misleading and inaccurate journalism" over its assertion that it's safe for the 'new' covid boosters and flu jabs to be co-administered. She points to the complete lack of human trial data in regard to covid boosters and in turn the total lack of evidence to claim it's 'safe' to give people both jabs at the same time. The letter has been sent direct to the editor of the Guardian rather than the regulatory body, the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) as the Guardian has chosen not to be a member of IPSO
  • The new Premier of Alberta, Canada, Danielle Smith, has expressed her horror at the level of discrimination rained upon citizens who chose not to be covid jabbed over the past couple of years. She has pledged to amend the state's Human Rights Act to include vaccination status as a protected right from discrimination
  • Multiple doctors in Australia are speaking out against the ongoing censorship of healthcare professionals as they seek to prevent the enactment of legislation that will force them to become government policy mouthpieces
  • In an interesting twist, renowned vaccinologist Dr Paul Offit, voted against the approval of covid boosters. He has gone on record to say that he only voted No because "Hell No..." wasn't an option, said there was "...scant evidence" to support the approval of the boosters and that "...the fix was in" as the authorities clearly wanted the approval and that no jab should be approved based only on mouse data
  • UK citizens are being asked to sign an open letter to the UK government calling for the 40,000 social care workers forced to leave their jobs due to covid jab mandates to be reinstated. The deadline to sign the letter is the 30th October.

Censorship and restrictions

  • A draconian piece of legislation was due to be presented in the Queensland Parliament yesterday that would effectively gag doctors and prevent them from sharing their opinion if it goes against what Government health policy dictates. If passed, all other Australian States and Territories will be required to pass virtually identical legislation. Drs Mark Hobart and William Bray joined Graham Hood to discuss the legislation that could potentially deny patients properly informed consent, second opinions and open medical debate
  • Dr Aseem Malhotra has been censored by Facebook, which has suspended his account, after he shared posts calling for the rollout of covid jabs to be stopped following publication of his recent paper criticising covid injections in the Journal of Insulin Resistance
  • Also in Australia the assault on people's basic rights continues. The Western Australia government is attempting to enact a piece of legislation that would give the government the ability to declare a covid emergency, without parliamentary oversight, enter and seize vehicles and property as well as forcing people to comply with any orders the government or its officers deem necessary regardless of their appropriateness or impact.

Covid injections

  • Former French presidential candidate, Jean Lassalle, told NTD Television that he nearly died after being covid jabbed due to damage to his heart. He said he's undergone four heart operations since January of this year. He also alleged that President Macron has not been jabbed, although he didn't elaborate further

  • In what he says is likely to be his last video message, vaccinologist, Geert Van den Bossche, says “It is five past 12” and it may already be too late to intervene to prevent a humanitarian crisis as omicron is now causing large-scale immune escape from jab immunity, which he predicts will only make the whole covid situation far worse

  • Pfizer is being pilloried for its 'Everyday Heroes' partnership with Marvel, which uses Marvel characters to promote its covid jabs. The 'ad', which is blatantly aimed at children, is being labelled as 'ethically dubious in the extreme' and sinks to new lows in the company's efforts to get people to accept more and more jabs
  • Canadian researchers, Denis Rancourt, Marine Baudin and Jérémie Mercier, have published a new report analysing excess death numbers through the coronavirus crisis. The report raises significant concerns and questions over the reliability of the Canadian government's official number of covid related deaths
  • The Vaccine Reaction reports on cases in the scientific literature showing what appears to be an increased risk of transplant failures following covid injection
  • Even though children are extremely low risk from covid, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorised both the Pfizer and Moderna booster shots for children aged 5 years and above
  • The PANDA team has undertaken a comprehensive multidisciplinary review of data related to the mass covid injection programme deeming it to be a failed experiment. They conclude the risks from the SARS-CoV-2 virus have been massively overstated, covid jabs do not prevent infection or transmission of the virus, the safety signals are extremely concerning, the response to covid has been politically motivated and not scientifically supported and that covid jabs are contraindicated for the vast majority of the population
  • A recent preprint study has found that jab mandates imposed by universities in the USA cause more harm that good. The research team estimates that between 22,000-30,000 previously uninfected, people need to be jabbed in order to prevent a single covid hospitalisation and booster mandates increase the risk of individuals being harmed by the jabs. The paper sets out five ethical arguments against the use of covid jab mandates by higher education institutions
  • The nasal form of the Astrazeneca covid jab is reported to have failed in clinical trials leading the pharma giant to abandon its current plans for the reformulation of the jab
  • A recent preprint study, released by Kaiser Permanente, shows that after 5 months, jab related immunity fell into negative efficacy and that those who had received three injections were significantly more likely to fall ill with covid than those who remained jab-free
  • Polysorbate 80 used in covid jabs as a preservative has been implicated in the development of menstrual abnormalities in women following covid jabs. The paper published in the Journal of Clinical Toxicology draws on previous rat studies, which show delayed effects of polysorbate 80 on rats' reproductive systems
  • Jab-free covid patients were more likely to be hospitalised than those who had been jabbed, according a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine. Such news is counter to the conclusions drawn by the analysis of Control Group data until, that is, you look at how the unvaccinated cohort was defined by the research team. Anyone that wasn't 14 days post jab (whether a two dose or single dose regime) when they tested positive for covid was deemed to be jab-free thereby significantly increasing the 'unvaccinated' cohort and clouding the data considerably — essentially making the conclusions of the paper unusable
  • The College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario in Canada is urging its members to prescribe those who refuse covid injections with drugs or psychotherapy
  • Four case studies analysing blood samples taken prior to covid jabs and following covid jabs are presented in a new paper published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research. The analysis shows significant differences in the make up of the blood samples following covid injections.


  • Paxlovid has been found to interact with many commonly prescribed drugs used to treat people with heart issues causing serious adverse reactions. A new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology warns that Paxlovid should not be given to those on medications for heart issues where the meds can't safely be paused.

Other News

  • In a brand new interview with Glen Jung of Bright Light News, Dr Robert Malone says Moderna was created by the CIA and that RNA vaccines, promoted by the CIA's development arm the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), will be the new standard platform for vaccines in the future, with hundreds of trials in the pipeline
  • Writing on his Metatron Substack, analyst Joel Smalley, alleges that despite not being covid jabbed, the NHS have recorded him as having received not one but two jabs! He asks if this is down to plain incompetency, low level identity theft or higher level, systemic fraud to cover up the true number of people who are jab-free and justify the huge number of doses of covid jabs the government purchased
  • A new Medium article explores the data exposing links between levels of humidity — high humidity = increased transmission = rise in infections — and covid infections and why covid physical controls did little to stem the transmission of the virus
  • It's highly likely the SARS-CoV-2 virus originated from lab-based gain of function testing. Yet plans are being made to build another 40 biosafety labs around the world

  • The British Medical Association is warning of a catastrophic exodus of senior hospital consultants from the NHS in the coming year. It's latest survey of nearly 8,000 doctors revealed 44% of those surveyed are planning to either leave or take a break from the NHS. The news from consultant surgeons is even worse with 50% saying they want to leave. The NHS is already fighting a tsunami of chronic disease alongside the backlog caused by shutdowns in the past couple of years. Such an exodus could break a system that's already on its knees.


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