By Meleni Aldridge, executive coordinator

Are you happy with the world you live in?

Is it the world that you want for your loved ones and your future?

If not — and I sense that many of you reading this will answer ‘no’ to those two questions — then let me ask, what steps are you taking to create the world that you do want?

Far from being powerless victims, we hold within each and every one of us the keys to creation. It’s a bold statement I know, but 2022 is the year of making bold change. Dreaming big and making it happen. We owe it to ourselves and to future generations. Years ago, I studied with the Canadian motivational coach and business consultant, Bob Proctor. Many of his words embedded themselves deeply in my psyche and have been a guiding light ever since. Here I’m reminded of Bob’s words; “If your goal doesn’t scare you, it’s not a goal and not worthy of your effort". Well, recreating our world is definitely scary, but oh so worthy - and so acutely necessary.

Your personal map of change

If you’re reading this in the series, you may have already created your own Map of Change referenced in last week’s article that helps you to identify your personal targets for your 2022 ‘reset’. Below is a reminder of the 4 containers that influence health and happiness. Last week we covered the Body container. I’m combining the containers of Mind and Spirit this week because they are intimately entwined, and we are largely crippled as creators when we use the mind alone. We have been so conditioned in this world that the non-physical, outside of organised religion, is unimportant and the domain of the ‘flaky, slightly unhinged, alternative’ folks. Yet the heart of our power resides here.

The Mind and Spirit ‘containers’ that provide major influences on health

The missing link

Throughout our lives in this world, we are most often taught to look externally for most attributes we humans need to be healthy, happy and at one with ourselves and others. Whether it be love, support, inspiration, safety, security, wisdom or just connection, our world matrix has conditioned us to look everywhere but within. This false matrix has also demeaned and inverted the importance of acknowledging our emotions, feelings, sensations and connection to the non-physical. Therein, apparently, lies the route to weakness and vulnerability, as we’re encouraged to toughen up and put a brave face on things. Actions that end up suppressing our feelings as well as our intuition and ignoring our inner compass.

Our ability to deeply reconnect to our inner world is the missing link. It’s a simple as that. By going inwards and concentrating on our own personal missions we not only get to reconnect to our inner wisdom and power, we also get to play in the game of creation. What is your heart calling for? Where do your deepest desires lie for the world you want to live in, and leave behind?

We are all but a ripple on the wave of the collective consciousness and we all play an important part in ensuring that the wave crashes onto the beach and returns to the ocean of Source, keeping the cycle of life in motion. The reason our creative power can be so augmented when we connect to our inner world is because this has the ability to literally change our external world. When many of us are all living our best lives from the inside out, the wider external world can do nothing but shift to match the frequency and vibration. We all become the wave that sweeps through reality and changes it from the inside out. This is real collective consciousness in action.

If you find yourself in a particular circumstance where you feel change is impossible, don’t give up and let despair clip your wings. Nelson Mandela showed us all how you can be free on the inner planes no matter the external circumstances. Going inwards is the starting point. It allows us to take action and stop waiting for others to make the change happen. Our consciousness, which stretches from the physical to the non-physical, is perfectly adapted to allow us to be in two spaces at once — inside the false matrix and outside of it at the same time, until one space transcends the other.

You will know which elements of your Mind and Spirit containers are calling for reset. Just know that when you open the door to your inner world and say ‘yes’ to your own personal mission, you will be shown your next steps as your inner compass resets your course coordinates.

A selection of supportive tools for your Mind & Spirit

To read

To watch

To Listen

To Learn

To do

  • Buy a lovely new journal and make time every day to commit your thoughts, inspirations, dreams and inherent wisdom to paper (yes, this is preferable to digital!). You’ll surprise yourself with what comes out when you give yourself permission to bring a different part of your brain to the fore.
  • For something more structured for those that like a discipline, have a look at Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages - “The bedrock tool of a creative recovery”. This is something I’ve been using very successfully for myself and others since her book, The Artist’s Way was first published 25 years ago.
  • Breathe! Yes, I know you do it every day, but conscious, centred, mindful breath practice is the quickest way to connection that I know. It takes your focus within, allows you to unplug and to reconnect with yourself and ultimately to listen to that wise, still, voice within. There are so many apps and websites for breath practice (and meditation), but here’s one of my favourites:

  • Combine breathing and meditation (with cold therapy if you dare!) with another widely used and very successful technique by the Dutch ‘iceman’ Wim Hof — Wim Hof Method Breathing. Best practiced first thing in the morning after waking or before a meal, on an empty stomach. Should be done sitting or lying in a still, quiet or outdoor environment. Ensure you don’t have any constricting clothing on that affects your ability to fill your lungs.


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