The first batch of Covid-associated protests were triggered by national lockdowns. They got some mainstream media coverage.

Protests are kicking off again as other rights get infringed, and mandatory mask wearing is turning out to be a particularly thorny subject, having been announced in the UK, starting on Friday 24th in all shops.

Many people think they don’t work. Including James @redpillmonster, who's used a gentle vape to show what happens to airflow behind a mask.


Protests are ongoing around the world. You’ll find some examples below:

Protests in Israel

Protests in Serbia

Protests in the USA

One Irish protester clarified her reasons for protesting in Dublin on a Facebook post.

Challenge to the coronavirus as the cause of Covid-19

The science committee of StandUpX is demanding that the British government prove the existence of the virus that causes Covid-19 using Koch’s postulates. They’ve given the Government a deadline of 22nd July 2020 for Public Health England to provide their proof or they’ll try to force the government to,

"...cease measures against something which does not exist, including producing a vaccine and the Government’s Track + Trace policy."

Other organised challenges against government

  • The People’s Brexit are challenging the validity of the Coronavirus Act
  • Millionaire businessman Simon Dolan is launching an appeal to his legal challenge against lockdown
  • Zed Phoenix's ( legal challenge against the UK government re the proposed introduction of the health/immunity passport system and related technologies. “We are challenging the UK government’s relationship with technology companies. The NHS APP, Apple & Google's Covid-19 track and trace update, VST-Enterprises Health Passport, Onfido's Immunity Passport, are all creating a digital surveillance network - under the guise of protecting public health.”

Vaccines as a trigger for unrest

In a divided world, vaccines have the capacity to be one of the most potent triggers for social unrest, especially if they become mandatory. The history of vaccine development hasn’t always been either easy or transparent, though many don’t get to hear about it given that criticising vaccine safety has become something of a taboo, unless of course you’re the head of a vaccine company.

Ken Frazier is Chairman and CEO of Merck – the leading vaccine producer in the world. He is black and has been a force for good in challenging racial inequality in corporate America. He’s also been outspoken about vaccines.

He recently gave a revealing interview with Harvard Business School, questioning the warp speed timetable and the frenzy that’s being created around the promise of a vaccine by the end of the year. He said,

"I think when people tell the public that there's going to be a vaccine by the end of 2020… they do a grave disservice to the public…We don’t want to rush the vaccine before we’ve done rigorous science…At the end of the day we don’t want to rush the vaccine…In the past with the swine flu that vaccine did more harm than good."

Watch the full interview below:

The ethics behind vaccine development and testing has sometimes been questionable – and while schools now teach kids about vaccines, they get a sanitised version. Most don’t hear about the use of aborted foetal tissues or using poverty-struck African kids as guinea pigs. Below you can hear some interesting revelations from one of the giants in vaccine development, Dr Stanley Plotkin, who helped to inspire the establishment of CEPI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations. CEPI was co-founded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust and is now masterminding the collborative development of Covid-19 vaccines globally.

In the following video, in the event you were concerned about fake news or conspiracy theories around vaccines, you’ll hear Dr Plotkin testifying under oath about aborted foetal tissues and the use of psychiatric patients and sub-Saharan African children as test subjects, among other things.


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