Spearheading the movement for scientific freedom

Peter Gøtzsche is a man on a mission. Following his expulsion from the Cochrane Collaboration’s governing Board, an organisation he co-founded, and subsequent sacking from his hospital job, Gøtzsche isn’t sitting quietly in retirement. On the contrary, he’s launching a new organisation on 9th March, the Institute for Scientific Freedom. It’s prime purpose is to reinstate freedom, honesty and integrity in science. The new institute will open with an international scientific meeting in Gøtzsche’s home town, Copenhagen, Denmark on Saturday 9th March 2019. You can purchase tickets for the event, or show your support by contributing via crowd-funding to free science from ‘contamination’ by interests wishing to manipulate science for corporate or other gain. Any surplus from the event will be used to support Peter Gøtzsche’s legal costs related to his impending unjustified dismissal from the Nordic Cochrane Centre and the work of the new institute.

Calls for a ban on cancer-causing nitrates and nitrites

A coalition of UK scientists, medical professionals and politicians led by Dr Aseem Malhotra and Professor Chris Elliott, is calling for cancer causing nitrites and nitrates to be removed from processed meats such as bacon. In a joint statement they pointed to a “consensus of scientific opinion” in direct contradiction to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which recently concluded consumption of nitrites and nitrates in food, at authorised levels, poses no threat to human health. The good news is you can continue to enjoy Parma ham, produced without nitrites and more recently nitrite-free ‘naked’ bacon from Finnebrogue. We welcome this new initiative given ANH-Intl’s long standing warning of the dangers posed by nitrites and nitrates in food.

More science showing sweetener risks

A new British Medical Journal (BMJ) review confirms that there is no convincing evidence that non-sugar sweeteners (NSSs) have any health benefits and possible harms can’t be ruled out. Amidst extreme concern over ever-increasing sugar intakes despite the introduction of sugar taxes, Big Food’s answer is to reformulate products using NSSs. Despite public messaging trying to brainwash citizens that NSSs are necessary for weight-loss and improving health, this review, and other studies, conclude that NSSs keep the brain ‘hungry’ and increase appetite. Whilst, unsurprisingly, the findings have been discounted by The International Sweeteners Association and Calorie Control Council, who criticise the research for having “serious limitations”, and that, “a large body of evidence […] suggests low- and no calorie sweeteners play a role in reducing energy intake and body weight”. Read ANH-Intl’s long-standing position on non-sugar and artificial, sweeteners.  

Public Health England promotes vaping

In the UK, Public Health England (PHE) have engaged PR agency, Freuds, to encourage smokers to quit smoking by promoting vaping. Apparently, PHE consider vaping to be 95% less harmful than smoking, yet the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released proposals designed to reduce adolescents use of e-cigarettes, such is their concern. Following the money trail, it’s disappointing to find that Freuds PR agency has links to Juul, which is one of the biggest e-cigarette manufacturers in the world. In direct contrast to PHE’s vaping push, the US Surgeon General has gone public about the harmful effects of e-cigarettes and the spike in use by teenagers.  

Vaccine controversies

Following several scandals around China’s vaccine industry over fake data, fraudulent labelling and contaminated vaccines, draft legislation (Vaccine Management Law) has been drawn up to introduce the “strictest” ever regulations on vaccines. The legislation, if adopted, will allow citizens to sue vaccine manufacturers and hold them accountable in cases involving death or serious illness. Yet, in Europe, the European Commission has formally adopted proposals designed to tackle ‘vaccine hesitancy’ and encourage increased vaccination rates across the EU.

Spanish challenge to health freedom

News has emerged of an attempt by the Spanish government to change the wording of the EU directive on homeopathy. The change involves doing away with the term ‘Homeopathic Medicine’, so that the word medicine isn’t linked with a therapy with “no proven efficacy”.  The European Commission do not share the same opinion and have confirmed that no changes will be made. This follows the recent attack on natural therapies in Spain by a group of academic petitioners and the blacklisting of thousands of homeopathic remedies. You can add your support to the Spanish people who are responding to these attacks and restrictions in a bid to regain fundamental freedom of choice by signing these petitions.