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If you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, remember – sleeping is NOT wasting time. It’s all about allowing you to make more out of the time you are awake.

A week ago, we released Part 1 in our 'health hack' video series on sleep. In it we addressed some of the fundamentals needed for deep, restful, rejuvenating, energy-enhancing sleep that restores brain function and reduces your risk of future disease. No medicine can deliver the array of benefits offered by consistent good sleep quality! 

Knowing what's needed is one thing - making it happen is another. So this week, in Part 2, we bring you 4 tried and tested hacks that can help to transform your sleep. If you do all of this and still have trouble sleeping, we suggest you see a doctor or other health practitioner because there might be underlying hormonal, stress or other issues that need to be addressed. However, for most of us, it's not rocket science. But it does require thought, care and attention. And most of us go through our lives assuming we don't need to be taught to sleep, we assume it just comes naturally. Unfortunately, it isn't that simple.

Surveys suggest that around one-third of the population suffer insomnia or sleep deprivation for one reason or another. This profoundly affects the ability to function as well as increasing the risk of chronic diseases, depression and other mental health problems.   

You may have decided caffeine's a problem, but if you haven't implemented the 4 hacks we offer you in the video below - it's time to give them a go! And because sleep is so important, we're going to give you Part 3 of our health hack video series on sleep next week. That will be about the plants and herbs you can use if you need a bit of phytochemical support to get you to journey more swiftly and surely to the land of Nod.


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